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"Ex-Pulsion" (1997)

1. The Key
2. Therapy for Dogs
3. Sodomy
4. The Chosen One
5. Perfection
6. In Quest
7. Blind
8. Effluves
9. Grind Inc.
10. Desperate
11. Trance
12. History
13. Mother Fuck Her
14. Grindub (Bonus Track)

1. The Key

In front of this blank page
I try to find the words to fell you something
I try to share my own secret pulsions
With anyone that would understand them

You played this song
I hope it is to have fun
If you are feeling bad
Come in, I open you my mind

Don't be afraid of this growls
They are the echoes of my subconscious
Music is like life
Fast, brutal with good moments

Expulsion of our ''Me''
Like an ancient tribe
We have reached the trance
Reflect of life
Grinding 'til death
Come and break your inhibitions

<i>Can't you feel that this rhythm is life ?
Can't you see that we're alive ?
Can't you feel the heat inside ?
Can you feel your own pulsions ?</i>

When we're playing on stage
You're in front of us moving your body and your head
Come on, take my hand
''I lead you to The Promised Land''

Where life is sound
Where colour is heat
Where sweat is clean
The Land
Where violence is love
Where people are themselves
Where freedom is here
Freedom !


Let them expulse now

2. Therapy for Dogs

When the sun appears
Remember, I was so young
Someone in the past comes upon

Your love is stupid, comprehension

What has been done to me ?
Never wanna live differently
Not scared, don't be a puppy
Just bring it back on my knee

Wanna restart this game over
Never beg to differ my destiny
Why can't you be like her ?
Is this your love for me ?

(Don't wanna be hostile) (X 4)

Quicksend in my head, bullet in my head
Am I so precious, you're not so precious
Just, look into my brain
I'm just a murderer
Just an imbecile
I only will
Complicate your life
Trust me
Kill me
My job
Is stupid
It simply means
Nothing to me
And there is
Nothing I can say
I guess
l am

But don't
Dead hero
Dives in the
Go round
In circle
So nice
Fucking box
Break my nerves
Won't you come on ?
Just take a
Don't be
Silly, Ouah !

3. Sodomy

If you look back to the great show that is History
You can see that man was always interested in Sodomy

This sexual act is forbidden by the catholic religion
Because it is designed as an impure act
Which would bring man down to the rank of animals
But the fact is that I rarely have heard
about animals which were practising sodomy
And if it exists, I don't think that
animals have pleasure to do it

I think that the attract that can do sodomy is more the fact of human being
The perversity a person that accepts to be sodomised needs,
Gives pleasure to both partners.
The intensity of the pleasure they can feel is perhaps due to the fact of forbiddeness,
So thanks to you, our Holy Church, for this wonderful pleasure !

Dear audience, that was DOKTOR K.'s conference about Sodomy.
I hope you enjoyed it and that it incited you to explore new Pleasures.
Sex is important in life because it's one of the only thing in which
You forged everything while you are doing it and such things are really rare !


4. The Chosen One

There stands the man in white
In the middle of the crowd
He symbolises purity
He cannot be wrong because he is...

He is the Chosen One
Chosen by God Himself
Look at him, The Chosen One
He wants peace for the whole world

AAAHH ! He is The Chosen One !
And now ? What can he do for our lifes ?

From all parts
Humanity commits suicide
This man can resolve
All our problems

AAAHH ! He is The Chosen One !
But how ? How will he change our lifes ?

- With words, words, words ?
- They'll give us hope !
- But hope isn't enough to fight reality !

How can you only believe in him ?
How can you think that he's right ?
He can't understand what are our lives !
Can't you see he's a kind of dictator ?

<i>The Pope</i> :
'' Live as I say
And you'll be saved
Buy my CD
And pray with me, my friends ! ''


5. Perfection

In quest of an absolute
Offering body and soul
To an unknown obscure goal
Searching for perfection ?

The point of no return
Music comes within noise
Flashes of genius
Transcendental Trance !


Nails in my brain
Walking on embers
Ultimate sensations
Searching for perfection ?

Fast heart beating
Water, blood and sweat
Total soul grinding
Transcendental Trance !

<i>(repeat x 3)</i>

From beyond the beyond...
From there... my freedom !
From beyond the beyond...
From there... from there my freedom

Expulsion of the negative
Being an animal
Feeling so fucking wild
I really begin to live


6. In Quest

Caught in the endless turmoil of the invisible, absurd downfall
My eyes can't see anymore, my feelings are lost,
Suicide hangs
The divine process of the sixth day grows in me,
Resurrection !!

Sublime revival, atonement of my body and soul
Amnesic Adam, lost and disconcerted
Where is the way which leads to the Garden of Eden
Each peace of art is a peace of memory, but we have lost so much

Where is our father ?
Has He forgotten us ?
I research my ''Me''
Through the limbs of Art !

Why, in my dreams, can I fly and reach the sky ?
What are these weights which keep me down there
And make me live a nightmare ?

Sons of the earth
The subtle division between
Mind and body
Make us feel so sick.

Without conscious we are just meat !!

I, the human being, am in quest of my real nature !
Science can't give the final answer.
Philosophy, help me !
Don't let me die blind !
Just give me the light !
The light !
Just give me the light !

I am at the start of my long quest...

7. Blind

Waking up every morning
Dragging at work, bored to death
Unfortunately we have to eat
Can't you see what real life is ?

Are you all blind ?
Can't you see ?

The heat of a smile, a few friends
Give to your life all its sense
Father Dollar is to be dying
We have to find a substitute.

Are you all blind ?

Are we able to change our customs, alter our life to find one
we will remember without many regrets ?
It's up to us to find...

8. Effluves

Sa crinière ressort dans cette lumière blafarde.
Le réverbère de cette rue sombre est témoin de mon acte.
Un éclair blanc, le précieux liquide surgit.
Soudain, une odeur, la brume se dissipe.
Des bribes de souvenirs, tout mon être se crispe.
Des profondeurs de mon âme remontent des cris...

Mes yeux se ferment, mon esprit se déchire,
Des larmes coulent alors que les effluves m'enlacent.
Seigneur, quelles sont ces douleurs qui me glacent ?
Je T'offre ma vie puisqu'il me faut fuir...


His/her mane stands out in this wan light.
The lamp of this dark street witnesses my act.
A white flash, the precious liquid shoots up.
Suddenly, a smell, the mist disperses.
Bribes of memories, my entire being clenches.
From depths of my soul cries rise...

My eyes close, my spirit tears.
Tears then flow as the exhalations entwine me.
Lord, what are those pains that freeze me ?
I offer You my life since I have to flee...]

9. Grind Inc.

Beware !
Here we go !

Look through my eyes and try to define
What we've got in our head and why we play so fast

This fucking life's too short
Suck the narrow of it
Grind-Core is the only hope we've got

Fuck them !
Grind it all !

Our war machine grinds on and on
Nothing can stop it once it is launched

War against ennui *
And war against stupidity
The name of our enterprise
Sums the whole thing up :


[* : ennui = boredom]

10. Desperate

I close my eyes and fall on the ground
I take my head into my hands
Tears are flowing, I am torn apart
Everything I have built is in ruin.

My mind cracks in several parts
Everything is dead in me, man cut the light off
I would like some help but no one is here
What I feel is too strong for me.

Darkness is submerging all my mind
My throat makes some growls of every kind.

This suffering is to strong for me
I need to escape it at all cost !

AAAHHH ! I never thought that man could suffer so much...

Tears are not enough to end my pain
Sometimes I think that I'm going insane
Visions of the past are burning my brain
So little water can't stop so big flames !

AAAHHH ! I feel so lost
God, why don't You exist ?

I must stop this suffering !
I must find an exit !

I can't live with so much pain
I think that I can see some light there.

If life means suffering
Then I chose to be dead...

11. Trance



12. History

A human blood written book
Page of centuries torn skin
Future with death and madness
Can even God read those lines ?

Past... Present... Future
Oval... Oval Account (x2)

Endless lack of knowledge
For our rational weak minds
Desire to break the circle
Need to read the bloody lines

If God wrote the first word
Why can't He put the last point ?
Trapped in the oval account
He bends to His creation, as us !

History... Oval Account !
L'Histoire... Récit Ovale ! (x2)

Past... Time of all taboos
Eyes bleed watching behind
Present... Time of all tortures
Feel the suffer to live

Future... Time of all pleasures
Ouvre... Ouvre les yeux et souffre ! (x2) *

We are the witnesses
Witnesses of a single word
Word that might, might be : Hell !
If He can't put the last point...

[* : Open... Open the eyes and suffer !]

13. Mother Fuck Her

Come on !
2, 3, 4
trap, I fell in a trap
Society has pushed me into the system
Not easy to escape
No way out ! To live as you want
You have to be in the margin of society
Fuck, I fuck you, bitch,
You and your fucking system
I fuck you all, your mother fuck her !

Huh !




14. Grindub (Bonus Track)


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