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Light in the Dark

"Light in the Dark" (2004)

1. The Gate (Instr.)
2. Land of Dreams
3. Magic Kingdom
4. Light in the Dark
5. Slave of Pain
6. Dance with the Fire
7. Lights in the Rainbow
8. Too Much Time
9. Hear the Call
10. Fantasy
11. Open the Window
12. Praying Hands
13. Dedication (Instr.)

1. The Gate (Instr.)

2. Land of Dreams

You´ll see, a light in the rainbow
feel your fantasy
You´ve never tried to search for the shadow
which gives you harmony

Don´t cut down your feelings
never give up your dream

Land of dreams, out of darkness
in my dreams, see the way
Land of dreams, out of darkness
sometime i´ll try to stay

You´ll fall in deepest emotions
deep infinity
You want to be alone in the ocean
for all eternity

3. Magic Kingdom

Once in the morning, in a far and foreign land
I met a wise man who had a healing hand
Told me a story where to find eternal peace,
eternal garden, where life will never cease

Who is the magic king?
Who fights against all sin?

Magic kingdom, far away
full of wisdom, where he stays

Behind the heavens, out of time and endless dark
there is a kingdom, that shines out like a spark
It´s no illusion, it is deep reality
We are the children, who live in mystery

4. Light in the Dark

Do you believe in prophesy or in an endless hole
living in mystery on our turning ball

Can you feel the light, everywhere we stay
guide us through the night, showing us the way

Light in the dark, trying to save us from pain
Light in the dark, neverending flame

Do you believe in magic kings or in a holy stone
dragons with a thousand wings are showing you the throne

5. Slave of Pain

Iron man, you victim of sorrow
iron man, a slave and you´re proud
When you feel, so empty and hollow
like the shadow of a cloud

Lights in fallin´ rain
wanna show the chance

Tear down slave of the pain

You believe your wealth makes you stronger
you believe in power and gold
What you´ve done can not be much wronger
when your feelings all go cold

Iron man, a life full of treasure
Iron man, so many souls died
In the name of goodness and pleasure
where´re the victims of your lies

6. Dance with the Fire

Understand, souls going down in an ocean
dreams run off like tears
Souls without any emotions
life in anguish and fear

Playing with fire
wanna try burning the world
Creator of liars
never forget what we´ve learned

Dance with the fire, devil`s back in paradise
Dance with the fire, he exists in disguise

Understand, see its bad face in the shadow
painful eyes look at me
Waiting it hides in hollow
wants to reach for the key

7. Lights in the Rainbow

We are the children in paradise,
born in forgiveness, free from our lies
We´ve got the power to live in harmony,
always remember, keep your heart free

Lights in the rainbow
show you the truth
Lights in the rainbow
shining for you

Try to remember what we have learned
All our treasure we try to burn
Fools in the mirror, lost paradise
No one can see them, the tears in my eyes

8. Too Much Time

When my fantasy was reality
stories fade away forever
It´s my way of life, dreams are now revived
like a piece of mind, broke free

In the night, when hearts search for a sign,
In the night, when dreams pass by in time,
I remind

Too much time in holiness never heals your heart
Too much time was spent tryin´ to find the spark

Living to be free, no one pressures me
in a time before remember
It was an inner fight, against an evil blight
A question of your mind, you´ll see

9. Hear the Call

Souls are burning, turning in the fire
you feel the night, the sun is turning black
When you´re crying, feeling your desire
search for the only way and don´t ever turn back

You hear the call
cries for you all
Living in blindness
deep in a hole

World is falling, cracking in the darkness
all fools alive, they want to cross the gate
Hear the warning, keep away the madness
reach for eternity to ever find your fate

10. Fantasy

Can you feel, deep in your fantasy,
never reality, souls alone in the night
Alone you`ll be, holy sun in your fantasy
when it shines for you and me,
never ending light

Everybody can feel the light
many souls, waiting there
Wanna try to be free tonight
breaking off the chain

Fantasy, out of darkness
do you see, touch the shine
Fantasy, out of darkness
can you see, find the sign

Can you hear, deep in the holy sea,
voices of harmony, show an endless time
Pass the line and you will find the magic key
Take the chance, walk out to be free,
never ending shine

11. Open the Window

Open your eyes and see the rainbow
let burn the fire, hold the light
Fight for your dreams, keep out the sorrow
don´t heed the voices of the night

So many fools want to show you the way
Don´t you believe in the lies that they say

Open the window, and light can be seen
Open the window, and find your own dream
Open the window, and light can be seen
Open the window, and find your own dream

They take your soul, turn it to badness
wipe out the freedom in your mind
Wanna control, to make you helpless
they steal your dreams and make you blind

12. Praying Hands

Far away, behind horizons
there was born a prophet child
Lonely cries which break the silence
shadows of the night

Holy land, can you hear the children cry
Holy land, is this the dream that satisfies

Praying hands in faithfullness
Praying hands, sanctify
Praying hands touch the darkness
Praying hands touch the sky

Thousand years of hate still burning
promised land of rising sun
Human being you are not learning
what will it become

13. Dedication (Instr.)


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