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Creation of Chaos

"Creation of Chaos" (1992 Demo)

1. Power Intrusion
2. What's What
3. Into The Unknown
4. Those about to Die

1. Power Intrusion

Sky clad within the circle, await the sign, commencing
The evocation of the damned
The tides find your favour, they guide your will, now recruting
Invocation for the damned
Timeless elements, forbidden truths, behold the key
Unlock the power to your command
Appear into your minds eye, your enemy
Transforming into your helpless prey
Each word every action, designed to now destroy
Your will is now the only law
Drink dead of the chalice, sacrificial blood, fathering deaths
Sweet conception now at hand
Spiral fire climbs into the night, feeding darkness
Perpetually it grows and gains
Finding deaths flavour, I smile to you
Outside you, inside you, creature of doom
Your pain is my pleasure I hunger for more
Viewing disaster in the eye of the storm
By your own choice you drink from the cup
Filled with the nectars of my pain
Screams of terror cannot escape
Contorted features out of their shape
Lying still, could death asunder
Your body heaves convulsive shudders
Lead: Hallman
Death fucks life, obscene collision
Faceless mouths feeding on you
You shall die, and have died, and are dying
Conjured death,stalking, attacking
Corrupted, diseased, eternal wakened state of rigor mortis
As I will, so shall it be

2. What's What

Your little world explodes to bits in technicolour red
Carnivorous passion, merciless lust, vulgar orgy of death
Suburban nightmare, primal scream, psychotic wet dream
Destruction in the first degree feels so good inside of me
They tried to break and cage me, castrate and control
I've been damned and I've been damaged, smiling faces cursing me
Your only hope you shall not find, for it lays choking in your mind
So there you are, not quite there, shell shocked in a daze
Damaged now beyond repair, nothing can clear the haze
The little child in my soul pounded to submission
Life ain't always like it looked on television
What's what?...I don't know
Everywhere dreams crashing down, your life is lost and can't be found
What you thought you knew, you still don't know
You just don't know... what's what
When your little world starts spinning around
What you thought was up was underground
Hunted hunters want your blood, and you don't know... what's what
Safe within without a clue, your womb of life is now your tomb
Evidence of evil never seen, the life you led was just a dream
See no exits find no escapes, yesterday was much to late
Insane splashes in my brain, splintered by a toxic blade
Your every single panicked scream, is trampled under foot
Realities your blackest dream, your drowning in fears flood
Life is fleeing fast from you, but you never thought it could
You know the price that you must pay
You know my life is now your grave
Lead: Terror
Your pathetic life is now bewedding death, death becomes you
Lead: Hallman
Now it's time to pay the final price, revenge is mine
Lead: Terror
Kiss of life, caress of death, you'll beg for either in the end
Mind ripping laughter serenades your pain, drives you insane
Your pleas of mercy go unheard, make me high
Lead: Hallman
The only comfort in your tiny mind, soon you'll die
Lead: Terror
Now I know how it is, tell ya how it is
Now I'm gonna tell ya what's what
Now it's time to pay, pay the final price
Your time has come, it's time to die

3. Into The Unknown

Darkness descends, I see you lying below
You're feeling my power coursing through your soul
I am the creator of the unknown
I am your nightmare with you all alone
Unleashing my power, you're in my control
Retaining possession I'll never let go
My visions are present I'll make them seem true
Nothing can stop me nothing you can do
Come here, in here with me...with me
Fearful of the silent evil that I put into your mind
I'll never let you wake, never let you wake
You are screaming but unheard they are only soundless cries
I'll never let you wake, never let you wake
Can you feel the dark destruction emanating from my eyes?
In time, you'll be mine, and I'll lead you in
Into the unknown...follow me
Confront the flight the fear within it will never leave
Tonight's the night, the endless night as I conduct the scene
Embark with me, hands embraced to cross the final path
Resent me, flee my wish I'll keep my deadly grasp
Lead : Hallman
Darkness descends, I see you lying below
You're feeling my power coursing through your soul
I'm the creator of the unknown
Leaving your nightmare with you all alone
In here with me

4. Those about to Die

Two sixty four B.C., blood thirsty age of steel
The atrocities of man, found new depths of pleasure
Slaves captured in raging battles, forced to fight to the death
Senseless brutal show of strength, the darkest side of man
Fight for your life...fight for your life
Lead: Terror
Sadistic games to amuse the minds of shallow souls
The Roman way of life, enjoying a human sacrifice
Prisoners could die by the sword or live a life of shame
Treasonists, murderers and thieves, sent face to face with the lions
Refusal to worship the Gods of the Roman State
Would certainly end your life
After Jerusalems defeat, Jews were forced to fight
Seventeen years and older found themselves in the ring
No compassion to be found for those puppets on a string
Fight: for you life
Pray: for you soul
Now: You must fight till the death
Now: fight for your next breath
Fight: for your freedom
Pray: for tomorrow
Now: supreme test of strength
Now: only the strong will survive
Parading through the Collisium, Warriors prepare to fight
Those about to die salute you, blood will flow tonight
One versus one, man against man, the instinct of survival
Victory held for one, the dead are spared their shame

Courage gives away to the last moment
Fears subdued with whips and chains
Refer the plea to the people, beg for mercy is part of the game
Thumbs down signals eternal rest, dragged through the death gates
Defeated man finds lifeless peace but no remorse for his victim


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