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Chaosium - The Ruins of Elysian Era

"Chaosium - The Ruins of Elysian Era" (2001 EP)

1. Pastoral Elegy
2. Immense Beauty of Chaosium
3. Deadly Hedonistic Sense
4. The Ruins of Elysian Era

1. Pastoral Elegy


Beneath the Eshara's fields, Daena, the goddess of Thy Elysian fate guided her to the frozen landscape where her sable visage of malice was drenched with the crimson dews and heavy burden of sorrow was carried by the cadre of nightstalkers.

All things became surreal and macabre
From the ashes of Eden to the Thyestean banquet...

2. Immense Beauty of Chaosium

Immense Beauty of Chaosium
(Poetry by Salih, 2001)

Amorphous horrors pervaded the desolate abode of darkness while the emerald-gates were opening to colonnaded halls
A hideous groan resounded from a distance through the Dungeon of Depravity was thrang by uncouth souls
A sexual appetite of fearful presence attired with dark teasing silk appeared beyond the thorn-covered tomb
The rebellious horns were calling out to Kaite for the commencement of the solstice fertility into her decaying womb

Lost within thy ancient temple of bondage
O Nyks, thy endless virginity was gone!

''Dialogues of Death'' was mastered by the hymeneal choirs of sylvan scream
Thus Chaos brought an insurrection into an innocent dream
The incantation hid in the lips of rose was colored by midnight gloom
Carnal wounds imprisoned allegiance in the embrace of beauteous bloom...

Splendid moon's eventual rape by a flowery mist
Poene crippled her witch-cursed cultist
Requiem for a nocturnal bride of Elysium was aroused by her natural kinky side

Thou shouldst peel off dark-doomed face of my dread, dreadful art
Thou shouldst feel blood-stained hands of my dread, dreadful art

It was a changing scene in the November Graveyard...

A prosperous path into the murderous gash was shrouded in layers of ceremonial ash
The invading thoughts from an abandoned quay quietly glided to the Crowded Sea
Sérene's crying, a wondrous sound was interrupted by baying of wounded-hound
Pastoral elegy, the droplets of grief threw a crimson death on the rustling leaf

An eerie portrait...grinned with perverse pleasure beyond the ruinous gate
An authentic art, her surrealist torture embraced Cynthia as a submissive lure
The blossoming rhythm of anxious desire brought rampant hedonism a satisfying orgasm
A wandering recital of fiendish lyre attended the chanting crows 'neath the chasm
A growing addiction, thy instincts' gyre was surrounded by the tremendous vaults of phantasm

The huge shimmering void was hovering above the monolithic stone sculpture
The surprising baritone of procreant gales drew the cryptic pulse into an overture
Prosperine's satin nightgown was twirling away from her body, as her faithful slaves' pirouette
Lynx-lusted eyes mysteriously appeared on the nightmarish silhouette
Within a crystal vase, the fragrant bouquet of virgin orchids adorned to Thy Hesperian romanticism
The craven mermaids were obviously humiliated in the fleshy embrace of dry raspy vampyrism
Burning Letters gave a faint glimmering of light through the curtain of childhood memories
Tragedienne dressed for the welcoming ceremonies

Ill-concealed victims of her vestal rite were healed by the glances of sloe-eyed wight
A treacherous slumber brooded into the haunted night
A blanket of Calyce, her velvet skin was stroked by the gauntlet of amorous sin
Drynemetum captured the ivy-poisoned heart of the oaken twin
The blasphemous colors of faceless crowd lost beneath her violet shroud
A serene sky in painting was obscured by the wind-caressed cloud
An autumnal end, her youth-lost tear rested upon an abysmal bier
The hierarchy of succubus brought about a chaotic fear

It was an urgent wetness...
The raging inferno of her exhausted crotch was rubbed by the cold hands of the rippling stream
A dominating love-bud was covered in her witch-blood
The remnants of innocence, her virginal blotch was highlighted by the winter moon's piercing gleam
Thou shouldst peel off dark-doomed face of my dread, dreadful art
Thou shouldst feel mud-stained hands of my dread, dreadful art
Thou shouldst not dream!

It was just a deadly hedonistic sense...

She was so excited when ebon nectar ran from between her waiting legs and pooled on the obsidian stone
Her sensitive flesh was attached to the torn wings that carried her above the hidden ground like a dead marionette

Faintly, I could hear the laughters from couth perverts satisfied within a sensual routh

As she entered the ivy-clad chamber, two pair of hungerly eyes followed her from under the ivory satin sheets.
She was in a delirium of pleasure while the ice-veiled lips were stealing the warmth from her blood-drenched limbs...

A venomous kiss from an immense beauty of Chaosium

3. Deadly Hedonistic Sense

4. The Ruins of Elysian Era


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