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Breathless Kiss on the Lips of Melancholia

"Breathless Kiss on the Lips of Melancholia" (1999)

1. Acheron's Shores
2. Thy Eternal Resting-Place
3. Captive In An Evil Palace
4. Beauty Fainted Within Darkness
5. Poet's Blasphemy
6. Serenade To Nyks
7. Chalice Of Nepenthe
8. Arid Plains Of Inferno
9. Lethe's Wharf : End Of Thine Agony

1. Acheron's Shores


Beyond the Prosperine's coppice, thou wilt see long, black poplars and barren weeping-willows. A narrow path where Sorrow pursues it's own shadow wille lie from the abysmal Oceanus adorned with eddies through Acheron that brought thee death...

2. Thy Eternal Resting-Place

Thy Eternal Resting-place
(Poetry by Salih, 1996)

The zephyrus blew through death
In deep, lonely glens where the eloquence of beauty glided into the marsh
Horrid shades of the wood were fleeing away
An oak sent it's roots abroad and pierced thine mold with a mysticism as an adagio
Sylvanus warily trod on the rustling leaves
Untouched desires honeyed the blossoms (virgin orchids)
An allegiance hid in the silence

Now an autumn provokes a tear...

Moans are increasing from a gravid she-wolf
In the thorny embrace of felon, cold ground
The old and prostrate trees are loosing their deep-rooted misery
Rebellious melodies are hurting no one while mute gravedigger sings
Midnight moon, o'er moistening dews
Shining on the sad abodes of Death
Unpitying frosts and Boreas' revenge
Shall leave no vestige of hidebound dreams
Murk has a murderous will
A victim tæ life and it's tears
In thy eternal last sleep
Death reigns alone

Thus quietly thy autumnal night goes on...

3. Captive In An Evil Palace

Captive in an Evil Palace
(Poetry by Salih, 1997)

The magestic presence of the night
From a throne in the depths of her stern solitude
Came and crowned me by her mourning beauty
To the mysterious realm where she took me
Into her chamber, in the silent embrace of breathless darkness
Breathed lips in the tempest of sensations
Where thou shall taste grace of death
The depth and passion of her dull glance
Confined my rapt soul into her eyes
Her splendid pinions in the darkness
Embraced abandoned, jealous fears
Scourged by cruel hands
Forced to drink repose from the chalice of perpetual gloom

I heard the sounds of sorrow and delight that filled the haunted chamber of Countess Night...

An endless recital of fiendish choirs
A fatal orgasm of Prosperine
Carnal desires beyond the looking-glass
Have a scene in the bridal-chamber of Death
In an ivy-clad, enchanted palace
Torture without end... ( Paradise Lost - Book I, John Milton)

4. Beauty Fainted Within Darkness

5. Poet's Blasphemy

Poet's Blasphemy
(Poetry by Salih, 1997)

Loosen insticts, degenerated desires
The description of thine social community
We elected to live in the mountains as a part of pure Nature
Far away from age's politics, opportunist nations
A harmless, non-conditional liberty
Submission is the happiness of frail souls
A religious virtue for prayer owners

Creator spiritus is a nihility
The most significant sin
To be born from compassion (divine religions)
Aristoteles considered that compassion is a disease
Which believes in nihilistic opinions
Philosophy became dirty with pious blood
We have to use a lancet for this wound
Contrary tæ all concepts
We are war's declaration, triumph by itself
For this reason, we are philosophers, hyperboreans...

La renaissance de la Renaissance
La fin inevitable des epoques obscures
L'inquisition des sermonneurs incapables
Ýls baptisent des ames infideles
L'invasion des idees interdites
Les cloches silencieuses, le cri de la guerre de Themgoroth
Le chevaliers de Niflheim, les guerriers des lieux tenebres
Ýls ont ete sacre par le baton mystique...

Eternal Boreas declared war on sciroccos
Repudiated all southern winds and modern theists
Against the helpless people who live under the protection of Holy Light
We opted a land where just Darkness visible

6. Serenade To Nyks

7. Chalice Of Nepenthe

Chalice of Nepenthe
(Poetry by Salih, 1998)

In memoriam
O thine poetic beauty
Like a waning moon, twilight loses it's misery
Brooding Darkness in the land of tears
Prepare for the festival of Melancholia

La terre est devenu lumineuse
Avec la torche de Prometheus
Les nymphes nocturnes qui dancent
Se sont retirees de leur trone maudits
De la matrice de Nepenthe
Les ames tristes ont bu de la tranquillite
L'attraction de la lune a emprisonne
Les yeux curieux dans la griffe de la magie

Melodious cries of dark idolatries
The moan of doves in sorrowful elms
Screams swim through cascade of feelings
The hidden soul's harmony shapes silence
Wilted willow leaf adorns thine coffin
A part of autumn's allurement
Pangs of deathless remorse were written in the library of tearful author
Eyelids of the Morn was closed till eternity
Breathless Night, the mother of morn was putting on by Artemis

Desires, owner of black garland
Pæan o'er her aching lips
Remembrance of kiss after death
Moloch, thou devil of pain and sadness
Put an end tæ the throe of prophecy!

Now, Charon's ferrying thine soul o'er Styx...

Rainy clouds like a darkness cover
Let thunder's aim to come true
Flaming ramparts of my outworn countenance
Craven tears are fleeing among the remnants
All weeping for my demon-lover...

8. Arid Plains Of Inferno

Arid Plains of Inferno
(Poetry by Salih, 1997)

Chaos brought about a rebellion
Fallen Angels abandoned their kingdoms
Refused his reign and armed for a dubious battle
But their doom had written
Arch Fiend and Northern armies lost the war
Were condamned to live in desolation and pain

A spelling book had found
Black Arts broke chains of everlasting slavery
Themgoroth's wizards put on their robes
Bewitched words grumbled
Cursed rites commenced
A constellation brought storms
Thunderbolts from dark clouds
Guided tæ poltroon witness through the dungeon where peace was in the throes of death
Eurynome's best attire spread in this sylvan fort
Dead countenances worshipped tæ Zarach, guardian of their oaths
Thus dark discoveries completed by the ruler of the Realm of Eternal Night

His skin was black as night
A wolf's dentition and long, sharp claws
Red glowing eyes of dethroned prince...

Treachery caused a revenge
Angels of Darkness appeared in the mist
Legions came from the abyss of Tartarus
Galleons departed from Phlegethon's wharf
Catapults demolished monastery's ramparts
And sanctuaries beyond the steps of southern lands

9. Lethe's Wharf : End Of Thine Agony


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