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Inexorable Dementia

"Inexorable Dementia" (2003)

1. The Inexorable
2. Secluded Perversions
3. Vexation Of Spirit
4. Infectious Defilement
5. Subliminal Injection
6. The Architects Of Fear
7. Cerebral Atrophy
8. Effusion Of Dementia

1. The Inexorable

The only word in my vocabulary
Insistent on persuasion of my mind

Thoughts are soothed with placebo
Drowned in a sea of false reality

When the bottle gets empty
The brain becomes full
Hypothesis dictates emotions
Self-control becomes my only need

Symptoms of withdrawal come to life
Harsh realities sink in
Paul may have been the walrus
But John will always be the man

I never thought Iíd understand

I will no longer give in to the addiction
Life itself has become my only affliction

I never thought Iíd understand

2. Secluded Perversions

Dementia... as impure thoughts run rampant through me
Solitude... my only means of self-defense penetrated
Cerebral... mental suicide becomes a necessity
Instinct... molesting my emotions my favorite pastime

Self-destruction, paranoia, tainted obsession
Longing for affection with myself
Rejected by oneís own perverted intentions
Denial is long gone, breakdown of mental health

I am my own personal whore
Infected mindís corrosion
Lusting for myself no longer
Harsh realityís implosion

Shattered relics that once were me
Haunting my soul like clockwork
My memory nothing more than an illusion
Self-obsessions no longer in seclusion

3. Vexation Of Spirit

4. Infectious Defilement

Years of decay, attribute to torment
Physical pain is a sigh of relief
Your body is poisoned, with your own infection
Paranoia wonít let you sleep
Dehydrated, famished, mass of flesh
The culprit now flows through your veins

Hyperventilating, just to pass the time
Pain killing agents going down like candy
Starvation lingers through your bones
Survival has become a lost cause

Equilibrium tainted, expulsion of your mind
Defilement of your soul, sanity is left behind

Outbreak of cold sweat, nervousness your only emotion
Terrified of living, but still not ready to die
Nightmare a reality, your prayers they seem unanswered
Suicide no longer an option, your arms have just gone numb

5. Subliminal Injection

Curators of terror, inflicting panic upon the masses
This man-made evil is lurking everywhere
Itís found in every home, this nationís own worst enemy
And itís got all of our children hypnotized

Telling us how to live our lives
As if weíre too blind to see
Stricken with the misinformation
Of mankindís conformity
And while we drown in this ignorance
Weíre deprived of our identities
And those who sit back and watch
Have lost their integrity

News of war is entertainment, to your feeble minds
Acts of terrorism have become a common sight
Planes crash into buildings, treated as another story
The media has a field day, while families are still mourning

Withered and tainted, your mind decays
Deteriorating more each day
Withered and tainted, your mind decays
Your thoughts belong to them...

6. The Architects Of Fear

Signs of the apocalypse
Produce a common enemy
Inherent on destruction
Desiring total supremacy

A worldwide commotion
Disruption of the earth
Ensuing panic upon all mankind
Global fears erupt

Pain and suffering for all
No man can escape the torment
Everyone feels the agony
For the first time we have total equality

The plague thatís upon us
Destroying us all
Comes from our own minds
Stemming from our hate
All the hate in this world
Is the one thing that can destroy it
Not even God can save us...
From ourselves

7. Cerebral Atrophy

Discombobulation, thought patterns inconsistent
Brain cells diminishing day by day
Knowledge not your strong suit
Your mind has been on vacation once again

Memories hard to come by
Youíve pissed your soul away
Youíre thoughts have been diluted
Youíve kissed your mind goodbye

Self-neglect, taken with a grain of salt
No respect, denial your only thought
Cerebral suicide, youíve given up all hope
Surrender is your mindís only choice
A self-inflicted concussion
A product of inhalation

Mental capacity emaciating slowly...
Your vacant thoughts can no longer hide...

8. Effusion Of Dementia


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