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"Underaba" (2004)

1. The Symbols
2. Pit of Silence
3. Fascination of Darkness
4. No Dreams Undreamt
5. Verse of mysticism
6. Cold Feelings
7. Second Face
8. Illusory Words of Goodbye

1. The Symbols

One two the sky is blue
Three four the absolutely horror
Five six the many tricks
Seven eight you want to hate
Nine ten give me your hand
One two I see you
Three four life no more
Five six believe me it?s fix
Seven eight truth is said
Nine ten you are hanged
When the sun disappears behind the horizon
When the moon comes up in the sky
When you feel that I stand behind you
When you feel I grasp your hand
When you feel my breathe upon your neck
When you know I am so close
You cannot curb your vanity
It screams loud from inside of you
Think why are you here
I have nothing for you
When I go away you will get lost
We are different I want it
You have nothing I would need
Wherever you are I will persecute you

2. Pit of Silence

Stoned are my dreams in a bowl sculptured in ice
Looking for resting and begging the crimson of hell
My heart still unsaturated
It wants to penetrate everything up to pain
Fluttering with wind
The moon steals dreams with his hand
Icy dagger applied to a throat
I call the cold stars from beyond
Jerking in hands of envy death
The night resounds in my head with the black bell
Burning red roars around
There where no man's eye shall look
In the blackness of endless skies
Up high to the stars
Wrapped with the wind
I tear fetters greeding the dark

3. Fascination of Darkness

I will paint the night with thousands of colors
With thousands of signs I will show you the way
Don?t fear pass the gateways of tangibility
Drown deep in a transitory moment
Watch the spectacle that I show you
Think of love hate sorrow and yearning
Look at me I fade away in fog
Which strengthens your images
This one and only night forever
A word a key to another sunrise
I need the light no more
For I am the night spreading the night
I glaze at the last breath of the sun
When you shade your highest shadow
When the lightings come out from nightly sky
And the clouds hang upon the valley
First star knows no lies
Black tears in your eyes
Is the key to the gates of your soul
And grow upon my eyelids

4. No Dreams Undreamt

There is no place for reason
In a nostalgic drowse
Wind takes small laments away
The carried song dances with echoes
Is it a dream or illusion
Staring at my side
The awakening never comes
The awakening is a worthless guide
Dusk at horizon rising is the night
So strong is our light and our gloom that dwell in us
I dream eternally in a desolate existence
Dreaming gives life to my ideal
Your last word
Your last tear in my eye
Face of the moon constrains the senses
Drifting in heavy clouds
I see a movement among shadows of my thoughts
Whirling are the dreams I don?t know
In the chamber of my consolation
Bleeding are sources of my passion
I lay my hand upon your head dream forever

5. Verse of mysticism

Infinity stands before me
Space reaches the limits of knowledge
It?s not time to say goodbye
It?s not time to get embraced by death
Fire blooms with desire
Flashes in insane prelude
Every tear moves a wheel
Every tear bears a sign of sin
When the moon shows her face for the second time
When the moon burns in a red light
I will know why my thoughts fly high above
I will know where I go and I?ll never stop
Silence drips with drops it dwells
The spell that shall not be erased
Drifts in the blackness of the night
This dark inspiration eternal muse

6. Cold Feelings

It is so cold
Cemetery of your thoughts is growing
Lost between great ideas
You give your head to dreams
Words as stones fall into emptiness
Look above the figures from ashes
Look above the torches of pleasure
Look above the smiles of liars
Look above the sweet sin
I see no grooved tunnel of the mirror
I see no dreamed of coldness of the sea
I see no dreamed of silent waves
I see no sophisticated secret dreams
Some people around you
They feed you for nothing
You don?t care for the world
When you are freezing slowly
From pale faces you drink the rays
From dead eyes you grasp the look
From cold temples you burn the sorrow
From icy lips you take the last breath

7. Second Face

What is true?
What is illusory?
Where the dream ends?
When reality starts?
You sucked the sun from my sky
You stole the light from above my head
You come to me in the deepest night
You come to me in a voile
I cannot believe in what I see
I cannot believe in what I hear
I cannot believe you exist in real
I cannot believe I feel your touch
The miserable words as fragile as leaves
Frightened thoughts like dispersed birds
Like a voice from the inside that cannot be deadend
Like desires burning with hot flame
Suddenly the sky has disappeared from my sight
Hidden by the dark clouds
Believe me I have had wings once
You disappear when I open my eyes

8. Illusory Words of Goodbye

Above the black crystal of the night the stars are sparkling
Under the breathe of wind humming fearfully
I hear the mourning psalms of saying goodbye
In a steal void of heaven there is a gloom of doubts
The world has judged me
Everything was just a dream
In nothingness nothing does not becomes nothing
I sneer at mourning of fading stars
In thunders and wind they rage
In thunders and wind they die
In gloom and cold they rise
In gloom and cold they go silent
Have you courage to scream
Have you love for the others
Have you longing for the truth
Have you strength to desire more
Die the stars melted in cold waves
Eyes glaze from behind the fog of useless tears
In your heart reigns an endless dumb night
You get stoned in the fire of painful cry


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