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"Demo" (2003 Demo)

1. Involve Synthetic
2. Death
3. The Roots of Eden
4. Divine Communication

1. Involve Synthetic

Increase the existence by shocking god's hole
The future is now in our control
Deny your creator by creating revolt
'cause our world has already been sold

Who wants to be a part of the history?
Who wants to be a part of his shame?
Let us be a part of infinity
Let us create the integrity

Today is what the mistaken shall clone
Yesterday has been dead by dawn
Involve the synthetic new human age
Forget the past and turn the next page

The world has no use to disappear
In ignorance and world's religious fear

2. Death

When sanity is the part where everyone dreams
When love is one's hate and pain full of screams
Then death is the gift won over the man
In thousands of years hunting human klan

Let the generated mind collapse

Let the generated mind collapse
In overlaod and the millenium debts

Enter the virtual decease and give it a kiss, a kiss of your cursed bliss
Let it feel the joy of unconsciousness and freedom where it hurts
And find the words to explain your hollow point of view
Because there will never be no one who will paint the pain like you do

Suffering is the most beautiful loss af them all
stuck between the primitive and cyber control
unspeakable are the wounds of those who always pay
the price to those to whom they serve as human clay

They were always so proud, too proud to survive
While knowing it was always to hard to stay alive

3. The Roots of Eden

Embracing the shell which closed up your past
while knowing she holds the only truth
Drink the glass of blood-red wine always as the last
wherever black angels hold you around the chest

Wearing fake lipstick and dressed up as a sheep
while the ignorant can't see you're a wolf
Open your chance not to fall too deep
'cause the cross is a lie, so do not weep

The roots of eden
Coming out as the past as the gods fault
His roots of eden
Feeds now the mind of all human cold

The old man just died and his dreams had too
No man shall not ever be exposed to the lies
Which lie with her, with me and with you

Dreams are just shades of somebodies will
When you know your god was born just to kill
Accepting his fate opens the gate of your ruin
for what is your angel of death now doing

4. Divine Communication

Belied you try to reach closer to the sun
Where final extinction is already done
You see yourself as forever divine
Holding your gun and wearing your god's sign

Violence is forever their true blessing
to create and to kill the last of human kind
God symbolic hate with him by your side
Children of new era indigent for suicide

Dreams of blood and death make sorrow
People became the machines of tomorrow
Religion has always been a hidden conspiracy
Incoming age of clones will soon become reality

In temple of terror you always shoot to kill
'cause you're sure that this is the thing what people will
Reconsider your actions before it's too late
'cause hate is the thing what misunderstood beliefs create

Await while he is watching you on your knees
and cry rusted tears while you fake your god's bliss


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