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"Noctambulism" (2006)

1. Oniric Conspiracy
2. Dusk Towering Forth
3. Inertia
4. Lull
5. Flooding (In Red)
6. Ignis Fatuus
7. Vernal Trance

1. Oniric Conspiracy

2. Dusk Towering Forth

A new dawn beckons
A new day to relinquish
All splendour's flown by
The dusk is nigh

Its presence is vast
It repels the sun, which graciously exits
To stage its death

Onwards and forth
So alive

Gently engulfing all that lives and dies
O stygian mirth
The dusk is nigh

It quietly exits to stage its demise
The pillow will play the guide
The horror, so alive

Onwards and forth
So alive

Like shapes they assemble
Tangible, sombre, amoral
In ceremonial silence, to observe and admire
The delights of helplessness, and remain
Perplexed, transfixed, in joyous awe

The horror, so alive

3. Inertia

Drifting in and out of cognizance, gazing up towards the ceiling of this room
Perception altered, a nothingness so placid and serene
Motionless and grinning she floats right above us, staring downwards
Once noticed never forgotten - her earth-like breath, her deformed countenance

As chilling, humid depths, swiftly enhance our waking senses
The exalting sight of boundless union, silent witness to our transcendence
The very essence of grimniry, vertigo turns to quiescence (and back)
Far beyond the binds of sobriety, the endlessness of thought, being and

Hour after hour
Stream after stream
Shuddering to reach inertia

Down below, purified by endless waters
Thoughts of rest cast aside and forgotten
Until the morning comes and wisdom's poison is gone from our veins

4. Lull

Laying embedded
Deprived of sleep
The air is warm
The light red and dim
Awakened, by a whisper, to the smell of the sea
And the dragging of footsteps not far from here

Revenant, they march
Dare to fall dormant and hear them come
To carry your body through quiet and storm
Covered in feather
In chains
In a box
So bare of consciousness yet never alone
A horror impending, immune to frail song

Evade not this silence, hold on to the rosary
Its everlasting glow will lull you into anxiety
Waiting and hoping for the morning to erode
The fear on your flesh, the impurity of your soul

Shaking and cowering under the sheets
Praying not to endure another dream
The ground above and the stars beneath
While light is absent, here's no peace

And as the walls cripple with laughter
Your infant dreams will be so vivid

5. Flooding (In Red)

Hypnos' paw pressed upon your lips
The mask of terror engraved on your eyelids
Stigmatised by thoughts so unreal
Mercilessly plugged by aching fear
Flooding in red

Bare of faith yet filled with hope
Stripped naked of logic and revelling in anxiety
Willingly exposed to such irrationality
As wide pupils behold the most macabre of epiphanies

Drifting aghast, drifting afar
Plagued and healed
Surrounded by them again and again
Devoid of sense and will
Oblivious to conscience and numb to pain
A mind raped and healed

Self-inflicted dread becomes the remedy to sheer abjection
Bathed in blight
Slowly desensitising
Morbidly watch it turn into your solace and partner

And panic will lead to quietude
through endless paths unspoiled by light
And fear, now a timeless virtue
Recoil in curiosity, plagued and healed

As dread and fascination slowly entwine
Crawl towards the earth where God lies buried
As the echoes of laughter die out
Crawl towards the earth where Gods lie buried

Slowly, writhing, retching
Down on the carpet
Crawling on a shallow pond of blood and vomit
Hallucinations aflame
Ready to reach the most colourful, climatic, glorious decay
An exquisite abhorrence
Flooding in red

6. Ignis Fatuus

7. Vernal Trance

Underneath fading gleams of sunlight
Guided by the scent of a morbid spring tide
Summoned on the stairs, so young yet knowing
They wait to heed the call

Curiosity awaken
Libertine, unhallowed craving for dark and foul pleasures to come
Mesmerized by the majesty of the rock
Climbing ever higher to face the wind

Walking bare feet through endless halls of stone
Dreaming, so gracious, even if time has stopped
Standing aghast, so pure, upon the rock
They ascend
They transcend
To pass

And all that's left is to wonder if the day also turns to night
And flowers bloom and rot on the other side
And what is means, and what it's like to die
Though we once dreamt of tomorrow, tonight we dream of nothing

They left us
They left us in wait
They left

They left us
They left us awaiting and gasping
They left us wondering
They left
And made us to wake


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