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Psychotic Killer Lust

"Psychotic Killer Lust" (2005 Demo)

1. Lurid Fascination
2. Dust of Time

1. Lurid Fascination

Lurid Fascination
Lyrics by: Alessio - Music by: Mario
Special guest vocalist: Namter

An incontrollable psychotic histerya
attacks me like a wolf in the night.
My knife becomes my brain
so I rip away your eyes with sick care
showing them as trophies.

Your fuckin' impure soul is mine,
so I can torment you
as the fire of hell doesn't know how to,
and you can't run away, you can't hide,
you just gotta die!

Of your impure and dirty body
won't remain any traces.
The damp funeral earth will make you rot
and the force of nature will do the rest
while I contemplate.

In the night I hunt
and choose my ingenuous prey,
'till my blood thirst
calms down at the rise of the sun
when I get back down into my lair,
eating human rests,
preparing for another bloody and cruel night.

The lurid fascination, the eternal hate,
the sadistic taste are my obsessions.
I'll make you suffer like I do
in this strange illusion named life.

2. Dust of Time

Dust Of Time
Lyrics by: Alessio - Music by: Mario

The gates of life have been opened to me,
to let me enter the garden of sadness,
from where I can't run out.
Now I can see with my tired eyes
the pale nostalgia that surrounds me.

So I stand aloof
with my rage, with my desperation,
with my solitude,
I know I can't be helped.

I must putrify in eternal,
Me and the soil, be an only thing.
The night is falling,
the sky is darkening,
it's time to leave.

To suffer, to scream again.
I can't do anything else
in this distressing, depressing reality.
Suffering in silence, I can't go back
where I left myself.

Compelled to let settle on me
the ancient dust of time,
to stare at the now locked windows of infinity
and at last to be swept away
by the freezing funeral wind.


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