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World Incinerator

"World Incinerator" (2003 Demo)

1. Perverted Murderous Frenzy
2. Dawn Of Thrash
3. Rape Of Innocence
4. A War To End All Wars

1. Perverted Murderous Frenzy

Russia in the year of 1977
Saw the rise of a vile maniac
The rural outskirts of Rostov
A breeding ground for sadistic death
Along the railway Elektritkja
He picked up his victims to be
Young women & children - None were spared
All dismembered relentlessly

Tjikatilo - Morbid bringer of death
He stabbed 55 'til their terminal breath
Obsessed by his sexual inadequacy
He became a sex starved atrocity

A married man and father of two
He fondled students at work in school
A misbehaving teacher, he soon got fired
And the score of corpses escalated higher
Tied up, undressed, defiled and lacerated
Genitals & breasts severely amputated
Ripped away & chewed, morbidly digested
13 gory years before he was arrested

"Impotence caused him to seek revenge
Cumming only to his acts of violence
Caged during trials and forced to repent
He was sentenced to capital punishment"

2. Dawn Of Thrash

3. Rape Of Innocence

Within the most perverted minds
Hide the vile and twisted urges
To inflict a pain that destroys lives
For a taste of forbidden pleasures
A deed beyond sane comprehension
The violent art of child molestation
An unspeakable act of bestiality
Sex drive turned into an atrocity

Taken by force, the infant screams
A pedophiles deranged dirty deeds
The most sickening form of decadence
Is the brutal rape of innocence

Bleeding, defiled, ravaged and degraded
Left in pain and fear, Childhood desecrated
Praying, searching for the reasons, God why?
As no one answer the afflicted cries
When being repeatedly raped as a child
And bury the fact in the back of the mind
Time does not heal the scars it leaves
The end result: Multiple personalities

4. A War To End All Wars

A war to end all wars - The infiltration of our minds
The future looks dark ahead - Annihilation of all feelings
Civilization falls - Into a ravage utopia
A war to end all wars - A world unrecognizable
Species begin form
Renegade creatures with no redemptions
Killing for fun and survival - The serpent of our Eden
The most devastating sequel in the centuries of man

A war to end all wars - Someone ended it all
A war to end all wars - A politician decision

Now the struggle begins - Society forever condemned
Those who died of the bomb - Were relieved from this hell
A dead radioactive wasteland - The hunters of mankind
Mutations and plague - The legacy of man
A primitive life form known as man
Loss of intelligence and mind
Now it starts all over - Until it happens one more time
We are back from where we started
Millions of years before
A legacy man - The damned rebirth of man


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