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Midnight In The Garden Of Hell

"Midnight In The Garden Of Hell" (2000)

1. Fumes She Holdeth
2. The Spring Breathes Horrors
3. Crescent
4. Then Did Bore Old Night
5. Shadow, Caressing Shadow
6. Thus Hath Silver'd Damnation
7. Midnight In The Garden Of Hell

1. Fumes She Holdeth

Farewell happy fields... where joy forever dwells
Hail horrors, Hail
Infernal world and thou profoundest Hell
Aloft incumbent on the dusky Air
Oft, night-founder'd
Moors by side as night enwraps the sulphur Sea
Hail horros, Hail
On each hand the flames
In billows, leave i' th' midst a horrid vale
Glorying to have scap't the Stygian flood
Of thund'ring
As the lake with liquid fire
"Grovelling and prostate on yon lake of fire,
as we erewhile, astounded and amaz'd,
No wonder, fall'n such a pernicious height"
Farewell happy fields... where joy forever dwells
Hail horrors, Hail
Ashtoreth holding the sulphuric fumes
Chain'd on the burning lake, nor ever thence
Had ris'n or heav'd, but large to Harvest
Bright scythe Harvest and Hail and Kill
Might heap on damnation
Forthwith upright rears from off the Pool
How all malice serv'd but to bring forth
Confusion, wrath and vengeance
Then lady Death
With expanded wings steer the flight
Aloft, incumbent on the dusky Air
Thence conceiving fire
And move towards the shore... Fumes she holdeth
Infernal world and thou profoundest hell
Sulphur lakes
Came Ashtoreth with crescent Horns;
Thou whose bright image nightly by the Moon
Virgins paid their vows and Songs,
Thee Queen
In pale skin
Command the warlike sound
And hold the fumes of Erebus
Of trumpets loud and Clarions be uprear'd
Mighty chivalry
With gems and Golden lustre rich imblaz'd
Seraphic arms and Trophies
Sonorous metal blowing Martial sounds
Fumes she holdeth
"At which the universal Host Upsent,
a shout that tore Hell's concave, and beyond
Frighted the reign of Chaos and old Night."
All in a moment through the gloom were seen
A forest huge of spears: the thronging Helms
Appear'd and serried shields in thick array
Of depth immeasurable: Anon they move
In perfect Phalanx to the Dorian mood
Of flutes
To height of noblest temper Heroes old
Arming to battle
Mov'd on in silence to soft pipes that charm'd
Painful steps o'er the burnt soil
Visages and stature as of Gods
Of Phlegra with th' Heroic race join'd
Of Glory obscured
Shorn pf beams, or from behind the Moon
In dim Eclipse disastrous twilight sheds
Darken'd so, yet shone
Deep scars of thunder had intrencht
Of Dulcet symphonies and voices sweet
Dropt from the Zenith like a falling star
Farewell happy fields... Hail horrors, Hail
To the frozen glare of Ceridwen upon a silver altar
Farewell happy fields...
Sulphurlike moors of blazing fire
On the palms of her hands
Hail horrors, Hail!
Fumes she holdeth...

2. The Spring Breathes Horrors

"Ah me! Alas, pain, pain, ever, for ever!" Percy Bysshe Shelley
O' mighty Night
Echoes, fauns and furies
Of that colossal wreck, boundless to bare
Onward charges the Beast
Adorn'd with golden shrines vested empty
All creatures forlorn and thunder
Breathing in horrors charm'd
Capriciously still on disharmonies enow
Of the hideous nebulosity to tempest
Lightning strikes at the fury of thunder
At malice's own resplendent nest
The crystallid lake that springs nether
Of fire and horrors too many
Abominable and gorgonic theatre
Pain that immeasurably be
By the scythe striked at thee
The spring breathes horrors
Alas O' mighty Night
Onward to the burning lake
Of rage inflam'd and darkness whelmed
Like staring in Death's wake
With sharpn'd teeth sighed
As the spring breathes horrors
Lie fallen and vanquished!
And darken
The Heaven's above
Could the abysm vomit it's secrets
>From the dim recesses
Of woven caresses
Thou fair hair'd angel of the evening,
Scatter thy abyssic dew
And wash the dusk with silver
Soon, full soon, dost thou withdraw; when the wolf rages wide,
O' damned! clad in purest black, issue forth;
O radiant moon, salute the stars
The wild winds weep and the Night is a-cold;
But lo! To the vault of paved Heaven
With howling woe
Hail to those horrors thee sprang
Salute the scythe's blade in blood drunk
With the glamorous melodies the warfare sang
As abhorred light has now sunk
A gazer at the darkness that shines above
Bleeding along the firmament
The moonbeam dropp'd
In ecstasy sent
Beneath the stars the spring unmov'd
The creeping wild flowers
Thus mingled their eerie shade
In horrors breathing
Fullfilling emptyness been made
And wondering in horrors her's
Alas, O' Night old Night
Brethen and fed on the bleeding firmament
With a thousend horrors
"And I, what can I now behold but an eternal Death before my eyes,
and an eternal weary work to strive
against the monstrous forms that breed among my silent waves?" William Blake

3. Crescent

Shall hear Infernal thunder, and for lightning see
Black fire and horror shot with equal rage
Admire the twilight fiery sky
Petals floating
That abides the grimness of dusk
Drenches as solace
Vapours hallow the hunting portraied concubines
Among Angels, and the throne itself
Mixt with Tartarean sulphur, and strange fire
In this abhorred deep to utter woe;
Advento crepuscular
Num crescendo sublime
Ophuccus hiss the bane of light
Orpheus's music plays
Blood drenched lire
Crepuscular advent
Amidst Baccus concubines
Song of the Banshee
Voice o' Night
And this firmament of Hell should spout her catarats of fire
Impendent horrors, threat'ning hideous fall
Breathe Ambrosial odours and Ambrosial flowers
Hidden lustre, Gems and Gold;
"From whence deep thunder roar must'ring their rage,
And Heav'n resembles Hell?" John Milton
As when from mountain tops the dusky clouds
Ascending, while the North wind sleeps, o'erspread
Scowls o'er the dark'n'd landscape
"Of four Infernal rivers that disgorge
Into the burning lake their baleful streams;
Abhorred Styx the flood of dreadly hate,
Sad Acheron of sorrow, black and deep;
Cocytis, nam'd of lamentation loud
Heard on the rueful stream; fierce Phlegethon
Whose waves of torrent fire inflame with rage." John Milton
Scowls o'er the dark'n'd landscape
Medusa with gorgorian terror guards
"Where all life dies, Death lives, and Nature breeds,
Perverse, all monstrous, all prodigious things;
Abominable, inutterable and worse
Than Fables yet have feign'd, or fear conceiv'd,
Gorgons and Hydras, and Chimeras dire." John Milton
Follow the Night-Hag
Hecate, goddess of witchcraft
Amidst Baccus concubines
Song of the Banshee
Voice o' Night
...and Death
Grinn'd horrible a ghastly smile...
Where eldest Night
And Chaos, Ancestors of Nature, hold
Of neither Sea, nor shore, nor air, nor fire,
But all these in their pregnant causes mixt
When Bellona storms
With all her battering engines bent to raze
Crescent advent enthron'd
Sat Sable-vested Night, eldest of things,
Descend oh darkness descend
Nightrise crescent

4. Then Did Bore Old Night

Of giant pasturage lying at ease
Into the sunlit ether, caught the ray
And did lights father forever cease
Play the lyre Oh Pan play!
Of sunken suns at eve, at noon of Night
While the moon danc'd with the fair stranger light
Flashing from Parian marble that twin smile
And armed flanks to war worthwhile
Nursled the young mountain in it's lair
Thro' the ebon air, besilvering the pall
A dome, by linked light in purple air
Adorning with the dwellings o' fall
For beauty' s grave
And every sculptur'd cherub thereabout
Shall not be save
In the burning Erebus' lakes shall sprout
Witness the murmur of the grey twilight in Eyraco
Who, musing, gazeth on the distance dim
There in the cold, in the shadow
Sees the darkness coming as a cloud's whim
'tis the rush of wings
Ho maiden in the twilight sky adorn'd
Thus gather'd dusk sings
Litanies of nightfall perform'd
...Then Did Bore Old Night
Up rose the scythed maiden in the Night
The single mooned eve!-on Earth to plight
And one moon adore
Up rose the maiden from her shrine o' flowers once more
And bent o'er sheeny mountains and dim plain
But left not yet Therasaen reign
And it did rain forever...
Huldras and Gorgonas and headless Medusa reborn
Thundering chords in damnation's symphonie
Burnt through the oracle of twilight forlorn
Of old Night as lightning... six... times three
Bore burthen to the charm the maiden sang
In many a star-lit grove, or moon-lit dell;
Glance thro' the shade and thunder sprang
Encumber'd with dew, hath drawn and thus fell
The dew of the Night
Capriciously still, harmony in delight
Incumbent on light
The sound of the rain
Which leaps down benight
The music of things that spring pain
Clad in storms, alas!
...Then Did Bore Old Night
Midnight on the draperied wall
How drowsily it weigh'd into Night !
But O that light!-slumber'd at the hall
Agoniz'd clung around in fright
Imparts the myth
Even the glowing bosom beats withal,
Amid a Night of mirth
And when old Night did disenthral
A red Daedalion on the timid Earth
Cronos unfurl'd as light waned and waned
Enchanted halls presented lady Death
And so thy star trembl'd...
...Then Did Bore Old Night

5. Shadow, Caressing Shadow

...about the darkest of Nights
Hark... shadow to shadow
Hasten to evolve through the moist
And mount the penumbrant dusk
Moon about in meadows prun'd
So scotch, not kill
About the darkest of Nights
Thus hark...
Sunset, Dusk, Nightfall
Whatever that shadows through horizons
Lull'd in midnight communion scatter'd
"Unwept, and welter to the parching wind,
Without the need of some melodious tear"
Beneath waning Selene white above
Dancing wolves ominous through the hunt
And Diana leads with the Night as mask
Blazing teeth embrace
Yet once more, O ye laurels, and once more
Hark...the dusk is singing
Darkness stir as the crescent Moon shines full
Hediond Banshees of few too many
Riding out of Inferno's zenith
Swallowing life with ominous incens'd chants
With burnt robes and shrines made o' skin
Let nature's heart rejoioce with the warmth of blood
Of bleeding lambs pierc'd by wolven teeth
...and the shadow caresses
Hark... the sombre light
The malice
Shadow, caressing shadow
It is Death herself
Leading Armmageddon sublime
Dwell, at the brightening gloom
In height or depth
Horizont in black of the clouds that gather
In madrigal Nightfall
Banded against the throne
Hark... thus hark
Shadow, caressing shadow
About the darkest of Nights
And hark
Majestic frost in contrast
With summer's noontide air
Bloom Chaos throughout the breeze
And shadow,
Shadow the darkest of Nights

6. Thus Hath Silver'd Damnation

"Pelo abismo íngreme ele cavalgou,
que conduzia à lúgubre moradia de Hela..."
The darkest essence
Waterfalls of pure magma swirling in silver'd light
Nature immense overflowing with might
Black presence
Horizont, a crown of trees encircl'd by Night
Damnation intense
Focussed and meditating beings thus a silvering sight
Thus hath silvered damnation
Descending along the mists
As stars of wonder shine
The nak'd dears at Yule's feast
Will the dusk sing o' such benight'd charms ?
Lugubrious creatures in fusion with the essence
The damn'd and the fall'n with mystic armours and arms
Sole thus hath walk'd by the smoke of the incense
Essence the darkest
In silver'd light waterfalls o' pure magma swirl
With might nature in it's immensity
A presence in black
At Night ancient trees an horizon by will
In tense damnation
Sights o' silver in meditation for eternity
Through the clouds of the flavours inspire
Fill'd with magick older than the eldest mountains
Thus hath silvered damnation
At the climax of the Night
Pentacle of possession in gold
Solstice the highest in decay
Pelos nebulosos caminhos dos tambores de Baka
Pela meia-noite e pelo trovão
Pela ultima das Noites, pois é eterna
A Deusa de Prata observa...
Twilight descends supreme
Op'n through the mist
An entrance to a world nether
The fog of damnation
Deriving into the gold'n boughs o' power
And silver'd
The darkest essence absorbs
Horrors to be Hail'd !
Dark is the essence
Silver waterfalls
The mighty immensity of Nature
Trees in Night's ancient halls
Damnation intense and oh so pure
In embracing decadence
A decadent embrace
Sing oh Dusk of such benight'd charms
For lugubrious Hela is at one with the essence
The elements unite, water and fire
Frost and blood drop upon, damnation stains
...para todo o sempre

7. Midnight In The Garden Of Hell


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