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Descend Supreme Sunset

"Descend Supreme Sunset" (1998)

1. As Dusk Weaves The Night
2. Flowers For A Funeral
3. The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud
4. Like Ravens 'Neath Nightskies
5. If Thou Wouldst Shadow Me
6. Leanan Sidhe
7. Descend Supreme Sunset
8. Epilogue - Harvester of Armmageddon

1. As Dusk Weaves The Night

A rain of black blood
For Death and lust eternal
And armmageddon to descend
In rapture and decay
Enchantress of the scythe
Harvesting the damned
Across skies of red
As dusk weaves the night

Nocturnal... moonlight dressed as a flame
A freezing mist kissing like a spell
To adore the weeping sunset in mourning
Embracing this desire for the night
As if a dream of everlasting darkness
In lust a moon so sublime as eternal
Tainted with red for blood running endlessly
Ate wept with the death of Ra
Absorbing landscapes of wonder and chaos
Immemorial horizons that reach the most ancient storms
Purest than a virgin heart
In a loom of flesh and blood and golden threads
Sunset supreme melting to weave the night
Like a blooming black rose awaken in Hades
And with Ereshkigal by side to conquer
Surrounding black velvet from above and beyond

Like a shrine to seduce a pale cold body
In music and perfume vanishing to reborn

The wolves howl to the moon
As dusk weaves the night
The sunset breed sing of mystic beauty
And trees older than seasons are enamoured

As dusk weaves the night
Ravens haunt the innocent cattle
The eldest paths are opening beneath
In the embracing light of Hecate

A silhouette of pale cold seducing cerements
The scent of dying shadows and everlasting decadence
In landscapes where chaos and wonder meet
Immemorial storms across endless horizons
In pure and twisted virginity spawned
Weaved in a loom of flesh and blood
As the night is weaved by sunset supreme
Hades awaken like a blooming black rose
Conquering with Ereshkigal by side
From above and beyond black velvet surrounds
Fenriz howl
Sublime the lady with the scythe
Harvesting to armmageddon
As dusk weaves the night
Higher goes Astarte
Moonrise in rapture
Withering charms of light
As dusk weaves the night

2. Flowers For A Funeral

�Nós os ossos que aqui estamos, pelos vossos esperamos�

Como um pântamo fétido e morto
Estagnado e em adoração ao luar
Exalava um leve cheiro adocicado a cemitério
Um odor de podridão impregnava o ar

Hearted with pain in nocturnal ways
Conceived to a thousand deaths
To mourn the loss like a mellow fruit
Thus rotting carcass in fullmoon imagery
Thirteen candles support a magana in enchanting sorcery
An ebbing coronach vagrant to fatbom and to raise the dead

Oh Death, art thee cold and pale as a wintry dawn
Under the glow of a poisoned sun in agony
Lust with mortandity as to love and rapture abandoned
Lyricism, madonna lily, roses and carnation burn
Hammer in skullcrushing episodes and bestial warlust
Benighted and anguished fragrance, the scent of wolves

Fallen with the mist upon the graves as higher goes Astarte
Moonlight adorns the dead and embraces them in slumber

Madalenna reborn into the night
Revirgined to orgy the dead
Engraving in the oldest oak the lore of eternity
Mother of the dead in sunsets like blood
In grieving gardens as jewels of the blackest kind

Nemesis � �Now free to hunt the sheep�

O luar banba a pele putrefacta de morte
Flores funebres fedem e libertam vapor
Num jardim onde o purgatório é a sorte
Feridas mortais suam e supuram de dor

The drakon hissed
Descending to smothered glade
Glistening in supernal bliss
To awe the throng by the blade
Clung and benighted with the nether darkness
Of tattered, rend carcasses� caress
To leche the Eden and plunder all beauty
Doth the serpent ravish the light
By the dew of dusk benight
The sun bled away in wane to be

Seven banshees sing in seven silvered dresses
Seven deaths to follow the path to the grave
Seven witches dance to seven deadly songs
In seven burning pentagrams as seven moonlight shadows darken

Penumbrant circles close
For the beast to be crowned
Thirteen nails as thorns of oxidated iron
Left to rest
Mortals lie in sombre graves
Flowers for the sun bleeding away

We bones that here lay, for yours await...

In shapes so hideous and snowpale skin � a corpse
Lover of shadows and all utter darkness
Oh Death, art thee cold and bloodless and pale
Not a light dwells but the glow of thy scythe

Carnation, roses and lilies burn

Rapine voyeur of the night
Focused to hunt the feeble
The queen, whore temptated to taste the scent of virginity
Hecate in her celestial grave observing the falling mist
Embracing the dead in their slumber
Moonlight adorns the dead

Thus the drakon hissed
Lo! The descending and misty glade
Glistening in celestial bliss
To awe the flocks by the blade
By the dew of sunset benight
Doth the serpent ravish the light

Flowers for a funeral
Moonlight adorns the dead

3. The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud

As jewels of a marble kind
A curtain of black fell like rain
Of Hag the dusk awaken the dead
And the sun bled away

Eu oiço o crepusculo cantar
São os filhos da noite que em melodias obscuras
Desejam o luar com paixão e ansiedade
E que com ódio amaldiçoam a luz

Aghast the sun hides
Ra ashamed
The ominous vulture screams
And an ebbing light is wrung by nightfall
Eden is in ruins, flames of carmine glow in midnight skies
Reflections in the waters as a dance of shadows
In pale horizons the moon lay hidden beneath a cloud
And thrive to dominate � Ate queen of the dead

Cold frost falls from a pallored sky
A shadded funeral firmament as horizon
The twilight of a sun through the wail of dusk
As the moon lay hidden beneath a cloud
And the crow wept and so did the sun
Sharing tears of blood like the sweetest wine
In choir the breed of the night sing forth the dark
Of the singing dusk to welcome the eternal night
So by Autumn leaves the queen is crowned
The glowing scythe through fogs of funeral reaping life

Dawn be fearful of the disgrace of an ebbing sun
Hidden beneath a cloud a black moon brings forth chaos

Held the jewels of atrocity
On streams of crystal dreams in slumber
At dawn the sleep, by dusk they haunt
The children of the damned
And let immortality kiss the skin of Lilith
As the deathly Ereshkigal walks the Yaruu
Diva of black vests empossed and seductive might
In feasts of ambrosia and orgies for the gods

�Depressa, depressa ó dragões da noite!
Que a manhã possa descobrir o olho do corvo�

�E agora secretas e negras bruxas da meia-noite?�

Like an harpia, the betraying face of an angel
Vulture in hunting fashion, fallen from the Zenith
Yggdrasil, the nest of Fenris, Hel goddess of Elvidnir
Night and day are nine from Asgard

As the Górgona bathes in crimson infernal lakes
Of sibilant serpents and horrors that descend to the abysmal lands
A petreal image in the Eternal night
At the doors of Ishtar the decline of an empire

�A não ser que a Górgona saindo dos lagos infernais
Armada de horrores e caracóis de serpentes sibilantes
Me torne, pela visão monstruosa,
Numa imagem pétrea na noite Eterna.�

And listen to the singing dusk
As the moon lay hidden beneath a cloud
The ominous vulture screams
To poison the ebbing light... forever doomed
As jewels of a death painted red
Like a curtain of raining blood
Hag the moon, queen of the dead
Bleeding the sun away... forever
Hidden beneath a cloud a black moon brings forth chaos

4. Like Ravens 'Neath Nightskies

Mighty wings pay homage to this mortal coil
Weaving the night in dusk�s own loom
Of velvet like colours that fade to blackness
And the singing ravens so supreme in sad melodies
Enthral the heart and the feathers of a swan
Dancing by the whispering breeze of sunset
Nightmares creep as a mighty darkness descends
Like a curtain closing and wolves carving for meat

Like ravens �neath nightskies
As twilight released the midnight shadows
From antique yet immemorial majesty
About a dream of ravens across nightskies

Ethereal forms enchanted in flames of crimson
The streams of light that await the dawn
Lost in for eternity for this night is forever
And forever shall ravens fly �neath nightskies
Do the children of this night dream of angels?
Or either sing of mystic charms and funeral skies
Supreme sunset descent and light is no more
Us forever heathen like ravens �neath nightskies

A cold breeze whispers softly
Like a tale of night eternal
Of swans with black feathers
And a leaf of gold and crimson
Crystallid streams so pure
Through benighted nature untouched
Every breath flies forever
Like ravens �neath nightskies

And this is forever...

5. If Thou Wouldst Shadow Me

Oh dark enchantress retribution is sweet
Solemn funerary dreams of death
Tremble Lucretia through thy slumber
And seduce to that dreaming armmageddon

Black Lilith art thee in pact with Death?
To madden my humble self with thy beauty
And hunt me across Hades
Bitter are thy kisses, darker than black

Fall from grace in pleasured sodomies
Of romance and mortal wounds to bleed
Shadow me
Cleanse away my sun
Thine am I in thy dreams of Death

Proud reaper in enchanting sorcery
Lead the shadows across the skies
In a dream of night eternal
If thou wouldst shadow me

For I am Death, I am the shadows
If thou wouldst shadow me through night eternal

To thee siren of dark desires
A desire in blood and sombre semen
Semen of limbo and all ebbing forms
In black forms Lilith Lucretia in Death

Art thee in pact with Death, Lucretia whore?
Beautiful siren to madden my humble self
Hunted I am across Hades
Darker and darker thy kisses taste of Death

Proud reaper in grim forms enchanting
Across the skies leading the shadows
And I descend for night eternal again
If thou wouldst shadow me

For I�m nocturnal, I am Death
I�ll be eternal if thou wouldst shadow me

6. Leanan Sidhe

Seductive Faerie witch sombre as the night
Lhiannon-Shee assembled beneath the moon to sing

High is the moon and funeral winds freeze the skies
Sweeping through landscapes of mourning her spell

O negrume no céu tempestuoso
Vingança ao sol que sangra
No negror da noite
A tenebrosa fada seduz e mata

Of dark poetry and trenodies
An ode to shining moonlight
Muse of black, dark in heart
Dusk descends for Leanan Sidhe

Sombre banshee so petulant and bewitching and cruel
Lhiannon-Shee to feed on the blood still hot
While life fades like an ebbing flame withering
Leanan Sidhe seduce and drink the wine of Death

Daughter of Badb conceived in the blackest of cradles
Sombre muse to seduce and kill, child of the eternal night

Um pentagrama no horizonte
Sangrando o sol
Semente cruel, diva de morte
Tenebrosa Lhiannon-Shee amante mortal

7. Descend Supreme Sunset

Hag Bean Seidh bleed the ebbing sun
To invocate seven shadows in pale light
For the life of all flesh is the blood
And Death herself unleashed to eternal night
Lustre to moonlight and all nocturnity
Ethereal shapes hid the claws and beheld the sunset
In supreme mystic shadows and black tainted charms
Harvester of dark imps, the singing dusk...
Born from Kai-N-Tiku-Aba and battles immemorial
To steal Adonis� blood and bleed together
For the decadent sun is bleeding away
Bean Seidh, mother of the dead, release chaos

Descend pale sunset so supreme and kiss the moonrise
Through shadows that swift eerie litanies to the night

De profundis natura
Grey lakes, trees and over hedge and ditch
The wonders of sunset supreme descending by warfare
The mossy vegetation and the dark stones that encircle
Shine Iris perpetual and unleash the servants of Hades
The rustling of the trees
And the moss in the cromlech
At dusk as light withers

Dark waters through darker streams
And the lunar wish for nocturnal skies eternal
In malice forgotten the sun cries tears of blood
Eva and the serpent weep for Eden�s disgrace

Descend pale sunset so supreme and kiss the moonrise
Swifting shadows in adoration of the mistress with the scythe

Sister moon forever embrace the skies
And welcome armmageddon tonight
The descending pandemonium
To cast dawn to damnation... forever

8. Epilogue - Harvester of Armmageddon


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