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An Ancient Word

"An Ancient Word" (1999 EP)

1. This Blood Bestowed
2. Shadows Of Past
3. Death The Gift (Eternal Life)
4. An Ancient Word

1. This Blood Bestowed

A blood is spilt from this blood a seed
This seed is your lifes blood from the ancient ones
This blood bestowed to instill a strength
To tain in vein you dishonor the ancient ones
All this blood you bleed from your heart and veins
All this blood shall fall to the Earth again
To stain a land from which it came
To take in vein you dishonor the ancient ones
From first blood that was spilt to present wound
From fields of blood to rivers of death
To forests of souls of ancient ones
This blood bestowed

2. Shadows Of Past

A veil of darkness blankets thy awakening senses
Oh guardian of thy shadows slumber
Bare with thee thy shining sword
To cut the veil with an ancient word
Carry the flame of thy inner hearth
Unto the darkest recesses of thy soul
To cast illusion into the void
Shadows of past dance with a fire
Lit at the edge of darkness
Skyline marked for death
Landscape of forgotten war
Bodies fallen below black skies
It is there among scavenging dogs
Who thirst upon the warm pools of blood
A single child stands below
The circling birds
Her face pale lips flush and her dark eyes
Deep and penetrating
The beauty which betrays the images of mortal sorrow
For she knows there is no comfort
Among the living
Mesmerized by the blood stained sword
Of a fallen warrior
The blades intrigue holds her in trance
As the childs hand reaches forth
Slowly pulled across the blade
Silent beauty does not betray
The dull pain of unbroken trance
This blood poured upon the earth

Oh creatures of air
Sanctify this offering of innocence
The self sacrifice of virgin blood
An an obligation of death
Raven cries as her body falls
Raven cries deaths initiation
Oh child thou hast killed innocence eternally
I beckon thee child of darkness and earth
To come forth for in the night
I imboke thee and in the hours of twilight
I embrace thee as I walk with thee
Between two worlds
And as the sun riseth I lose thee
In the receding shadows of life...

3. Death The Gift (Eternal Life)

Death the gift eternal life
To pass through a door unlocked
By a key of immortality
A Quest for thee immortality
No boundaries of the flesh
No limits of the soul
To unharness the mind
And its darkest depths
Into the abyss of the eternal realm
Death is the only gift
Of no limits of the flesh
If the paths are chosen true
In the life of limits

4. An Ancient Word

Reflections of past entwine
With visions of future
Flooding my soul I see
Only images of death
Growing darker longer
Like shadows with the setting sun...
An ancient word whispered without sound
To awaken the past from its sleep
To bestow a symbol of remembrance
Sent as the images of a raven
Carried on the winds of eternity
Who cries out voiceless messages
Woven into images of death...
Thy spiritual black hole
Inner sanctum - wisdom gained
Strength gathered - death embrace
Round by flesh and blood
To this an earthly shell
I return to walk amongst
The hordes of mankind
As an enemy of god
Driven by instinct
A wolf among the lambs of god


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