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Blackened Skies

"Blackened Skies" (2005 EP)

1. To Run With Darkness...
2. Blackened Skies
3. As Dusk Covers Day
4. Weakness in Numbers

1. To Run With Darkness...

As dusk turns to night, and shadows grow dark, the thirst and the lust will return.
The urge once more, to scream with the wind, seeking to prey on the pure.
Give into temptation, never knowing contol...
Consumed by desire, in the abscence of light, the endless need to defile.

To run with the darkness forever...

Embracing the cover of the night sky.
Deathly cover of dark, where the living are blind.
An eternal thirst is the thorn in my side.
Been granted a path beyond that of life.

Despised by the day, a nightmare made flesh, a spawn of the passion and pain.
Possessed by the urge, A slave of desire, bound by shackles of death.
Seduced and addicted, they submit to the lure.
I've been there before, and they always surrender, as I did so long ago....

2. Blackened Skies

Taken for granted, this place which we reside.
Nows come the dawning of a change.
When all life is threatened, a new perspective shown.
Consumed by evils of our own.

Darkness manifests up above,
Confusion down below,
The time for judgement has come,
Look now to behold, our blackened skies

Left with nothing, an abyssmal wasteland.
With nothing to live for, and nothing to die for.
Once proud cities, symbols of vanity.
Now nothing more, than yesterdays memory.

Unchallenenged for ages, a fiction all our own.
Reality holds no meaning in this place.
Arrogant and blind, with weaknesses abroad,
Humanity called doom upon itself.

3. As Dusk Covers Day

Too many, times have i, watched the stars shine in the darkness.
And felt, the sadness, that comes with the good times past.
Still alive, in my mind, otherwise dead to the world.
Once lost, gone forever, Buried by the sands of time.

Sorrow fills, the emptiness, of memories burned away.
A cold void surrounding, as dusk covers day.

To dwell, on yesterday, is to die still alive.
To exist, for today, is to live defiant of death.
Til then, the ending, live for the moment itself.
Once done, done forever, Buried by the sands of time.

Contention fills, the emptiness, of memories burned away.
Defiant satisfaction, as dusk covers day.

A dark horizon, so far away, marks the end of, yet another day.
So much unfinished, so much left undone, fulfill the dream, beneath tomorrows sun.

4. Weakness in Numbers

Its one of those things that gets easier with time,
And your conscience has died with your humanity.
Lacking strength to work for your desires,
So in numbers you steal from those who do.

Weakness, cowardice huddled in your embrace,
Like the hateful fools you keep by your side.
A black scourge on the lives of so many,
You and all of your kind are one and the same.

Blinded by greed, no will to call your own.
Without your pack, a scavenger all alone.
Burned in their minds, all you took away.
As it was sworn, their veangance will come today.

Latching on to those who you admire,
Glorified in violence, hate, rape, disgrace.
Without sight to see what lay ahead,
You gave in and let yourself be lead astray.

Not in innocence, never once unknowing.
Instead driven by self-serving desires.
A sickening sight - the weak and the vile,
The same fools by which you were inspired...


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