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Satanic Metal Kingdom

"Satanic Metal Kingdom" (2004)

1. Satanic Metal Kingdom
2. Grayish Land Of Desolation
3. Invocation Of The World of Horrors
4. Abyss Of Wisdom
5. Egyptian Devils
6. About the Flame and the Wind
7. Dark Are The Ways
8. Night Beasts
9. Desecration of The Host
10. Instrumental

1. Satanic Metal Kingdom

We're left hand followers
Because satan rule the earth
On command of the messenger of darkness
We begin our eternal ride
The obscurity doors are opening
Until we reach the abyss
We have to triumph on many spheres
Climb mountains of thoughts
"...and kill worthless gods"

We're young with the goat of thousand youngs
To seize the nymphs in the cities or in the woods
We're serpents and have to whistle
To agitate satanic metal kingdom
Satanic Metal Kingdom

This is the path fot everyone
Satanic metal kindgom
But not everything is for this path
Satanic Metal Kingdom

2. Grayish Land Of Desolation

In the grayish land of desolation
Was announced the end of the world
New mystics came over
They broght weapons and words
To the prophet's war
In the pages of revelation
There is fiction
But above all
A veiled arcanum
From the age of antichrist
In the grayish land of desolation

The beast is free and blasphemes all over
The end of the world is here
In the grayish land of desolation
That is sad and happy
In the eternal satisfaction
Of the lord of the new millenium
Mark the words
Of the tirannic apocalypse lord
Who announces a colossal burning
To incinerate the mundane
It is the lord of redemption
Who wants to destroy the creation

What god? What angel?
Revelation is in the mind
And in mouth of the prophet of mistake

3. Invocation Of The World of Horrors

The disseminator of blasphemes
Cruelly upon the miserable who follow christ
Creatures invade the world
Preaching lust
The world is now of satanas

Satanas consecrate the star of five spikes
Always on the inverted position
The chalice contained blood
The host was black

Hail the sign of the black goat
Hail the favourite of the lord

Oh Satan
Oh disseminator we want to preach your true world
Get over the impostors of the nazarene cruch
Invocation of the world of horrors

Hail the sign of the black goat
Hail the favourite of the lord

4. Abyss Of Wisdom

What I want around myself
Is my will and my transcendent writs
At first I take the name of satan
As a part of myself
Then I rule narcissus
And rejoice myself
On my wisdom that conforts me

Ah! Is the invisible dead or alive?
In this point of my thoughts
Just the world and my flesh estimate me
In the delights of a libertine light
I am equal to wine and cocaine

I am avid for the antichrist verses
I wan the commom-sibmissive aways from me
I am avid for the ego
I favour the power in the center of the earth

5. Egyptian Devils

- Typon
Oh, supreme master, you are production of my oasis
You are the temple of wisdom in the desert of myself
In analogy to the beasts
I am the dog and the lion
To destroy the enemies of the sun

Egyptian devils

Great demon serpent
Born in the mysterious darkness
Who makes in tebas deep speech
To the equilibrium of the world

- Apophis
I have broke rules to know you
Oh, familiar genius, lion skin
Out of you, my universe won't be
In the palace of the three numbers

- Bess
Eternally, profound myself
In front of the columns, vae and amulets
I did rivals with my stick immersed

Egyptian devils
Egyptian devils with you ruling the universe
Oh, my hearth will never be desert

6. About the Flame and the Wind

In the origin the south
The flames prevails
It's the of life
That walks for milleniums
And extends it self to infinite
The wind comes from there
And unclasps in my mind
The light thought

Wind that blows strongly
That leads wisdom
Deciphered only by magicians
Wind in the dark or flamming path
Is supreme and ineffible
And beloved only by magicians

My thought
Self contemplates
The flame and the wind
It's the manifestation of lord of the south

7. Dark Are The Ways

Dark are the ways
But in the dark ways there is light
In the dark and endless deep there is light
For the blind men there is never light
The path's color is ever black, for the blind men
There in the dark world there is light, and fire

Everything is away, words, darkness and light
I enter the darkness path
I see the light, I have the light, solid dark and hard

As hard as the nails of the cross
As solid as the lances
That splintered the body of the fright
Dark are the ways, dark are the ways!!!
Winds for dark and flamming paths
Winds that will conduct vehement beams
Winds that blind men will neither see nor blow
Winds that the wead wan't see
Winds that willonly light and darkness
Winds for dark and floming paths
Winds dark ar the ways!

8. Night Beasts

They are the eternal
Night fellows
They are upon the trees
Inside the caves
And in dark cities
They listen, sing, howl

In splendid harmony
With the voices of thunder

Ah, they are our brothers
In the name of creation

It is the wolf
With its a abominable cry
It is the bat
With its endless thirst
It is the owl
With is scary angry
It is the crow
Messenger of darkness
It is nature's arise
Oh, it is the man
Who awakens at midnight
In the philosophy od darkness

Ah, they are our brothers
In the name of creation

9. Desecration of The Host

- First invocation
Satan, lucifer, leviatan, belial
Save the obscurity forces
I beg of satan, the infernal lord
I trust him the endless power
Satanic symbols are with me
I glorify the altar, the priestess

- Second invocation
Lucifer lord of wisdom and richness
Give me what's mine legitimately
In the whole universe

-Belial, infernal element
Give me the violence of the beasts
And the entire power of the mather

- Leviathan, fabulous at the sea
Reveal the abyss offsprings
Of the majestic ocean
Oh black host

I praise the host
Stick in between
Afterwards I spit on jesus christ's body
And blaspheme any artisan of lies
The priests and me
Are invoking
Into the circle
Desecration of the host
Black host

10. Instrumental


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