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Buio Omega

"Buio Omega" (1991 EP)

1. Harbinger of Death
2. Revenge of the Scabby Man
3. Dear Uncle Creepy
4. Bitch Death Teenage Mucous Monster From Hell

1. Harbinger of Death

Who needs water balloons? I've got rocks to use
Pick a spot overhead drop'em on your ugly head
Harbringer of death!
I'll start a car crash with these rocks i'll smash
car hoods and funny hats..drop a rock see'em splat!
Harbringer of death!
If i get busted i won't quit cause i can't get enough of it
Dropping things on peoples heads..maybe you'll wind up dead
You think you're smart, wait'll i bust your head apart
Demoloshing and destroying, you can't do a fucking thing!!

2. Revenge of the Scabby Man

His nose is drippy, his hair is nappy
His teeth are yellow, his skin is scabby
His ass is so smelly it'll clear out any moshing pit!
His tounge is nasty, his dick is green
His lips are all chapped, his breath is obscene
You could squeeze his pus filled face, and pop it like an ugly zit!
He walks around town you can smell his feet
Flies buzz around his head as he walks down your street
The children run and hide to the safety of their daddy's arms
He comes to your door with his decayed grin
You wonder where the hell that mouth of his has been
Should you slam the door?
Or should you let him in?
You run and hide but you can't hide
The scabby man comes inside
He picks his nose and eats his snot
And then he woofs down all your pot
He pukes on you, he kicks your dog
He's an ugly fucking smelly hog
He farts alot, he rapes your wife
You cut a fart, he licks the knife!!
You think it's over but it's not over yet
The scabby man is leaking pus he's fucking gross you bet!
He jacks off and squirts his cum on your two month old son
The horror's not over much to your dismay
You're the scabby man's victim on this very day
And he's invited his friends to come over for the whole weekend...!

3. Dear Uncle Creepy

Dear uncle creepy, it's been years
Morbid fantasy exterminate my childhood fears
Dear uncle creepy, how can it be?
Some of the crap that's out these days is such a bore to me
Dear uncle creepy....
The shit they call horror in the comic book store
Nobody's got that style any more
Pre-80's classics provide the chills
This high-tech bullshit never will!!
As far as movies are concerned
There's plenty of what should be burned!
The horror's gone, big budgets here
What ever happened to the meaning of fear??
Dear uncle creepy, it's a crying shame
The "terror" of the 80's is so fucking lame
What ever happened to the good ol' days
Has you and Cousin eerie turning in your graves!!!

4. Bitch Death Teenage Mucous Monster From Hell

I was created to destroy you / Your time is near
When you least expect it / dying time's here
I'll find you at a party / You're drinking your beer
I'll crawl up behind you / and chew off your ear!!
You stare at me cause your boyfriend's a goon / You don't understand
I'm in disguise, you can't recognize / the green slime on your hand
I thrive to kill, you assholes / I want you fuckers dead!!
When you go cruising for babes / I'll explode in your head
You say it's just a nightmare / Some bad dream you've had
But when you see me slaughter your pals / You'll run screaming to your dad
Your numbers will diminish / hear my carnivorous squeals
I'm disgusting, i'm cute, and i'm cuddly
Your doom is sealed!!!!!!


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