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"Stained" (2004)

1. Blade
2. Memories To Dust
3. Stained
4. Prisoner In Me
5. Sold
6. Hollow Man
7. Rhythm Of Pain
8. Shadowsouls
9. Vein (I Bleed)
10. The End
11. Jos Jotain Yrittää (Harva Meistä On Rautaa)

1. Blade

from the flames of a burned down heart,
ripped off and tourn apart,
life to ashes and life to death,
i twist the blade and take your breath.

in the twist of blade i feel, the passion to hate arising,

cruellest mind my thoughts are running through,
deepest fear no light shines on you!

son of no-one and breeder of fear, i'm coming to take you away,
shadow hearted,me Wild One.
bringer of pain and darkest dispair, i'm heading towards the day,
that Yer last wish's to be done.

through my blade i live my life,
your salvation in flash of my knife.
til' the last drop i make ya crawl,
ya good as dead so fear no more.

2. Memories To Dust

reveal your source to me
hold your hands out for me

to withdrawl them in time
the reasons become obscured

these scars in my heart
prove my undying affection
the memories still so fresh
remind me of my infection

heal not the wounds on me
let them remind of you

these marks in my mind
provide my eternal damnation
the vile darkness within
directs me to my destruction

heal not the pain in me
let it remind of you

the cruelty in my heart
pulls me into oblivian
the memories, turned too dark,
deny me from salvation

forever broken trust
excuses, lies and deception
the memories turn to dust
and truth is just an illusion, for me!

3. Stained

blinded by a betrayal scene,
no one there to keep my trust
all these serpents in my head,
make me see what i must

scarred heart and wounded mind
my own blood now stains my hands
fueled with rage, to stand and fight,
i will be the last who stands

haunted by a murder scene,
my weakness was my only hope
broken alliance, broken trust,
from now on i live for myself

battered heart and hollow mind,
my revenge became my world
i regret not things i've done,
alone i stand, still i hurt

i have no love for life anymore,
i no longer believe in the world
put your life in the hands of another
and you sure will lose it all

i will not break down and crumble,
now that i've found my strength
show me the error of my ways,
and i will laugh at your face

i will not give in and stumble
now that i see right through you
try to make me change my way
and i'll show you the reasons why

4. Prisoner In Me

true freedom deep within, this agony is not a sin.
inside these walls i'm captured in.
blood dripping through my eyes, my life carries so many lies.
thou shall fall, who shall rise.

if you see how these chains i have, make me feel like i was born to die.
if you hear my voice screaming our loud, please come save me before it's too late.

this soul is never sold, i keep only the trust of my own.
my soul, my cell, i'm a prisoner in myself.
tonight oh, my lord so, i would like to flee from me.
this isn't real! take this pain away!

5. Sold

i am betrayed, all is lost to me
feeling cheated, the pain so overwhelming

can't you see, that you're dead to me?
don't you feel the pain inside of me?

how have we
come this far?
how have i
failed to see?

i am sold, the world is lost to me
feeling no more, the numbness overtaking

i am cold, draining the life from me
feeling so lost, is this the end of me?

how have you
made it this far?
how have i
been so blind?

how have i
come this far?
why do i
feel this weak?
can this be
the end of me?
the end of everything?

6. Hollow Man

i followed the path, leading to wrath
there was loss to see, all meant to be

eyes closed, i walk the miles
drown myself in the sea of lies

life ripped apart, so spare no-one
farsaken, i became unknown to some

all my life,
all my lie
i had a reason, now you can
see right through me

that's who i am,
that's who i am
what i was and will be
is this Hollow man

in a moment, i left the sands
clenching my blackened hands
raging the road to my enemies

7. Rhythm Of Pain

cold sweat running down my skin
this feeling i loathe, this feeling i craved
to drown again in to emotional pain,
to burn in the fire of misery

warm flames licking my skin
intense feeling of suffering
my vision will fade,
my heart will break
help me now, no,
please let me go!

pain so extreme as to cause whining
i'm convulsed by the agony.
i'm alive yet, i wish i was dead,
i close my eyes and take the dying breath.

pain, pain, go away, come back another day.
i can only escape it foe a while, kill the pain, take it away.
all my pain, all away and here it comes back again...

8. Shadowsouls

as day turned to night, i saw the end approaching
no hope for us, but yet our faith stays strong

kill them, hatred, flows inside my weins,
this will be the end of our days
all is lost but this blood will stain
my hands, my heart

die by my hand, all you hopeless ones
deep down, my heart, darkest blood it runs
through my veins its fire's burning bright,
you won't live through the night

my eyes are blind, i won't survive

years ago my life was torment
in the shadows i wait for my moment
to take your life, to make you pay
under the cold moon you lay

i care not for the emptiness inside
for in the end of this night
it will be gone, i will be whole
your blood to mend my broken soul

as day turned to night, i saw the end approaching
no hope for us, but yet our faith stays strong
no blade to take my life, no pain to make me suffer
this was the end and yet out faith stays strong

air's filled with, air's filled with blood's scent,
i won't live through the night.
my heart is, my heart is dying,
i won't live through another night!

9. Vein (I Bleed)

the old scras ripped open yet again
see me falter and see me fall
watch me from the distance, sky growing darker
gripping reality as i feel i'm slipping away

every painful morning i bleed to fulfill
the say painted with blood deeper still

grey days and dark nights blending together
it seems this paint was made to last forever
watch me from the cover, clouds getting darker
opening the wounds, letting my blood run wild

the sun rises again to greet the pain
to sear my flesh, to open my vein
i waste no time for the madman's hope
every passing day feeling closer to the rope

the anceint scars ripped open yet again
i will falter but i won't fall
watch me from the shadows, sky growing brighter
spilling the life that runs cold inside of me

10. The End

i've never walked this path before, i have never felt so cold.
i've always wanted to lose control if i'm forced to believe to One.
looking through these lost eyes, i yearn to lose myself,
give me your weakness, so i couldn't go on.

last wish for hope, is lost and gone,
truth is dead, only silence is left.
i have searched for You a few times,
fine wine is my blood.

i'm too tired to travel alone too afraid of being scared.
this endless night inside me, my heart has lost all will.
no need to be saved by those, who want to blind my eyes.
observing through a broken mirror, my life has come to its end.

lost in the mind of insane, in the dreams of my fears.
loved by those who can only hate my, my love.
the end is near my hate will flourish,
with cnadle seas in my eyes.

11. Jos Jotain Yrittää (Harva Meistä On Rautaa)


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