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Lasombra,the Heart of Darkness

"Lasombra,the Heart of Darkness" (2000)

1. As the Sunset comes ...
2. Spectral Hand (Black Hand)
3. The Becoming
4. If these Walls could talk
5. In Vitam Aeternam
6. Written by Blood
7. A Candle in the Dark
8. Window to the Garden
9. Memories
10. Hidden from the Light (Bonus)

1. As the Sunset comes ...

We are fallen from grace
We have been living in places that rays of sun never see
We are burried in entrails of cells of human madness
We have been spinning webs of moaning

We are forbidden for this world
We gather withered flowers in the garden of sadness
We are Immortal Tears
We are Lasombra, the heart of darkness

2. Spectral Hand (Black Hand)

"My first meeting with Death"

""I´m so lonely, lonely in the year 1775
Cold rain hides my tears
I search for way how to end my life
Near the grave I´ve been laying flowers sears

Death passed by my tortured mope
My darkest world is without hope
I think that some one at the necropolis gate
His sight is my new fate
I haven´t bright perception because spirit veiled my brain
I stand on the marble coast of the magical fame
In my dream an unknown person clothed in dark red cloak comes to me"

""Why art Thou sitting here my friend under this ancien oak?" Deep in my sorrow I see her brightly
Embraced with darkness, she´s my bride
She dances so macabre with flames
Tearful voices screaming her names
When f**king nazarene kneeling by my throne
My beautiful night holding the crown
I take off my mask, masquerade of vampire
I offer the life of eternal desire"

""Hate obscures my brain
This is my only answer
Get away!
On the water surface, my wife is standing"

""Make love with me, Jonathan"

""I laid my wife to rest in greyish autumn rain
Why can not I see her eyes again?
No-one can feel my undying pain
I crawl with my nightmares to become insane"

""I´m laughing with my tears
The darkness in my eyes
Terrible demonic screams

""O dear Jonathan Thou can not see darkness of the human life
Our Lord was callous to me
Thou must leave Him out of Thine life
I think that Thou could be dead and still live with me
Come into the arch of Death or be immortal"

""My hands have penetrated into the fresh grave
Musty odour of the earth be my requiem
In this lonely world there is no-one who wants to save me
Musty odour of the earth is my requiem"

3. The Becoming

Grotesque shapes are growing in my dream
Gargoyles extend their petrified wings
Nocturnal beings are hidden in their grim
Grievously resound that undead strings
Unyielding souls which search peace to rest
Unseen voices scream their request
On the unknown one´s face is self-assured grimace
They are waiting for the chance"

""The becoming"

Do Thou want to take Thy own life?
This act will not return Thy wife
Jonathan I want to hear Thy answer
Thy mouth, Thou can die with Thy pray
Open to me Thy world of grey
Jonathan I want to hear Thy answer

Leave me with my anguish
Leave me with my pain
My faith was burried with my wife
How do Thou know my name?
I worry of the truth which is found in me
Spiritual tragedy that my blind eyes can not see
I lust for scarlet that is hidden in female womb
Majestic darkness shows me the way to Thy silent tomb

From Death-borne beauty of tears
Above those graves that there are laying
Where are the dreaming trees?
Expire with pride devoid of wailing
Watering by water of drowning griefs
Leaflets of time which are forever dying

We lurk in the dark ancient place
From the first generation hidden before Lord´s face
Any fear from the silent time
Blood in coffins like blood-red wine

Caine was the one who sipped blood divine from the chalice
But His aching heart was full of malice
He created thirteen Antediluvians
Fathers of thirteen vampiric clans
When He transfered power to them
In darked sky reveled the claw
Our kingdom was born out of love

I´m prepared to carry eternal damnation of Cainite
The sun in my heart burnt out before long time
My body died before Thy sight
The sun in my heart never shall rise

We are tied with hate
Don´t forget the moment of the late
Angels are crying as we they sighs
Now open Thy vampire´s eyes

The becoming"

4. If these Walls could talk

If these walls could talk
Said to Thou how much I love Thou
If these walls could talk
Said to Thou how much I miss Thou
Please take my hands wake up the Beast that sleep so silent
Across the land beware of the Light for us so lethal

So much shed tears and wine
When the darkness falls I´m feeling so fine

I´m fed by bosom of blood line
Rose of fear and its spine
I gather the thorns from the rose of mine
The first testing of blood from the sacred wine
O how I hate Thy old man´s eyes
Cruel is the world without lies
I know that Thou can hear my voice
I have question "Had I choice?"

"Thou can browse through my vanity
That ignorance drives me to insanity
We are coupled with the salacity
Undead plague of atrocity"

""We never passed these greyish lanes
I feel Thy poison in my veins
I comprehend the life as a lie
Pleasure?! Why?!

Walls are coming back to life
Blankets shaping the curves of the whores
These walls could talk
I can hear these erotic tales
Succubus in rapture are calling my name"

""Don´t worry they must respect Thine own domain"

Lead us to temptation
We were the last seduction of Christ
Lick our sinful vulvas
Bring our blood to extasy

Save my soul when it crosses thru the pale moon shine
Hate the symbol of the cross when Thou feed from blood divine
From glib phrases are created Thy words
Above Thy head hangs the Damocles sword

My Haven protects me from Thy delusions
My cry to (Thy) Haven scared Thy illusions
Night by Night we are going to spread the terror
Leave mortals´ homes screaming in horror

5. In Vitam Aeternam

6. Written by Blood

Forlorn in shadows
I´m waiting.
Moon spilled mellow glare over dreams
Lovers happy in their embrace
Steps are drowning in silent streams
How old is our grace

Sit down in the dust of a lunar night
With breath dewing checks of burned roses
Her seductive beauty will glide
Like statues carved out of human laments
The path of night ´ll guide my might
They can not hide their primary fear
Secret murder without presence of light
Presence of evil like even striken spear

Her innocence excites my pain
Filthy nails will poison her artery
Hypnotic scenery controls her brain
Two leaflets decorate without the battery

O sweet night my heart is Thine
O sweet Hecate illuminate my crime
O beautiful moon let me see Thy light

I hear Thy voice so wide
From dead eyes of statues running blood
I´ll accept Thy tears flood"
Landscape drowned in his dark shine
I ride nightly conquest beast
Her blood tastes so fine
Beneath an open sky I´ll feast

Haze of death is veiled with sorrows´ might
She´s quietly dying in my arms
Bite of mine, stream of blood so slight
New kiss conceals embrace of harm
Lesbian fantasies for her are very gracious
The last tear has rolled down her face
Dying body is hot with this true passion
The last tear take her away from human race
To me..

7. A Candle in the Dark

The cloak of darkness is protecting my path
As a coffin that guard from the daylight
The darkness itself is my shining mark
As a candle in the dark

8. Window to the Garden

Merciful Death how Thou love Thy feeling of blame"

...and her beauty shall rise
My grief will bless that perfection
Pure love without presence of lies
I´ll send down the spell on the crown of seduction

Darkness went the garden to sleep
Only withered roses may feel the loves´ deep
As a voyaer I´m looking to the secret garden
From the window, my thoughts are sadden

This is the gateway to our Hell
Creatures of darkness
From days of yore we dwell there
I stole the life on seductive rainy night
A window to the garden has got incredible might"
She dances, she´s skilled in the ballet
Her flowing motions with the touch of erotic
What my hunger may allay?
Lesbian love is hidden in her hedoic...
She loves, she´s skilled in the art of love
Between her lips gleams the blade
Mistress of the beauty above?
Assassinating served to her sate

...and her new life shall rise
Her soul dances with the fire
It has grow up into Lasombra size
She had opened the world of eternal desire...
...for blood"

Let´s extinguish the lights
But when I extinguish Thou for one time
Where can I take?
The heat that light Thou up again
As a rose Thou must fade
So close Thy eyes my little whore
Silky lips leave Thy pale skin raw
""They say he was a sable knight
Who lost his beautiful wife
When the Devil had drained his life
Ever since he has been worshiping the night
At sunrise he vanishs as a mist over the river
A dead march, black fever"
The blood is his life"
We cast no reflection because we are darkness itself
We abide by that what you abhor
Night flows thru ourselves
Kill my love, once more...

9. Memories

10. Hidden from the Light (Bonus)

For my life...
For my love...
For my blood...
My heart is dark and my paths are hidden from the light

I am immortal

I´m siting behid table in my residence in the mountains
Before my self I have a goblet of truth with blood of death
Candles in candlestick are crying over their fate
My grief surrouns the room...
...obscure nooks

Beautiful concubine confined in cords
My castle abuses mortals, their dusk of blame
The way has been paved with the dust of the dead century
Zephyrous lift up his wings
Dark nature is my law
In unholy armor endued on the horse from the depths of the earth
I set out to meet with my destiny...
... against my foes

In blooded mouth I´m cleatching red rose
For centuries the knight unrespected by Holy law
Tonight my true essence will be re-born
The secrets of the dark art unwritten on parchments
Lonely I´m crying alone without Thou... faith is lost

I saw Thou dying, no light can prove my essence
Only Thou my lady of night can prove this
What do Thou see is the blindness of ages
The melody of wolves will sound to our ears from the distance
...from the distance

At any time only mortals betrayed my love
At any time only mortals will suffer
At any time only mortals betrayed my love
At any time only mortals...
...will suffer

We see the dark angels eyes, his sight turned in white
Archangel is weeping over his...
... destiny
Midnight, carpathian fullmoon brings delight to me
Dark angel is sitting on throne and sipping Thy blood

Whisper me a secret

I´m the one who is pure in the heart
Standing lonely in the garden of dead roses
Head in palms is held
Vampire´s love lasting for centuries
No mankind can understanding emotions of the firstborns
Thy tears are the wealth of my kingdom
(No death can separate us)
I Thou heave up back to life, we´ll see our souls
Pilgrims of time who are hidden...
... from the light

(My mouth are whispering)
"Thou art enthroned
Thou art alive
Thou art enthroned
Thou art mine"


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