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Beyond The Great Vast Forest

"Beyond The Great Vast Forest" (2002)

1. River of Darkness
2. The Battle of Moonstone
3. The Great Vast Forest
4. Beyond the Mist
5. Eyes in Flames
6. Dance of Sacrifice
7. Spells of Mysteria
8. The Curse of Celith
9. Fall of the Empire
10. Requiem

1. River of Darkness

Sombras dos rios que corroem o ar
Vozes jazem
Lutar! Morrer!
Floresta Negra que esconde o luar
Vaguem! Noite
Alma a sofrer

2. The Battle of Moonstone

"Bloodthirsty soldiers against an obscure empire fixed in the middle of the forest. Carbines against ballistas, prison and sacrifice for those who didn't fall in the battlefield."

Brave knights call your god essence
Hide before the moon emerge
Night has fallen in battlefield
Tenebrae sounds of war
Night can draw the enemies
Turn their hopes in dusk and pain
Time for battle is passing by
We know the smell of fear

We're blessed into fire
Storm warriors of the empire
Gold weapons are shining in our hands

Scrolls written along this night
Lost and found beyond the wood
Words of blood wait death for come
- Why do we come to hell?
The silence of the darkest sin
Betray the hangmen coming near
Steel sounds are the hymns of night
I hear the call: attack!

We're blessed into fire
Storm Warriors of the empire
Your sorrow lies at these lands

Soldiers March and fight against Wind
You fall you sense the taste of defeat
Serve the empire and honor your King
In death's embrace in the glory field

"Look behind those screams
What is written with blood
Hope and fear has felt down on the ground
Look around those fields
Proud and death become real
Pain and disgrace
It's time to surrender"

3. The Great Vast Forest

"Courageous and valorous warriors know how dangerous can be entering this shadows_ sanctuary. Who knows what is hidden beyond the great vast forest?"

We cross the infernal lines to find the great empire
The ancient field of sun
The Forrest now is dark its power among us is strong
He faces us now with hate

In this god-forsaken land our hope will never die
We're running for our lives
My eyes no longer see the enemy within
(we've) been hunted in this night

The enemies with guns and swords are running in the night
The mystic force that guide us now (will) prevail again

Their power was not too strong they're (just) victims in this night
Screams of pain remain

Beyond the black sky
We'll never gonna die
Along this evil night
We're falling into a dream
A nightmare begins
The dark seed will arise

Hear the chants of fury, that are echoing in the trees
Fight now with power (and) in honor we will die
The green hell now is red, our blood runs everywhere
(but) our screaming souls can't find, a way to the sky

The dark angel comes to us, he's falling from the sky
A deal with him was made that night, to avenge us all
From dark enchants, we rise again (by) one powerful black and evil mind
Our Revenge is now!

4. Beyond the Mist

"The shagg's history, people who were born to be kings. Time turn them into slaves of the empire, condemned to live without seeing the sunlight."

Slave in the land we born to take
Facing a new dare
Grey and storm are back again
Sons of space and time
In this place we cannot stay
Prisoners of hell
Against this cage we need to try
Marching through the night

Through the land that all (of) us hate
Enemies of the empire
Shades of Past are far away
Wanting our wood back
Casting spells we learn in past
Lost paws of infinity
(For) freedom we'll fight until we die
Waiting for a new dawn

Glory to all of our elders
Lords and kings of this ground
In these lands they're found by the devil
The empire
Now our life is in danger
We are slaves in mines
Dreaming how to escape from this cage of time

With all the time to waste Our hope will never die
No rest, no fear, no life
With all the time to waste, To live is nothing for us
We hunt just for light

With all the time to waste Our hope will never die
Our fate is kept inside
With all the time to waste Eternally in flames we must hide
Beyond the mist we ride

5. Eyes in Flames

"The end of a child's pure soul, sold to evil shadows. It's the rise of Celith."

Far away in the night Fear in the dark
There_s no way to get (it) ride No reason why
Every Pray I_ve claimed from deep of my soul
Every pray brings harm
I am lost (in) hidden mirrors
I feel cold as I cry
(my) Wounded pride Seems forevermore
What_s justice after all?

Howl down the wind
I just wait another time
Life_s been foolish, I_m frightened
Lost in my fate
the shades ripping into my mind
hearing evil voices I numb

So many nights I didn_t feel my eyes
So many nights I_ve tried to be stronger
I lied to death somewhere
Rise evil of mine

Tonight a new life has begun
The sign of reason is broken together with a child_s pure soul
Her spirit tries to cry
Cry with eyes flames

Cry-It is all
Fly high your soul full of pain

6. Dance of Sacrifice

"Night remains night until the end of ritual of sacrifice. Every survivor of their fury was offered to all the gods of their faith. Screams of tortured souls together with a lake of blood complete the perfect scene of a cruel reality."

The sign of the Battle is
Ray of storms ripping the skies
Pray before the war begins
Feel the fury of river god

Rise the rite of the ancient guides
What is written along the time
Hell Beyond the infinity
It's a kind of Shaman's realm

Blood Springs on battlefield
Darkness is here this nighttime
(The) Clash of steel attack
is over

Raging forces of enemy
The empire protects its ground
Hear the sound of battlecry
It's time!

Praised be their rite
Thy sight full of cruelty
Deathly sentenced they burn
Praised be their rite
The dance of Sacrifice
Doom of a battle lost is to die

7. Spells of Mysteria

"The curse as narrated so far by the eyes of the forest:"

The Amazon woods hide mysteries that the human mind can't understand at all.
The empire vast lands, engraved in the middle of the rainforest were protected by unearthly entities.

"Nothing could cause the fall of the empire, until the physical alliance of the Evil Shadows, immaterial specters with known history pieces full of hate, anathemas and fury. Lissa was the perfect choice; her eyes in flames and her soul full of pain were the ideality of a shadow's dream. It was the rise of Celith. This dark union would raze all the empire but her pain would be eternal and her soul's melancholy would kill her innocence and everyone who cross her way."

8. The Curse of Celith

"The sorcerer Celith, full of unbounded rage, gets ally with the empire's enemies. Casting her doom spells against the emperor's armies, she can watch her people dying. Sweet vengeance."

Lost into her eyes, desiring her fate
Always a sin (an) abysm of hate
Through hidden souls in the realms of the damn
Hand in the screams from my mind

The spirit of the ancient
Inside my new home

It has been the raze for us all

I can see you suffering
In the hands of my spell

The curse lives on and on

Ringing for the silence
Dreaming on, Dreaming on
Ringing for the silence
Wait until they come

And I see the unknown
From the deep of her fate
I can see her fire eyes
It's the dark of her soul

Bring back all days of light
Growing into a daze
Thus far the shadows were dead
But now I can't see the end

We heard her call, (we) felt her embrace
Giving us fear, bringing us pain
Crossing the night, so many years
Queen of the time, Mistress of failure

"No, don't let her fire reach (the) confines of your dreams
Black Moon! Hiding her truth, attesting her cage
Smiting her land, cruelly with a smile
Shadows arise, coming for me"

Create us, Drive us, make us part of your own
Leave us, Kill us, you are life for us"

9. Fall of the Empire

"Ruin of the erstwhile most powerful kingdom of the continent."

Beyond the fog the eyes of war
Wait the battle sign
(To) destroy and burn the cursed land
A rain of blood will rise

The power around into this ground
Make us feel secure
To fight against the winds of time
Rebirthing the black woods

Hail the Moon this night
Sons of forest Ride!
Guiding the mayhem (to) the enemies of dark trees
Fall of the Empire

Troops of Fire tearing flesh
The Empire burns alive
The Immortal Choir attacks tonight
Screaming songs of fight

Impaled corpses will burn in hell
The eternal sacrifice
Trail of darkness fear and pain
Rest on graves of time

It's the glory sign
Forest now arise
Beholding the fields where my enemies blood flows
Fall of the Empire

Hear the silence from disgrace
Blood of death, victim of life
Rainforest now emerge
Right beneath the howling stars
Hear the silence, cross the verge
Now ride sons of hate
Reign of gold turned into dust

Hear the calmness of these lands
While men stand on ground
Voodoo priests destroyed by fate
Dark River, a glory sign
Praise the lords of (the) darkest hell
Still trust (the) same old pride
Raise the prophecy of (a) new Land
Run away escape from Time

Shades of forest, rest in peace
A new horizon, now arise

Hail the Moon and the stars
(Hear the evil side is the voice of infinity)
Immortal, calmness and war
(Whispering evil voices is the end of everything)
Go Shadows, Arise!
(Now the green is burnt and the phantoms of night are here)
Fall of the Empire

10. Requiem

"For those who died defending true ideals. In memory, the culture and legends of all this brave warriors who raised the history of their empire and their lives. Now, rest in peace. Forever."

"Sombras que resistem aos tempos
Parcos sons que bradam aos ventos
Envolve um império em seu manto
Debruçado à cova do desencanto

Reze a missa de teus mortos
Descansa no túmulo do esquecimento
A vasta floresta é teu tormento
Que abriga seus restos sonhos e corpos

Em teu sangue tua eterna bravura
Tua morte celebra a agrura
De ser tão ilustre ninguém

Que o silêncio liberte as almas
Aprisionadas ao fio das palavras
Clamadas na missa do Requiem"


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