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"Dreams Are Forever" (2003 Demo)

1. Clean
2. End Hope
3. The Fall
4. Robotyxz

1. Clean

she'll take away your pain and you'll feel like god
but that is all a lie
you've had a chance, you didn't choose
you did'n know how much you can lose
i never let you down but you have changed your heart and mind
i'm not the one to blame 'cause i'm still the same
go away leave me and go away, it's matter of time
and i bleed in vain after all the nights over your name

2. End Hope

rise, renewed and stronger
my new faith
my new hope still waits
but in the end i know i'll be there to look upon your face and smile
no lies, no cries, time took it all away
just me, just you, forever waits today
end hope
end everything
last drop
fell to the void
my last drop of hope
my last faith has died
take a look at me 'cause tomorrow i'll be gone
i'll be reborn
new hope

3. The Fall

i've worn all my good faces and i can't hide my pain anymore
waterfalls dry off in time but not in my eyes
my love is all mine again her pain is all hers
close your eyes when your soul can't breathe
climb to your cloud and think of me
was it the cry of the lonelies dissatisfaction of scared
vague directions in dark can easily mislead
i'll cry the path on wich you can walk on
smooth out the walls on wich you bump into
greatest paradox of them all you trust the one who made you trust noone
lies are made between two blinks of an eye
excuses crawl from under your skin
sleep well my child night is short dreams are forever
but the longest is the fall
the fall

4. Robotyxz


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