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Emergence (Rehearsal

"Emergence (Rehearsal '01)" (2002 Demo)

1. White Winter's Fields
2. The Quest For Knowledge
3. Victory Hail
4. Emerge
5. Blood, Death, Honour
6. Ancestor Of The Gods
7. Queen Of The Dead

1. White Winter's Fields

Eyes of winter's cold
Stare upon us
White winter's forest
Stands before us

Elders once told
Of blood melting ice
Warriors hung from trees
And were sacrificed
Pierced by a spear
Blooded for Odin

White winter's fields
Stained blood red
White winter's fields
Hundreds are dead

2. The Quest For Knowledge

I know that I hung
On the windswept tree
Swung there for nine long nights
Gashed with a blade
Blooded for Odin
Myself an offering to myself

Knotted to that tree
No man knows
Whither the roots of it run
None gave me bread
None gave me drink

Down to the deepest depths I peered
To snatch up the runes
With a roaring scream
I fell in a dizzied swoon
Well being I won and wisdom too

I grew and joyed in my growth
From a word to a word
I was led to a word
From a deed to another deed

3. Victory Hail

The burning embers of the dragon ship
Carry my remains towards eternal realms

To be divine and true
Battles without scars behold
Chose to strive and not to yield

This long house being structured
Family, Nation, Victory

Battles under these symbols remain
Chose to strive and not to yield

Victory or Valhalla

4. Emerge

I've stared into the flames
Of ancestral memories
Emerging myself within
My unconscious

With scarred eyes i've seen
The light and the darkness
My gods are true and pure
Once forgotten, now remembered

My honour commands loyalty
Voices of divinity grasp me
Into the ranks of the chosen warriors
Moral guardians of earth
Fight for your homeland
Stand and emerge... for war!

5. Blood, Death, Honour

Part 1

A solitary raven flies in circles
Above the fog shrouded field
Where lies a dying warrior
His blood sinks into the ground
As he honours his mighty foe
Who has vanquished him in battle

As the first rays of the sun rise
He will not die alone
As the embers of his life burn low
A horn can be heard in the distance...

Part 2

From a storm-battered sky
Four blazing chariots ride
Hailing the dying man's spirit
As life severs it's final ties

Into the realm of Asgard
They carry the celebrated to here
To the halls of the battle slain
With sword in hand he will go
To feast and fight
Until the final day
When those brothers and sons of Odin
Into Ragnarok's final cataclysm shall march

6. Ancestor Of The Gods

Far more than I a warrior
A noble man of this land
My creative fires burn within
Inspire crafts, magick and Asatru
Learning, teaching of ancestral wisdom
Duty, honour, loyalty my strengths within
Ancestor of the gods

I see the noble warrior
I see the heroic explorer
I see the mighty conqueror

"Hail to my Gods... Hail"

7. Queen Of The Dead

Of her fate in the hands of Allfather
Hel cast into Nifelheim
Ruling the realm of the dead
She presides over the underworld
Crowned queen to those who perish
Other than in battle

Manifestation of Wyrd
Is she alive, or is she dead?
Dark goddess of magick and death
Her blood binds with serpent and wolf
Queen of the dead

A path lies north and heads down
Where the maiden Modgud be found
Guarding the bridge covered with gold
Over the mighty river Gjall
Freezing cold, filled with weapons
The icy river flows

A protective barrier
The Hel-gate, the corpse gate
Surrounds and divides
Where the great hound Garm lies
Mistress of dark forces
Her beauty purely sinister
Bound to the earth
She's a mighty force of nature
Weaving your web
Queen of the dead


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