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Frozen Dimensions

"Frozen Dimensions" (2007)

1. Prelude
2. Twisting Earthen Embrace
3. As He Wakes
4. The Journey
5. An Ancient Place
6. Ice Eater
7. Nine Decades Beckon
8. A Black Age
9. The 16th Cycle

1. Prelude

2. Twisting Earthen Embrace

Beseeching all I salivate a darkened blood pool
Writhing in a sea of desire I crave you

Your, blood is in my mind
Thy climax I shall find
Gasping as I bathe
In a flesh filled grave

Protruding bones they sever my skin as I hold you
Slicing me my passion (it) lies wide open



My – seed is in your blood
My heart ceases to thud
Soothing my distress
Blood soaked and lifeless

3. As He Wakes

The Beast, his slumber is ending
His dream, brought him confusion
Gasping- the beast awakens
Seeing- is like a rebirth

Trembling, he tries to stand
Remembers- the many times before
His body- (it) craves the same again
Energy- his lifeblood from the ice
He straightens- now stands within his cave
A giant- thrice the height of man
A servant- to no-one but himself
No solace- a “life” he’s always known

Peering- beyond the entrance
Of his, frigid cold cave
He knows what, is out there waiting
His journey- must soon begin

The first step- towards the light
His muscles, tighten in pain
His system- is near atrophy
He pushes- beyond the ache
(Now) walking- he’s nearly left his home
The snowfields- and mountains he now sees
Wasteland- or near enough is the
Place he, lives for near all (his) time


The phase of his life, where he must leave his home- and feast on the bodies of those creatures whose appearance is akin to his- and they

Daylight- now surrounds him
Impending- is his journey
Deep breath- the air is divine
Looks east- where he’s destined

Begins – (to) walk and prepares
For his imminent speed!!!

4. The Journey

A Distance, between the cave and the cavern-
near 100 leagues
He must- complete the journey quickly for he has-
To re-energise his body, with the life source of old

Frozen- ice shards- are his- prime fuel
With this in mind he begins running- as he gains speed his heart is explosive
Travels downhill between rocks and bushes- already his cave is barely visible

And now his body finds a new level- a great increase!
The hills are building- a wall of rock and snow before him
A narrow opening approaches fast as he keeps driving onwards

Whistling- is the wind past- his furry ears
He is almost in (an) hallucination-
but not until he reaches the cavern-
Will the complete euphoric condition-
render him a slave to his soul

Almost there! He made good time- his hunger, to be realised
Through huge woods- sees icy desert ahead, beyond it- the mighty cavern…

The creature’s body- it’s very desire (and drive)…a power so old…
Borne alongside time is his breed and his ancient biddings- and splendour-
Fear his 16th cycle……..

…………..The journey…it…continues…..

5. An Ancient Place

He sees the opening of the mighty cavern
The place he always goes every 90 years
A vast gigantic cave filled with frozen spikes
Now the beast prepares to reach ultimate speed

He will move fast- beyond the speed of sound
(And) reach a higher plane - of consciousness

Breaches (the) entrance- leaves the snowy plains
Body in change- loses normal sight
Views the molecules- within the shards
With his mind- transformation occurs



Now at final…speed his mouth opens
Yawns vast open wide- stretched the height of him

His mouth becomes- like a giant tool
(His) jaw stretched open wide- chin near the ground
Hits the frozen shards- chaos now ensues
Consciousness a dream- nourishment begins…

6. Ice Eater


The huge cave- he is in is almost 200 leagues in girth
Though it’s- insanely huge his speed means he must move in circuits
As his- giant mouth consumes this razor sharp ice
His flesh- is pierced and often has shards wedged within it

As he is eating the ice- his body’s healing
In a dreamlike state- endorphins in full flow
Converting molecules- to pure energy
Revitalising him again- for his nearing sleep…

His giant throat- is like a vacuum- it demands ice (to be) in his system
Even those bits- that are wedged in his skin get dragged out by the force

And these wounds- they heal fast!
His body- ALMIGHTY!!

And now his eating nears end…
Must return to his home!


7. Nine Decades Beckon

As he travels back, it takes no time
For he is still in his insane highest speed
His soul now refuelled and (his) body restored
He must now return to (his) comatic state

Sees- his cave- within- mountainside

Begins slowing down- (still in) slight altered state
On the journey back- his mouth’s shrunk in size
Became normal again- now his jaw it aches
Nearly walking now- verging on the cave

Staggers- in(to) his home- drops down- to his knees

As he crawls in his corner- his (high) mind is now calming
Time is here for the slumber- he lies down and he yearns for it…


Now as sleep ensues the beast is curled up
Within his dark cave the dreams soon approach
Drifting in darkness the shapes start to come
A haven of dreams he will soon enter.

8. A Black Age

There’s a black age in my mind, the time impending is what I shall find
My 16th sleep is now in session, my 16th waking implores contemplation

I dream of the humans- “seeing” things I’ve never seen
Catching sights from stray airwaves- even knowing words like that is quite strange

In my waking hours I know of little but pure survival
Never spoken or thought out loud- screaming and gasping is all I’m allowed

Then there’s this place in my dreams- when I can think and feel
Like a being (of life) and not a beast- but humans I shall soon see!

My 16th cycle- I leave this land- the hunger changes- crave blood of man
- Repeat -

It’s a black age- they’ve forgotten- 15 centuries- much time has passed

Now….it draws…..near….

9. The 16th Cycle

Time has passed fast in dream state- waking does approach
This time things are quite different- no longer ice is sought

The human world beckons the Ice Eater
Flesh must be eaten- blood must be drank

Many will die- he must be feared-
(With) his force and speed- he cannot be stopped!

His body does require- fresh fuel from human meat
Human race has forgotten - after 15 centuries

The beast now awakens- feels mildly at peace
Although distant memories- he knows what will be done

He is coming- waking as you
Are half living- your so called “life”

Time - to - die - now

Ice Eater…is coming…NOW!!


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