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The Awakening

"The Awakening" (1997 Demo)

1. Masquerade
2. The Awakening
3. Decent Sorrow
4. Ice Divine

1. Masquerade

It seems your time has come again
A mystical time
Let no one forget it ...I won`t ask how ...

Just make it special ones again
Tonight I`ll be there
Disguised in your shadows ,,,

But you`ll never know for sure
When I`ll be there I`ll be someone else
Isn`t that what it`s all about
In your masquerade ?

Guess I`ll be there in time
But I`ll think about it
It takes some time , you know
To get perfectly disguised

Can`t you recognize me now
This mask I`ll wear , it`s you
After all , you still might think
That this night belongs to you ...

In fact , your little freak parade
Has brought into your life
A part of your dreamworld

That you never should explore
In those dreams , some things must
stay unknown
And the mask of them is me
A master of lies ...Dawn always comes in time
Won`t you think about it ?
You`re safe for now , so go
You can dream again next year ...

In my masquerade of lies !

2. The Awakening

Right here , I`m drawing a line that you`ll never pass
Don`t come back to haunt me
Fears and Nightmares , I`m sick of you , free my mind
And never come near me again ...

All these years held captive , I learned one thing
No one else must know ... for sure !
Altough just the state of mind , you can really hurt me
But I won`t cry out ... I`m really here to stay now !

I`m changing , I feel it so deep inside
I`m alive in so many ways now
Waiting was actually worth while
The night is gone , and soon I`ll wake up ...

Fears in my mind
Life`s just a state of mind
They said it was ment to be easy
But you`ll never make it if you`re left alone ...
Just don`t try !

Logic is not in your heart you fool
There`s nothing to say or do anymore
You just gave your self away to me
By believing what I say !

3. Decent Sorrow

Greeting the first rays of light of this new day
A chance to look back to the days of my youth
Now long gone ...

Strange years like nightmares that I had to live in
A lost child that tried to hold on to his dreams
Untill the end ...

They gave life to my sorrow
Hatred , and I`ll use it someday
Still why did years take it away
Tell me why did it end this way ?

Old and so tired of what I´ve been through now
I wish for this years to turn back once again
All would change if they came ...

I`d forget all my sorrow
My hatred would just fade away
But time can`t turn back for my sake
And if I did , I`d be dead or away !

4. Ice Divine


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