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Consortium Project II - Continuum in Extremis

"Consortium Project II - Continuum in Extremis" (2001)

1. Continuum (In Extremis)
2. Asylum Seekers
3. The Catalyst
4. Intrusions of Madness
5. A Momentary Lapse of Reason
6. Mirror Image
7. Sentiment in Sanctuary
8. What You Sow, You Reap
9. Asphyxia
10. Collide-o-scope (When Past and Present Collide)
11. Poetic Justice
12. A Miracle is All We Need (demo, Japanese bonus track)*
13. As Strangers Walk By (Japanese bonus track)*

1. Continuum (In Extremis)

Spoken part:
The survival of mankind depends on the re-unification of our species.
Stability in society is restored, but at great cost to us all.
Mankind has evolved into a dual species and is no longer interdependent.
A Neofeminist order. Children pure in mind and heart,
hold the key to a new realm. A world without suffering or pain,
were war is a term used only in the old world.

One hundred years now things are different
Peace restored, but the cost is great
Tragically mankind has suffered
A species went itís separate ways

Men and women once interdependent
Now a Neofeminist order reigns
Itís children pure in mind and body
In a world, without suffering or pain
Microscopic entities ( Backing vocal )
A dual species, our evolution changed
All part of the Continuum
Continuum ( Backing vocal )
How shall we travel through the centuries
Continuum ( Backing vocal )
With the generations changing
Continuum ( Backing vocal )
Inherently we act the same
Continuum ( Backing vocal )
Thereís a shadow hanging over us all

Ad-libs: Thereís a shadow, a shadow hanging over us

( Repeat Chorus )

Will it ever be the same as it was, centuries before
What have we done ( Shouts )
Will it ever, be the same
What have we done ( Shouts )
Itís time, to release mankind

2. Asylum Seekers

Spoken part:
Vervolging van anderen en een obsessieve drang om
machtiger te zijn dan de rest, heeft mens tegen mens opgezet.
Persecution of others and an obsessive need to be mightier than the rest,
has turned man against man.

Speculation and rumours spread anxiety
Contamination, in the foodchain leads to uncertainty
The worlds media, ignoring pleaís
Help feed hysteria
Extreme behaviour, isnít tolerated anymore
The human race is changing, asylum seekers one and all
Man canít live with man
Nor in the proximity of one another
Asylum seekers ( Backing vocals )
Frightened children, theyíre on their own
Asylum seekers ( Backing vocals )
Untamed animals leave well alone
They are asylum seekers ( Backing vocals )
Under lock and key for their own protection
Asylum seekers ( Backing vocals )
Desperately trying to find their way back home
Reality T.V. dominates the media
Sending messages, nonsensical to every home
Violence is acceptable, a global sport for one and all
The eventuality, the human race are forever
Victims of this man-made mass hysteria

3. The Catalyst

Their cries for help ignored, society in disarray
Itís unbelievable, whatís happening
In this way, Ďcos nobody heeds the warnings
What will be, if we follow this path, to anarchy
The oneís we love will be left in mourning
.... left in mourning
So the Elders of the day, gathered in their Millions
Their strength in numbers is significant
For change that will make, a difference
Falling, falling
One by one as the tears keep pouring
Watch them, falling
Count the cost as the tears keep pouring
Middle - 8
Now thereís no return, Ďcos whatís been done is done
The battle has been won
The Catalyst is manís own weakness
The oneís we love, youíre not alone, the oneís we love
Youíre not alone

4. Intrusions of Madness

Now those days have gone
The days when people had a choice
A person could feel safe just walking, in the park
Just you and yourself, aní no-one else would interfere
How I wish, those days would reappear
All attempts to stabilize society have failed
Decent people threatened by, intrusions of madness
What can we do to get things done
What can we say that isnít wrong
Why must we all accept this way
What can we change to make things better like they
Once were many years before
Now those days have come
The days when hatred roamed the streets
Carrying out sentences, one by one
Right across the world with fear... the world with fear
As their own mistrust would change them
Cosí no-one dared to say itís wrong

( Repeat bridge and chorus )

Just like they were, many years before

5. A Momentary Lapse of Reason

In a momentary lapse of reason
Toleration was something unknown
And all attempts failed, to stop all the violence
The outcome was clear ( Backing vocal )
It seemed evolutionary, the dawning a new era came
A new species was born, a society in Fragmentation
With separate ways
Extreme behaviour ( Backing vocals )
Not accepted by all, now itís been rejected
Only time will tell
If the sanctity of man prevails, a new era soon is born
In a momentary lapse of reason, men were about to destroy
All the beauty god gave , as the acid in rain started pouring down
So women appoint only women, with a spirit of kindness and sense
In positions of power, to eliminate years of destruction
Before itís to late

( Reapeat bridge )
Only time will tell
If the sanctity of man prevails
A new era soon is coming, the birth of a brand new way

Spoken part: Un punto di non ritorno,
la natura aggressiva dell'uomo non puo' piu' essere tollerata, una nuova era sta iniziando.

Only time, only time will tell, thereís a brand new day
A new dayís dawning ( Backing vocals )
Only time will tell, thereís a brand new

6. Mirror Image

Aní though on the outside they may look the same
Inwardly, theyíre many worlds apart
Uncertainty a species now divided
The fear of the unknown
Walking alone in the dark
Suddenly theyíre cast away in silence
Like a mirror image for the good of us all
Through all of those years nothing had changed ( b.vocals )
But in this new world there are changes and more
Go beyond this space ( b.vocals )
Youíve gotta walk on through the door
Find a better place ( b.vocals )
Aní leave the past behind
Discover ways to change ( b.vocals )
Youíve gotta search inside your soul
Now can you see ( b.vocals )
Thereís a new day, a new day dawning
(Thereís a new, a new day)

A perfect generation is created
As one, without suffering or pain
Technology the father of creation
Whatís a child without a name
In this fatherless world
Cast away into a new horizon
Embrace the soul, open your mind
Through all of those years nothing had changed ( b.vocals )
But in this this new world there are changes and more

( Repeat chorus )

7. Sentiment in Sanctuary

Hidden all those years
Sentiments & ways, in sanctuary
..... in sanctuary ( b.vocals )
A biosphere of peace, and harmony is formed
The elders pass on wisdom to generation

Now kindness has prevailed
Gone are strange beliefs
Those ideals of the past , donít belong in the future

Thereís no more need for war
Now the children here are free
( b.vocals )
All the children, all the children free, all the children

No preconceived ideas, tranquillity aní life
Theyíre just pages in a book, captured for eternity
Nowís the time, let the truth be known
Their sentiment in sanctuary

The warning signs, were ignored
The philosophical chosen few, made their choice
To protect them from this madness
Thereís only one way for mankind, to survive
Decisions taken, society will change
An end to integration, but maybe not forever
Sentiment in Sanctuary
Hidden values from the past
Have been saved, for (all) and all
Sentiments weíve shared together
A hidden treasure from the past
Reveal the mysteries
Waiting there for one and all
( Just waiting there ) time we shall see, in time we shall see!

No need to shed a tear, Ďcos when the futureís here
Then everybody, shall live together
To help each other more, is the quality of life
Turn the pages in the book, read itís there for all to see
The magic and the mysteries
Our sentiment, protected in sanctuary

8. What You Sow, You Reap

Throughout the centuries
Many things in time unfold
A fable or two, who cares if theyíre true
Those harmless stories they say
But was it total madness, as the signs went ignored
For some their natural instinct, showed them clearly
Hollow ground
Itís time to follow another way
Hollow ground
When tomorrowís brand new day

What you sow is what you reap ( b.vocals )
What you sow is what you reap ( b.vocals )

The way ahead was clear, an incredible task to do
Let the truth be known or may the heavens fall
Thankfully sense prevailed....separation
So thereís a moral to this story
What comes around goes around
An though theyíre all gods children
A few, still walk on

9. Asphyxia

Spoken part:
Erstickend an der eigenen Schuld und im Hass gegenüber ihres Gleichen
ertrinkend war Trennung die einzige Möglichkeit um zu überleben. Eine
Alternative bestand nur in der gegenseitigen Vernichtung ohne eine einzige
Spur zu hinterlassen. In früherer Zeit Aggressor, jetzt Opfer ihrer eigenen
Schöpfung, liessen die Monomales ihre einstigen Ländereien hinter sich -
fliehend in das Ungewisse. Die Wildniss wurde zu ihrem Versteck. Ironischer
Weise wurde nun der Jäger zum Gejagten.

The conscious mind, can asphyxiate
under pressure, slowly forming

The hardest times have passed, the human race took asylum
Asylum from eachother, man canít live with man
Woman have achieved, global domination
Itís a lonely place for many in this feministic world
See the light that shining, there the people say a prayer for all
Thereís a new way forward
Oh! can it ever be the same
As it was, long ago in a time before
And oh! Many things have changed, still thereís hope
That theyíll come back together once again
Like animals they hide, in total isolation
Agression, greed and ignorance...all to blame
An asphyxia of kinds, a mental suffocation
The hunter now the hunted, but inside the brain

( Repeat bridge & chorus )

Hope, that this cloud
Which is shadowing all of them, will disappear

10. Collide-o-scope (When Past and Present Collide)

Spoken part
Les journées de conflit font enfin partie du passé.
Le débat a remplacé la nécessité de prendre les armes.
Il y a une multitude d'exemples, de manières où le passé se heurte au présent Ė
ce sont des sujets de conversation ou de discussions philosophiques.
On base les réponses sur la compréhension mutuelle et non sur l'ignorance.

Itís time to look ahead,or the past and present will collide
Ďcos what the future brings, is happiness for all mankind

Conflict and pain
Are historical emotions, now laid to rest
The ways of the past collide
With the present now, are topics for
Philosophical discussion
Alone in exile, and in conflict with itself
The Monomale searches
A constant fight to come too terms
In a collide-o-scope, of morals past and present
Old familiar ways, aní habits never die
Theyíre hard to change
You canít teach an old dog new tricks
Itís best to let it go, on itís way
To roam across the world alone
In this new order
Now a prison is a place, of great historic value
A place where children play and learn
In this society, the Neofems created
Now itís a time for learning
Gone are the ways of old
Right now is the time for sharing
The knowledge learnt by all
Donít let the grass keep growing
Donít sit and watch the water flow
Donít live in the past forever
Look to the future thereís a sign of hope

Let yourself, just drift away
To where, a new place is born
A place, where children learn and play
We are as one, life and all

11. Poetic Justice

Was it immoral to, create a dream come true
And separate the human race
Now manís predominance
After centuries has taken itís toll
A poetic justice, as theyíre cast away forever
On a journey searching into the unknown
Now the challenge has begun
What will this journey bring, now only time will tell
A discovery, manís new adventure

( Repeat chorus )

Spoken part: ďwhere lies the truth, but in the hearts and souls of manyĒ

Middle - 8
Pray when shall, this search begin ( Shouts )
Shall it begin, in the solstice
As the sun, reaches itís highest point
Mere mortals, all alone

Ad-lib: Just meer mortals, where lies the truth but in the heart
Search inside your soul

12. A Miracle is All We Need (demo, Japanese bonus track)*

13. As Strangers Walk By (Japanese bonus track)*

Oh no!
Gotto live my life, all alone
Locked away in my circular home
The world outside, doesnít have a place
Thou people stir, I donít see a face
Gotta be alone, all on my own, leave me alone
Iím ready to blow, iíve gotta pain, a curse in me
Ď bout as much as i can take, iím ready to explode
The pressureís piling up on me, iíve got no-where to go
Faces stiring back at me, pray tell, it is not so...oh no!
I look around aní i canít, help they way i feel towards them
Inside my head the pain it, makes me mad
My mindís exploding... my mindís exploding
( As strangers walk by )
Anxiety grows, into a rage internally
It happens everytime, as strangers walk by
It starts in close proximity, with contact eye to eye
A disease inherent born in me
Ďtil the day i die...Ďtil the day i die
Ďtil the day i die, as strangers walk on by
Inside my head, thereís a pain that makes me mad
My mindís exploding, thereís a curse deep inside of me
Ďtil the day i die


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