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"Witness destruction program" (2006 Demo)

1. Burnt Faces
2. One Purifying Tempest
3. Raise Cain
4. Deathtrip Wanderer

1. Burnt Faces

you can't see, you can't

can't see, your eyes are blackened
can't speak, your lips are charred
can't move, so frail and voiceless
forced into submission

like a perfect doll that's laid to waste
a face that's locked into a twisted calm
I wish I had
and you possess
that which I want

Give me peace
haunted for so long
Give me peace
hungry for so long
Give me
just a little taste
Give your face to me

I can't stop what you have once begun

Can you hear the words that I say?
Do you know why you're here?
Can you feel your ashen face twitch?
Silence is my game

Let me welcome you to your new home
Stained, four white walls alone
No clear windows
us and shadows

Just teach me what rest means
Silence is my game

Burnt faces
I vanish

2. One Purifying Tempest

I bring the storm
I bring it on

Deliverance, I've come to save you
Your new fate

Hatred gave birth to pulse
to short-circuit the mind
it makes the blood burst into golden flame

Raging like a fucking storm
can't feel the pain, the strain, not anymore

When all the damage' s been dealt then will you take the blame in the end?
'cause you'll sqeal, like a stuck pig
you're going down

Feel this
See this
Hear this
Time to fucking burn

With every threat you make I curse your fate into the flame
the will to hate you burn eternal
With every step I take the fire of the storm drags me down
Sacrifice myself for your demise
Peace is a luxuory for those who richly can afford
Sadly, I'm broke, out
Set on your doom


Set into motion, this plan's long been overdue
Finished, through with you
Save the ashes of me and my enemies

3. Raise Cain

They've tried to take you out
but all they did was fail
the strength inside yourself
has turned all weak and frail
destroyed self-confidence
as they gang up on you
a choice to live or die without

the unfair fight
to a level of no return
the fuse that starts to burn

Slow,... until your mind will snap

Strike, Down, Face, Ground
Your face into the ground

Sacrifice the human error of compassion
Sacrifice the human error of fear
there is only on path
the Path of Cain

I see the light
behind your eyes
a sign of hate

4. Deathtrip Wanderer


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