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"Hyperboreia" (2003 Demo)

1. Hyperboreia
2. Burned by Black Fire
3. There´s no Mankind
4. Echoes of an Ancient Winds

1. Hyperboreia

Frays of galaxies itself
are crushing by surge of frothy waves
blazing in flames
of untouched power

Lands of pure nature
behind nebulas of curious colours
thousand of times there and back
streghtening still in our dreams

There´s no more beautiful lands full of forests without blemish
Hyperboreia - dreams of soul perversion in world of dole

Soaring in cosmic fog
Keep silent under weight of planets
without chance on rediscovery
by people of nowadays

Majesty of beast´s beauty
Grandeur of calling of blood
scream from bosom of all woods
spells of evening sky

There´s no more noble power in lands about that man cannot dream
Hyperboreia - mortuary dreams under weight of all morale

2. Burned by Black Fire

Somewhere deep in core of time
clawed to bone
there comes to life in shadow of old pines
creatures from barrow of stone
On glade hidden upon net´s fibres
of branches of dark greenwood

among stone megalites
burning eternal black fire

Nobody can go through pass of time
to place which is guarded by black wraith of woods
to see beating heart of ancient times
to taint it by presence of man

Don´t search beacause you cannot finde
Souls shall be burned by black fire
bodies shall be burned by black fire
purgatory and salvation

3. There´s no Mankind

Desolation of belated autumn
speaks to me through mouths of ravens
so unclean and filth
as marsh of lies in which you drown
there is no mankind

Crushed by iron gate you´re still bleeding
on wings dogma your wounds you´re cursing
so wretched and lost in your sickly existence
your body awaits cold blade you know how you shall pay!

Where is mankind?

You never had a chance to understand
euphoric silence following by storm
faith in existence of sin - vomits on thy grave
I despise all of them who can´t hear
beautiful songs of trees

4. Echoes of an Ancient Winds

Alone I´m walking among ruins of the old castle
it´s vaults are bridge of Time himself
Fire led my way through burning rotten silence
black shadows of pines are towering on canvas of space

Will forests sometime remember my name?
I wish to live eternity in labyrinth of woods
maybe world is quaking on it´s base
when echoes of wind crushing rocks to dust?

Feed this spring which opened gates of time
Don´t quench this flame which shall burn infinity

Alone I´m walking through labyrinth of black wood
Thorugh impervious fort when God has no power
Throughs on paltry fear of mankind led me by myself
poisoned by daemon´s venom which scathes my mind


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