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...Of Battles, Ravens and Fire

"...Of Battles, Ravens and Fire" (2000 EP)

1. A Legend...
2. Preparing For Battle
3. The Prayer
4. March of the Einherjer
5. Ragnarök
6. The Ravenfight
7. Gjallarhorn

1. A Legend...

Beware the dark ages...
When gods and man were fighting side by side,
When dragons spit fire and mighty ravens ruled the air.
In those long forgotten times glorious legends were told,
of brave man and demons and the mighty steel they carried.
This is the story of men of war and their battles in Valhall!

2. Preparing For Battle

Cloaked in wolfskin against the bitter cold,
armed with swords and axes,
fed by the blood of their enemies,
with bodies hardened by countless battles;
the icy stare of their blue eyes sent their prayers to Vahall!

3. The Prayer

Thou Gods in Valhall!
Wake from your ancient slumber!
For the battle commenced!
Outnumbered we stand in the blood of this battle!
Blackwinged messengers are sent from the Warlord!
And they carried the tnews to Odin himself and told him about the unsurmountable force of the enemies legions!

4. March of the Einherjer

And Odin sent his warriors - the army of the dead called EINHERJER!
An iron force marching day and night to battle the beasts!
And in the sky - locking down on this caravan of fury - two RAVENS!
With eyes as black as the darkest northern winternight!

5. Ragnarök

6. The Ravenfight

he final battle - and the final fight
With wounded bodys - and blooded swords
The mighty ravens - in the northern sky
For glory and victory - to Asgard they fly
Two ravens on his shoulders
And the wolfs by his side
On the golden bridge of Bifrost
The warriors they stand
The mighty ravens and all the brave
Survived the final fight
So Gjallerhorn will sound again
Back to Asgar we ride
Battles - Raven - Fire

7. Gjallarhorn

Sounding through the fog of the battle - a mighty tone!
The Einherjer stood still - the torchlights reflecting
in their eyes sparkling like jewels!
The Gjallerhorn spread the message of the death
of the enemies of this world and
Odin himself yelled with a voice like thunder


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