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This Lonely Time and Place

"This Lonely Time and Place" (2000)

1. Wilderness of Reasons
2. Dust of Confusion
3. Grey Game
4. Blameless
5. Inner Shadows
6. Undersand (instrumental)
7. The Listening
8. Division of Decisions
9. A Tiring Day

1. Wilderness of Reasons

tenebris animorum inconsideratorum
mens mea perturbatur

Sun is cold, the wind it burns my face
the air is thin, of life there is no trace
leaves are dancing, beneath my feet they spin
from trees they've fallen, a game they couldn't win

The snow lies deep, it covers all that was
stars shine dim, they're simply there because
a drift builds slowly, enclosing me within
my thoughts come slower, I'm frozen in a grin

Surrounded by the seasons
I'll find myself today
in the wilderness of reasons
my mind's in disarray

I can't find the only way

The heat is rising, it's scorching all I see
a fire river boiling, runs scalding to the sea
rays of heat shine down and burn life away
swept across the ground, destroying what they may

Surrounded by the seasons
a break in the routine
in the wilderness of reasons
my life is now a dream

I can't seem to find the only way
help me find the way
I'm lost in the woods and I feel no emotion
I'm desperate for strength and I've lost my devotion

Soon rebirth begins, the dawn of a new day
to replace all that was, to mold it out of clay
the rain begins to fall, through endless sky it's tossed
time has claimed its due, to regain what's been lost

Surrounded by the seasons
I'll find myself today
in the wilderness of reasons
my mind's in disarray

I can't find the only way

2. Dust of Confusion

Dust and confusion
are blinding me today
one filling my eyes
one blocking my way

Dust from the people
who don't appreciate what they have
confusion from seeing
that we might lose all we have

What does your freedom mean?
does it mean your everything?
what is the price that's been paid for your rights?
what is your life without that price?

We're living our fathers' dreams
we're falling apart at the seams
we're sliding downhill too fast
we're forgetting to look at the past

The chance has passed us by
only to come back again
remember all who have died
or we'll soon be where we've been


"From bondage to spiritual faith
from spiritual faith to great courage
from great courage to liberty
from liberty to abundance
from abundance to selfishness
from selfishness to complacency
from complacency to apathy
from apathy to dependency
from dependency back into bondage"


The cycle will repeat

3. Grey Game

It's not hard to remember
just takes a little time
that's something that you won't make
but love takes time
or so we're told
and you have promises left to break

I only asked for surrender
to your feelings deep inside
but you forgot what we were about
now we've come this far
have we come far enough?
not if you're filled with fear and doubt

I need you, more than words can explain
and I miss you, looking out the window at the falling rain
and I need you, to help me through the times of pain
and I miss you, comforting me through life's grey game

You walked away from pain
and stumbled into life
hoping this time things would turn around
with problems on your mind
and running out of time
still wondering if what's lost can be found

If I could wait forever
I could wait another day
and if you still love me
it's time for you to say


Now it's time to make up your mind
and leave all the hard times behind
to put your future in the past
doing all you can to make it last

Take a walk with me
and a piece of our memory
down an old path far from forgotten
and along the way
take a glance back
and recognize the web that you're caught in


4. Blameless

Take this pain and turn it around
keep me sane, both feet on the ground
help me see what you've always found
come find me, I'm homeward bound

Here we go
get on with the show
watch me be
what you've always known
prove to me
the ways that you've grown
and above all just remember

You're blameless to me
you know you're blameless to me
you're blameless to me
you'll always be blameless to me

Life's a game you don't always win
just make sure you never give in
break these chains that are binding me down
twist my strings to keep me unwound

Holding me down
and making me blind
breaking my back
to play with my mind
all I need
is a little more time
and I'll help you remember

You're blameless to me
blameless to me
you're blameless to me
can't you see you're blameless to me

5. Inner Shadows

Something's approaching the shadows of night
but I have no time to stand up and fight
I walk through the streets with no thoughts on my mind
but something's approaching that's not hard to find

It comes from the minds of those that see black
but once turned away it never comes back
what is it now, the stories I hear?
or is it something else, brought out of fear?

It's never the thoughts of those that stand by
instead it's the thoughts of those that pass by
they are the ones that never did care
but likely would leave you just standing there

I can't put together the puzzle of life
I've got to find something worth my sacrifice
no one knows what it's like to be me
and we'll never know what our shadows can see

Kicking up dust everywhere that I walk
I can't stay on my feet
not looking for pride, I have nothing to hide
your stride won't fit with me

I don't understand why I live this way
I've got to push myself to the edge
looking for light, but the sun won't shine
now I'm standing on the edge of the line

Fighting to believe, can't you give me some trust?
don't you know that's what I need?
hoping I'll shine not turn into rust
your pride turns into greed

Tearing down the walls that were built within
running from the dark of the night
people always stare, but I don't care
and the shadow remains inside


6. Undersand (instrumental)

7. The Listening

You know that I'll get by
I always have before
just because this is hard
doesn't mean I won't endure

I'm standing on the brink of the pain that I once knew
it's time to swim or sink, even though I won't reach you

Trudging on through the downpour
of the tears that fall from grace
breaking down another door
in this lonely time and place

Once the edge is reached it's time to look around
and if you look hard enough you'll find there's higher ground

Hanging on through the downpour
of my tears that fall from grace
kicking down another door
in this lonely time and place

So when does the listening start?
I guess it's hard to care
if you have no heart
and when will the listening begin?
maybe never if we're blown like leaves
in the silent wind

And as I take a step back
and think about the past
funny how so many things just don't last
and for those whose efforts
come across so effortless
rest assured the path they take leads to nothingness

Who knows if you'll go back and regain what's been lost
you might not have the need with the bridges that you've crossed

Pressing on through the downpour
of your tears that fall from grace
knocking down another door
in this lonely time and place


8. Division of Decisions

Deep within this dreamlike scene
we border on obscurity
our conscience sells the price between
our dreams and their reality

The picture wanders from the frame
confined around the role you play
the choice is mine we're not the same
it doesn't matter what you say

It can't be me
we know it's not you
so let me ask
just who is who?

The pain we have from our divisions
is the price we pay for our decisions
all that lasts is on condition
of keeping our life within submission

Our hope becomes a promise seen
within this realm of surety
upon arriving in our dreams
we find our lost security

Throughout our life we find our way
until we learn we've gone astray
we know our life won't stay the same
our goal remains to fly away

We all have our demons to battle inside
can't watch our dreams wash away with the tide
standing between all that lies in our mind
is the doubt that appears with no warning or sign

That's the price we pay

Moving forward is a given decision
down the road will be another division
don't turn time around if there's nothing to gain
fence sitting won't keep you from going insane

9. A Tiring Day


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