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Pageantry For Martyrs

"Pageantry For Martyrs" (2005)

1. Towards Our Storm
2. Shreds Of Martyr
3. End Of Relief
4. Celebrating Collective Terror
5. Far Beyond Humiliation
6. Life In A Pain Amplifier
7. Exiled Innocence
8. Naked Knife Absolution
9. Deranged Parasite
10. Egomanisch

1. Towards Our Storm

[Sample from the movie "Alien" featuring Ash, played by Ian Holm:]
[I admire its purity. It's a wonder,
Unclouded by conscience, remorse... or delusions of morality.]

No more explanations from God.
His voice is now dry as desert
for the children of the Earth to come.
Blood and dust, milk with poison
from our mother's breast.
The Sun will die tonight.
Cry of a million stars.
The Sun will die tonight.
Lightless dawn, day of our storm.

Our storm is coming
'mid dreams of unholy nights.
Pageantry of a new monarchy.
End of season of life and light.

Before we go whence we shall never return.

God looked away so long ago.
The dirty side of Earth cries
but the storm won't stop.
All that shall perish
shall be rewritten in sand,
wind that brings warm rain
of desolation.

Flowing like blood, a thousand screams.
We still have no fear.
To see what lies under our storm,
to see what lies behind our storm.
Close your eyes, wrath to purify.

Towards our storm.
Wheels of pain we left behind.

Towards our storm.

Regret is banned,
thus spake to throne of the damned one.
To reign in the name of misfortune,
deceit of God.

2. Shreds Of Martyr

Voices like an unextinguished fire
craving for impious annihilation.
I see through the supreme destroyer,
leading the innocent to the edge.
Dilemma of the unchalleged law.
God as the blood-stained shepherd,
shepherd of ghosts.

Vengeance, vengeance is the word.
Litany upon thy blessed lips.

I'm on my knees under the weight of faith.
Kissed by the holy breath.
I'm the ultimate invocator.
Still I'm wandering, time and space now useless.

Walking through abomination.
Birthplace of a new breed
of man-made demons, desecration,
but his hand is here.
Five ways of suffering,
five paths to reprisal,
five marks of fire.

Darkest sacrifice.
Tongue of fire, sweet relief.

Shreds of Martyr, supreme desire.
Shreds of Martyr, at one with fire.
Shreds of Martyr, it's time to bleed
Shreds of Martyr, is all we see,
our urge to kill.

Nation through abomination.
Immolate the believer.
Blood-stained absolution.

Martyr, unholy shepherd. [Repeat 6x]

3. End Of Relief

It's the blistering colour of truth.
Still I'm deeply ulcerated.
Its the disease in alien shape.
Disease, uncontrolled paranoia.

Admirable understanding of endurance.
They will never tear me from this hate.
Pure desire of death, I will submit.

Climbing my chest, inside my bone,
the cage is hollow, the soul is gone.

It's Sappho's juice that no one even knows.
Sea of locusts, I can't see where it ends.
It's the abyss' edge.
It's the white shadow of my fear.

My cage is hollow.
My world is hollow.
Begging for relief.
Please turn back time.
Please turn it back.

This day, slipping out of my hands.
I've already memory of this day.

4. Celebrating Collective Terror

Naked in front of effigies of the opressor.
I obtain your submission.
Attention comes duly through my spine.
Won't miss the show.
Stimulation by sheer terror.

No time for to redeem myself.
Hunger comes to surface.
Fifteen stains of blood before it's over.

Show me the bone.
Handle me like a fly.

Wretchedly caught up in my delirium.
I make my whole world rumble for you.
Agony is the offering.
Sublimated smell of fear.

Feeding pleasure to mortification.
Inpending disaster.
Tossing my mind, depurate.
Pale emotions through swallowing screen.

Asexual reproduction in the pantheon of demigods.
Naked in front of the oppressor.
As my spine turns into ice, terror the only light.
I'm a believer, I'm a believer.

5. Far Beyond Humiliation

Humiliate is dominate.

The curse of the weak is a spiral fall.
Powerless scream. The saviour is still unseen.
A mortal god stole my light and reshaped my pain.
Once again I'm the weak one, I'm shapeless for you.
Innocence, still laughing at me.
How could I revive its memory again?

No lesson learned. The enemy inside my head.
Last rosary of humiliation.
For I know what awaits me, I know that it's coming.
I know what awaits me, I know it's coming.
For I know what awaits me, I know that it's coming.
I know what awaits me, I know it's coming.

Secret prayer of my own disease.
"You are alone," says to me.
Sucking venom with unbearable greed.
Finally reshaped.

Negation of relief, once again.
To die some more, tied at the bed.
My plague won't end, my plague won't end.
I can't force my rejection back.
I'm your slave.
I'm your slave.

The echo of insanity is there.
Cannot fall asleep to chase it away.
I'm becoming part of a dream, your dream.
Reshape me and I'm reborn.

6. Life In A Pain Amplifier

Take a look at your brand new life.
Do you feel warm?
Does it give you some relief?
I strech my hand out,
knocking the wall again.
Light's hiding elsewhere.

The state of prowsiness in me
undefeated, but I'm still alive.

Cold space confusion.
Senseless reiteration of pain.
Permanent desolation made by fake light.
Devouring the space.
Can you get over this day?

Silent breath of electrodotes.
Worm-ridden sound.
Pain is coming, sublimation.
I'm the woodworm in this pathetic piece of junk.

Alive to testify.

Supreme chancellor of hate.
Keep my secret, wall up my gate
with sickening anger.

Won't ignore the blue flame.
Transmission of a million nerves alive.
Bowing down before a new god.
Charisma through incineration of pulp alive.
Turned into coal, you're on my flame.

7. Exiled Innocence

Now, now I see hate living through me.
Nature of savagery.

No longer unknown.
Crudely infected.
Evolution through internal gasp.
Your eyes will testify
the immense desolation of what is mine.

Corrosive breathing,
hatred keeps me alive.
I strech my hand.
Your innocence is mine.

Turned into your misery.
Ripping the silence.
Transfixed with purple blade.
Undefeated realm of desperation.
Violence leading to relief.

Now, now I see hate living through me.
Nature of savagery.

A reign built on madness.
To dominate my own disease.
The biggest wound inside, that you cannot feed.
Your cries are useless relief.
Innocence crudely torn apart,
violated once more.

The gift of pity I refuse.
In this pit you'll testify.
Innocence exiled, your soul is mine.

8. Naked Knife Absolution

Tons of blood swallowed before nausea.
Finally I've learned from frustration.
My isolation, I'm forced to hide,
while you're observing.
But you mean nothing, now you're useless.
Time of my reprisal,
for you're nothing, weightless scumbag, weightless scumbag.

Peel slowly and see a new dimension of my reprisal.
Become now the feeding flesh, the holy spirit of my own frustration.
Naked knife absolution. [Repeat 3x]

I've burnt the altar you caught me in.
I'm a restless machine.
Tasting with nausea,
reaching for relief in a bulimic state.
Irony of the torture machine.

You're naked in front of my screen.
You're the food on the edge of my knife.
A shining knife reflecting a deranged smile.

Handling the blade that I won't bleed.
Inexorable awareness of misery.
Shall I reach that forgotten relief?
I cross my path of torment
while I'm tearing you limb from limb.

Sickening infection.
Path made of frustration.
Experiment the torture.
Naked knife absolution.

Naked knife absolution.

9. Deranged Parasite

Flowing from dead creature's veins, tearing purtid tissues.
Sickening sea of anger, merciless devourers.
Tolerance to destruction, corruption then demise.
Raping with magnificence, under rotting neon's light.
We laugh with desperation, twisting the equilibrium,
acting like a deranged parasite.

Absorbing with no teeth, assimilate,
sucking marrow clean.
Destiny of selfishness, resurrection dead and gone.
Claiming useless freedom, paranoid state of mind.

Unsatiable, starvation, vanity unmatched.
The parasites attack.

Staring through this barren corpse,
waiting for the next one.
Deafening sound of toxic hunger
cannot break the silence.
Sit back and relax,
blow them into your veins.
Tons of glittering morphine.
The conquest of the worm is now.

We're flowing from the dead, tearing decayed flesh.
We sanctify our rape, melting pain with hate.

Still the sound of deranged parasites.

10. Egomanisch

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars
are visions of a dream within a dream.
Kiss of light upon my brow.
I reflect the Universe's fall.

Throbbing at the heart of a supreme human being.
I'm part of a glittering Cosmos.
Teardrops of water that quench all thirst.
Teardrops of water that washes the weak away.

The secret is stolen while the World is weeping.
I laugh, worthless scenario to conquer.
My ears are deaf, your mourning is useless.
Egomaniac state.
My boot crushes the underground world.
The end of worms is near.

Lord of all storms, I dare you.
Lord of all storms, I dare you.
Lord of storms, I dare you.
Lord of storms, I dare you.

The Abyss is impending.
A gloomy sky turned upside down.
Gog and Magog, I summon them.
Time of contest is gone.
Sovereignty usurped.

My wish is a mark made of flames.
Your worthless bodies in the dark,
on your knees to pay.
Future creation will look behind
and before I stole their light.

They shall see me.


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