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"Horrifier" (2007 Demo)

1. Wasted Space
2. Altered State
3. Mind Pollution
4. Hammered

1. Wasted Space

The government gives out money like it's air
To thrive the assholes who just don't care
To get up, get out, get a real job
Just like the rest of us who aren't lazy slobs
Living for free, isn't it nice?
Rent-free housing without thinking twice
Listen motherfucker, that welfare check ain't free
Working class supports your ass: people like me!

Stop fooling yourself, stop fooling the world
You're a worthless digrace and your misery's unfurled
Your sob-stories are on our last nerve
So quit your bitching and get waht you deserve

Another excuse? Another copout?
I ain't got time for you, I have to pay my rent too
Reality's too real for you in the workplace
Die off already, you're just a waste of space

Hey Uncle Sam, how do ya do?
Feeling pretty good watching people get screwed?
Supplying the lazy and the addicts
Instead of helping people who work for a living
And make a better life for themselves and their young
Education, formal training, not smut and guns
Your welfare method should no longer be used
Strength in numbers, determined to get through

2. Altered State

Your thought process is like a one way street
Never a detour, and always extreme
Conceded and cocky, your always right
Your way or the highway, but your way ain't too bright
Stop looking around and find your reflection
A.D.D. really screwed your perception
Ego so big, world so small
Root of all that's wrong, problem one solved

Driven by prejudice and hatred
Following a lost sheep
Open the door to your mind
And view reality

What the hell's your cause?
A life that's filled with flaws?
Can't even defend your own case
Let's lose/ Kill off/ Time's up for this altered state

Living day to day in tunel vision
Believing every word for your television
Never educated in sobriety
Self-exiled from society
Wandering the streets, spilling your mind
Change thrown your way we're just being kind
Preaching your views, not taking a hint
Shut up already we don't give a shit

3. Mind Pollution

Living in this world, trying to see
Differences in what is real and what is make-believe
The media sells their lies in T.V., radio, and news
Sucked another in, It's your mind to lose

One foot in heaven, one foot in hell
Breeding loyalty to which they sell
Pumping in hope, it's their contribution
Population succumbs to mind pollution

Believing all the words written on a page
Confident that if they oblige, they will be saved
Hypnotized by empty promises, thinking it's all fact
Praised by the lemmings, never looking back

Silenced - one opinion, is the proper way
Mindless are the followers, individualism decayed
Wages are garnished, finding their belief
Worshiped, fully empowered, forgetting all the weak

4. Hammered

Rage! From the awakened beast
As it stalks it's prey
Pain! It will never cease
Inflicting every way
Fueled! By agression and anger
Seeking out the last drop
Insane! belligerence

Looking for the cure
Hammered! For fear of what's in store
Living intoxicated
Existing as diseased
Existing's not existing
If you're living on your knees

Emptiness! The soul is drained
Confusion, indisposed, naive
Clogged! The mind is clouded up
Of Waht is supposed to be
Stranded! Alone, scared, and helpless
No one to follow safely
Hammered! Finding solution in solution
Hammered! Is no way to be

Mix it up, down the hatch
Straight in like a knife
Looking for an easy way out
To forget this life
Consistancy becomes the demon
Going straight to the head
Abuse, misuse, cover it up
Cleanse away good instead
The Nightmare never stops.


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