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The Lynch Lawyers

"The Lynch Lawyers' Death Squad" (2004 Demo)

1. Coup De Grace
2. Fraction in Your Eyes
3. The Lynch Lawyers' Death Squad
4. Demon-Strate
5. Nitro Boost Turmoil

1. Coup De Grace

Raise your hands
In plain view
Make no move
Any action will be considered
An agression against us
We keep the right to shoot
Without warning
To your back

To have eyes but to be blind
The presence of hatecore is around
To have a tongue but to be dumb
Lynch law without declaration of crime

You better run
The time has come to pay the price
The chase for your life has begun

You better learn
Embrace the things you fear
Behind the next corner something might hide
Coup de grace and no corpse has been found
No remorse! It was only your life

2. Fraction in Your Eyes

Some may live but others must die
It’s written in the pact of murder and homicide

Lives of lies, misdeeds by crime
We praise and hail to the sublimity of suicide
Conception of every future’s crime
In the revolt all victims will die

Pay another tribute to the inhuman twisted mind
The fraction of life in the dead people’s eyes

Within a few moments the martyrs die
Feast the victory of mirrored mind

Infliction of insanity leads to
One conscious act of crime
After another
[That’s reality...]

Contribute a moment to the inhuman twisted mind
Just to see a fraction of the same in your eyes

3. The Lynch Lawyers' Death Squad

Silence gives consent to die!

Execute all that’s humane and the acts of lives
We strain you at the fore of our court of law
Comatose – take the look at us
We deliver pain and salvation

Barricade – put to death all preciuous feeble lives
All objections overruled by the lynch-law
Contempt – consitutional experiment of suicide
No farewells and no goodbyes

Controversial right to fucking die!
You’ll never know by whom the bullet was fired
Sign your name and get high
We are called the lynch-lawyer’s death

4. Demon-Strate

Hey you, you know what?
Demons are always right

Do I have to demonstrate?
Make a beast of yourself
Prepare for a hunt
Make the faces of demons for the rest of your life.

Beware of me, beware of my spell
Beware of the monsters of my personal hell

Mark my words, time for you to tell
Make this for good, oh make it well

Watch out! Do you get it right?
Unleash the ungracious genocide
The ultimate true evil aeon has arrived
You can't make head or tail of that fact
Does it make you believe that my demons are always right?

5. Nitro Boost Turmoil

Turmoil comes raging down
Disordering chaos has rolled in
The last remains of the dust
At the concrete surface flow

Boosting the nitrogen hell
For the name of the freak-show
All that matters to us now
Is to cause the faintness and pain

Show joy at your misfortune
Get the hell out of my way
Before anyone gets shot in the head
Where it will hurt if you fall?

Already we can see the red gore
Tyres are worn and dispersing vapour

Breathe the reek of
Nitro boost turmoil


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