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An Ecstasy Unreal

"An Ecstasy Unreal" (1994 Demo)

1. A moment's eternity
2. Seagulls mourning
3. Future medieval waves

1. A moment's eternity

A Moment's Eternity
(Lyrics By Chris Kostas)

Endless moment far beyond Time
Tearing all the fences down
Reaching the Path to Eternity
For the Present is the Key

Strong Emotions revive the soul
Heavenís Light reveals ití s Throne
All Creation seems Unified
In a Harmony Divine.

Stare, silent,
the stillness of this moment
Watching life
in beauty never felt before

Even pain can be a true guide
Life includes the darkest side
A desperate soul that cries out for help
Reaches Heaven being In Hell

Fly High Beyond Horizon
An Eclasy Unreal
The Time It Has Been Defeated
Overwealmed By My Strength Of Will

Taste of Afterlife
A Witness To The Kingdom Come
This Momentís A Dive
Into The Depths Of Integration

2. Seagulls mourning

Seagulls' Mourning
(Lyrics By Chris Kostas)

We Are Immortals
Yet Desperate
If You Cross Those seas
That Have Become
Our Home
For The Last Aeons
You May Still Hear
Our Sorrowful Cowing

Though We Try To Send A Warning
No Human Word Comes
Out Of Our Mouths
Except This Mourning,
Meaningless To You

Long Before These Islands Were Born
We Were Pilgrims Of Posidon
Navals Praying For Divine Grace
Joy You Could See In Our Faces

Wealthy People, Mighty City
Faith We Lost And Became Greedy
No More Rites No Sacrifices
The Oblivion Baptises Us

Our Blasphemy To Gods
Gave Birth To A Dream So False
To Mock Posidon
By Crossing His Ichor The Seas...

We Built The Greatest Ship
Begun This Fatal Trip
Vain Morlals Provoked Fate
Destruction Opened Itís Gate...

The Sea Was Calm
Success Filled Us With Arrogance
But Storm Soon Came
To Dip Our Ego And Our Ship

Thatís When The God Appeared
In Glory
To Seal Our Fate By Fear
To End The Story
ď Curse You Not To Die
Seagulls You ĎII Be Always
Live By The SeaĒ

3. Future medieval waves


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