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The Last European Wolves

"The Last European Wolves" (2006)

1. For A New Pagan Age To Come
2. Silvano, Señor de los Bosques
3. The Last European Wolves
4. Son Of The Fatherland
5. Witchblood
6. Fog On The Battlefield
7. El Lago Enol
8. The Night And The Fire
9. Ravenkind
10. Hugin & Munin

1. For A New Pagan Age To Come

2. Silvano, Señor de los Bosques

Deep into the woods where your spirit dwells
Into the sacred forest, far from the human hands
Nine christian souls gathered at the gatesof the woods
To enter its realms
Blinded by their faith and helding high their flag of their cross and their rotten christ
Found out what is felt when darkness surrounds you
And watch over you

(Once in the forest)

The chants of the woods and the soil´s chorus reign
“Now fire has not power for you here
Little by little i´ll devour your souls
And your bodies will be impaled for the ravens to feast”
This nine souls are handed to you
My lord Silvano! Emperor of the woods
And a message will be written with their blood,
A message for the betrayers to know

“Too many lands infected, a world that surrenders to human infection”

(In confinio lucus positus)

“For i am the lord of the woods, genious of the fields, guardian of the limits in confinio lucus positus
I will follow the paths and the passing of time and sentenced will be the ones who dare my kingdoms”

3. The Last European Wolves

When the light baths the light for the last time
And the sunset turns everything red
The dust of the dusk draws a shape
Running down the hills again

Allied of the night and the moonlight
Your howls blow in the wind like horns of war
(You are) Proud of your kind and your name
Your blood of warrior still rages on and on

Before a thousand battles
Before ages and storms
The wisdom grows in your eyes
Brother, warrior, god!

And they run down from the hills and the fear blew in the wind
When the light faded and the hunting started once more
Lurking far below their land, feed themselves and feed the pack
And defend the till the end...Of times
Fallen warrior´s souls, since old, legends tell they ride the endless skies and then become wolves
Once in a struggle i fell and my blood now is the same...of the ones that devaour me

But your kind has suffered the genocide
Of mankind that tears everything apart
Whose life´s only sense´s devastation
In your language i will scream revenge

For the scars of the past wounds in my skin
Tears crosses my face while their last howls crosses the lands
Sun and the moon will cry your loss but
Now it´s the time for us to return

4. Son Of The Fatherland

My son, since your seeds were swon
And the rains of the Autumn got you wet
Into the deep roots of your mother earth
My words patiently awaited to guide you
Through journeys of years that starts with every dawn

I want my words to teach you the essence of us all
An ancient spirit flows in our veins
Arose from beyond and too from before
From a tear of the river and awhisper of the ancient winds

Twenty winters your eyes have seen
Years to forget, years of raw wars
Only finding the peace on your nocturnal walks
Through the woods of me, your fatherland

Heir of the celtiberian lands, cursed in the name of ém all
They found you in the forest, alone, with your sword
Kissing the grass and howling with the wolves
And mercyless, they stained the ground
With your youth and your red blood that night

And i, encouraged, still bringing the rains to cry
I can remind your screams of fear and pain
When alone, before them you tried to die dont lose your pride

Oh Fatherland...soon i will be one with you
Oh Mother earth...i leave this world upon your domains

Your death won´t be in vain
There will always be remind the name of the one who shall be avenge

5. Witchblood

A shore...and the shore brings an ocean
Bathed by the trees of an endless forest
That stands like the gods of old
On the road once they forgot
Now from above a glance guards the land

Upon the sky covered by a curtain of darkness
The lord of the nightskies fly on and on

A night...and the night brings a legend
And one name...Shamhain
Eve of witchcraft and fires at midnight
Night of lust and pagan rites

Upon the sky, throughout the trees wisthles the wind that
Helps the barn owl to advance

A folk, communed with the night
A spell that shall forever be alive
And will bring our blood beyond the night (In the eternal night)
And into dark woods and dark hearts will dwell

Upon the time, legends were lost and then were found
Hidden where only we can find

6. Fog On The Battlefield

It was said that our race had passed into legend but i´ll tell you a story about ancient times
When the ones of my blood stroke with power to defend their roots with their life

Early morning awakes the blood-rage and a bastion now rides battlewards
Burning eyes watch over the enemy, a spark and the fire will start to burn

And the voice of the ancient ones is a message blowing winged to be heed
´cause my blood has dwelt here for centuries there will always be a “we” and a “they”

Early mourning, sweat and bloodshed rising with the battlefield´s fog
One more day of battles and corpses, flesh for the ravens fertilize the earth

Stained my face with your blood and pointing down my sword
It´s time to feast and to drink from the horns
But before clean up your ax, Why? For Tomorrow? NO!
(There´s) No tomorrow for us, cold is the wind that blows in our hearts
Only the halls of gods are waiting for us

7. El Lago Enol

8. The Night And The Fire

I follow the echoes of the wind
And the rising of the moon
There where nobody arrived before
A place, to withraw myself from the hands of your world

The mirrors were openned to me
And reflected what there´s behind
The reflecting of the truth, a lie revealed
A place, where all of the blinded ones drink the poison of lies
Gathered at night around the fire
A couple of shadows spoke
Mankind won´t lead us to their end
We´ll hide into caves...but we will return

9. Ravenkind

Sounds of the hooves on the way
Footsteps are left in the snow
The wind stops sounding by reins
And the fire stops warming up

The heir of a crownless reign
Advanced by hollow ways from distant lands
The legions make ways with stained blades
And every morning tears and cries
Remind with hate the lifes that passed away
And the corpses lying on the ground

Descending from stormy clouds
To a snowed valley to deceide the skie´s fate
“The usurper, He who seize us all and
came to conquer from forgotten shores”
Hatred grow and hours passed-by,
Words were spoken for the last time
What ravens once swore in the snow was
Keeping alive the pure land´s blood

10. Hugin & Munin

“The whole world wide, every day,
Fly Hugin and Munin;
I worry lest Hugin should fall in flight,
Yet more I fear for Munin.”

Taken from Grimnismál

Four wings spreaded in the northern sky
Sent out everyday to gather knowledge
Far beyond the glance of dawn
Return with the shadows to the land of the norsemen
And over the Oden´s shoulder
Tell what their eyes saw
And over the Odin´s shoulder their ears
Become Oden´s ears

All-father i flown to the west and i saw
The dragons sail, beasts of the waves
All-father i flown to the east and i saw
Woods and fjords beyond the nine worlds

Father of the god of the thunder
Whose Mjollnir guards our folk
We will ride the skies of the whole world wide
Until the Ragnarok comes


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