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Hollow Ground

"Hollow Ground" (2004 Demo)

1. Black Flower Of Religion's Reign
2. Tell Them Tales
3. Weak and Feeble
4. Dyslexia
5. This Gaze My Own
6. Gentleman's Curse

1. Black Flower Of Religion's Reign

Corpses rot away
The children had asked for play
In the fields of those
Lost and on their own
Ring around the dead
Pocket full of ashes
Of helpless souls in despair
Burned away

By those who asked for right
Morals cannot kill they say
The children had their play
It was them who were left
In innocence and despair

Dead and joyful of the world that had forsaken them
The oncoming plague that destroyed them
Was only of priest and faithful kind
They were swept up in the time of religion's reign

Supersticious and scared, they killed
With their blessings and cursings fulfilled

We all fall down we all fall down
By the lies of those who tried their best
To keep their hopes and dreams alive
No one seems to know that everything dies

Picking up the pieces of shards and splinters
They remember the times
They could go to play be safe

The supersticious found a way
To terrify those who were to young to know

The daemons and witches that would often show
Were nothing more than who we are today
Just children wishing for better days

2. Tell Them Tales

Sit them down and tell them tales
Of angels and devils that once prevail
And slit their wrist to make them see
How our ancestors cut open the gate of tormentry
Into the pit that the pendulum bore
Throught time and time again cumming sages sores
Gallant weapons to spread vegence on those who meant no harm
Rip the guts and cuts come through with a prophetic alarm

Worthless and yet so worthwhile was the pleasure
One could not measure
To seek out those who hurt you and in malevolent spite
Make them pay

Slowly for the mental fights
As malicious and hardened thine cadaver has wrought...
Unto the sanguinity, contrast, of a rotten one, who we fought
We licked our wounds and indulged in enemy flesh
We knew that our forefathers were wrong and we tried our best
It all comes to death looking back on such travesty
Fiery hell of forgotten lore torn back and forth
Now twixt our peasantry of life undivide on course
He accended to correct the world and deal the pain
Wrought out for we who feast on indulgence just the same

Bastard hypocrite we care not of thou torrent
Tell us not of joy and love what we were meant
Leave and turn back shalt I slap thee as once before?
Take your false wisdom back your mother who

3. Weak and Feeble

You walk through the valley of death - I know this
Silently they stare
Bending down you consume - some rotten flesh
It's more than they can bare
People rise and people fall - all the time
Sparingly they cry
No one understand - the concept
Surely they will die

Give into its heart
Let it all fall apart
It isn't natural to do this
You've got a hell of a start
A problem of obsession
It's become your regression
You're a weak and feeble fool

The rest is up to you

Tear open your insides - tonight
The spell you can't imagine
There is no one else to murder - around you
Thus you eat yourself
Cannibalism is a meaningless - prison
Designed for your wealth
See exactly the money - you don't have
Indeed you will have good health

4. Dyslexia

Hatred is loved by the hated
Killing is the way to be sedated
Lifeless and sitting still
Has my brain gone overkill
You've all destroyed my pride
I just can't keep it together and yes I've tried
I'm living in all your lies
I'm only waiting 'til everyone dies

It's safe to say you're poked all your fun
Look at me, dyslexia, I'm never number one
Satanic feelings go through my brain
Dyslexia, I feel I'm going insane, now your all dead

How do you kill the killer
Life is a way of iller
Hating all the stupid people
Really hating God and feeble
You're all destroyed in my mind
Then you ask me why i've never tried
I'll kill you and then steal your soul
It's safe to say I've lost control

5. This Gaze My Own

The night once again
Sheds the light that once had been
Through the perilous trees of old
Walking through the narrow, quick and cold
Wondering what the future will show
Walking through wondering trees
Coming closer, closer to me

Hold me close, bold then capsizing
A face of despair, grim and agonizing
To face this life, the life unknown
the life unknown...

Sitting there, gazing at I
Sitting there frightened to try
Try to alleviate torture me so
As I walk through the trees of old
Departing to no destination, nowhere to go

Departing to a place my should will show
A place so far so hence and away
I must take what I have and never stray
And never stray...

Peering eyes back on me now
Piercing gaze, my blood will flow
Dripping and dying in the winter snow
The piercing gaze has overflown

Dripping back now to reality
Flowing back now to extasy
The blood will flow sweeter now
The blood will flow deeper now
Dragging me along the winter snow

It is the blood that flows, this blood my own
This piercing gaze will show again
When dripping in the winter's snow
When gazing again, this gaze my own

Piercing eyes back on me now
Piercing gaze my blood will flow
Dripping and dying in the winter's snow
The piercing gaze has overflown

6. Gentleman's Curse


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