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"Sinnocence" (2005)

1. Preach and Live
2. Innocence Bleed Innocence
3. Kill the Sun
4. The Mirror's Inversion
5. The Winter of Soul
6. When They Awake

1. Preach and Live


I really want some more
You promised me…
I took a little gore
And you left me
The more you want it
The more obsessed you end up being
(The more obsessed you will be)
run into my veins
Share this flesh with me
In my blood you can sail
Scare me
You hurt me, I love you
(This shade redraws your lust)
You hit me, I heat you
(Shows this heart I’ve just rust)
You leave me, I live in you
So I’ll let the serpent free
And let temptation be
Face you holy fucking sins
Preach and leave all your creeds
Preach and leave all your creeds
It’s not time to make it
Dozens of lives are with me
The more you want it
(The more obsessed you’ll be)
Run into my veins
Share this flesh with me
Despite your good behavior
I ain’t give you a chance
Things like this are so hard
You leave me, I live in you
You kill me, I need you more…

2. Innocence Bleed Innocence


Do we come from where
Those dreams come?
Do we come from here? Yeah

Innocence bleed innocence

So can’t you see the fear?
Yes you can see the way…
A voice to forgive… to forgive…

Oh immortality

Servants of the shining king
Are keeping the reflex of lake
A light that can rape all
My pure vortex of sin

Into this winter shining
They are so unreal on me
Attractive Phobia to embrace

The immortality

The queen reality
Is trying to betray the king…
She is taking all
The pleasure of moonlight
And recreating to our side…
All the colors of the night

On immortality

3. Kill the Sun


Feel the embrace
I’m touching all your skin
You’re all the sins
Be my disease today

See my flesh cries out
When fall into this dream
We are one, alone

And I’ve learned
How easy
To Kill the Sun to you

4. The Mirror's Inversion


I am the diary of innocent plagues
So, you master of fall
Hide the beauty of my eyes

I awake the sweet creatures of shadows
Live and love with the moon and the stars
I open the doors to the mountain
You close the hearts with my embrace

Forbidden be your voice
For guides me to the mirror’s inversion
You show the solution of light
Play with my weakness

There’s something wrong with the sky
When I touch it
That weak blue tone hurts my eyes
Before I begin
Slowly I paint
The giant canvas with my own face
I’m faceless
The shine of my eyes
Makes a good place to you

Now disappear
All the colors of the morning
I killed the rainbow,
The smile without sin
Cry you all the envious witnesses
Of my symphony
Moon, touch my lips, blind stars round
My awakening

5. The Winter of Soul


Let’s make his light a little weak
I will not wake you, but we can fall into this

It’s Curdled now…
All this Blood in your face doesn’t shine anymore
All that desire that lies in our souls
Spitting from myself
And your screams now echoes

I’m the mirror of god
Use his light to show my face
But he only sees himself
But he only can love himself

Now into the prostitute
I’m the winter that are living alone
Who crosses the sea
Beyond the trees
I’m the way of your feeling of
Seeking the tombs of fate
Searching in your freezing face
Lickin’ this final step
I’m the winter of soul

Let’s make his light a little weak
I will not wake you, but we can fall into this
Let me introduce myself
My name is fear…
I can use your arms against yourself…
feel better??

6. When They Awake


Your pride paints the sky
With a bitter emptiness
Enter my cold world of desire
Close the embrace with my heart
Whispering the infinite
My children spread my shadow
When they awake

Look into my powerful eyes
It hurts you
You need me like I almost need you
Turn off the light and I grow more

I made your beauty with my own hands
My voice only guides them to you
So you master of reborn
Forgot I am I since the beginning of times
I made you to walk with me
In the corner of the minds

Together we could kill the king
And we could be one forever
My divided
Look at yourself and see me

Flying through your wishes and desires
Crying too when they awake

And I never sleep…


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