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Triumph of Death

"Triumph of Death" (1983 Demo)

1. Crucifiction
2. Maniac
3. When Hell's Near
4. Decapitator
5. Blood Insanity
6. Power of Satan
7. Reaper
8. Death Fiend
9. Triumph of Death
10. Metallic Storm
11. Ready for Slaughter
12. Dark Warriors
13. Hammerhead

1. Crucifiction

Crucifixion they called the game
Bestial penalty, a deadly maim
Crucifixion, the way that sinners go
Holy torment, last malice ya got to know

Crucifixion, crucifixion
Bloody Hell, I won't die here
Crucifixion, crucifixion
I'm bloodcovered in pain an' fear

Hundreds of years they raised the cross
Evil dark priest(s), black stones they toss
The bible, it prayses that bloody wood
A priest, he prays with an uncanny hood

Rusty nails sended them straight to hell
Illtreated, they just got their souls to sell
Crucifixion, the way that sinners go
Holy torment, last malice ya got to know

2. Maniac

Midnight ? Satan claims my soul
Feels right ? Mayhem is my goal
Twelve times ? Tolls the deadly bell
Moonrise ? Messenger of hell

I?m a maniac, fight for hell
Devil?s on my back, obey him well

Axeblade ? Messenger of death
Dark shade ? Cuttin? of Your breath
Night time ? I?m raisin? my axe
Mean crime ? Hell open it?s gates

Possessed ? By the demon?s rule
Insist ? Cleavin? victim?s skulls
Torture ? I don?t kill in vain
Mortals ? they will die in pain

3. When Hell's Near

Premonition, last decision
Bloody Hell, sin to sell

Creature in black mask
Sold by Satan for it's task
Heavy axe falls on the block
Crowd roars in a shock
Execution, execution...

Wearin' black, on death's track
Cryin' in fear, when Hell is near

Cold's ya breath, fingers of death
Yer lat run, the crowd has fun

4. Decapitator

Eternal insanity, his mind's defaced...
Thousands will die, lunatics have raised

Decapitator feels his confession
Termination, barbaric expression...

Harsh sounds when steel meets entrails
Decease will come, neck pierced with nails

Got no control about his deeds,
Hatchet in his hand, the tool he needs

Repulsive noise as axe cuts bone
Head off the neck in an abhorence tone

5. Blood Insanity

In a dark an' misty night
When the moon's full an' bright
Dark clouds in the sky
An' evilness turns me high

Blood insanity, blood insanity
I want slaughter, ya cannot hide
Blood insanity, blood insanity
Tear to pieces my lovely bride

Prowlin', searchin' in black street
An innocent young virgin (is what) I need
Sexual sickness, no way to heal
Brutal barbarism I wanna feel

Watch out, you'll hear my breath
A second later, you'll feel the death
It is my axeblade that shines bright
In my sweet eyes weakly light

Mutilate bodies, cut 'em down
When that horrible feelin' comes aroun'
An' when ya brain's teared on the street
Screams of lust then jerk my meet

6. Power of Satan

Horrible things
Have to be done
Clouds in the sky
Away is the sun
I'll be the tormentor
On Satan's command
The victims will die
I'm the masters left hand

I know the tower
Where the sorcerer's at home
I feel the the power
Of Satan in my soul

Havoc and hate
My weapons, my mate
I'm a soldier of death
I'm killing for hell
Bloodlust I feel
My axe's from steel
I'm a hero of fight
And I know it so well

Torture I'll bring
A devilish thing
Black is the sky
The nightmare will come
The moon's shinin' bright
It's the only light
My legions will fly
Fly for the fight

7. Reaper

When night's over the land,
A mural in darkness stands,
Evoke the Reaper's addiction,
Remember his symbol: a scyte...,
That girl...she hears the rover,
She feels the coldness of a grave,
She's lookin' in her mirror,
And sees the face of ... DEATH,
He takes her to the shadows,
On gleaming wings they ride,
Mournerer is his victim,
As Reaper inherits his price,

8. Death Fiend

Obsession in my mind
Of the deadly kind
Fight the battle of kill
Masturbating ill

I'll send
You to yer grave
Make ya
Pay your sin
Death Fiend

Cut yer fuckin' cock
Givin' ya death's shock
Riding through the nite
Use my hands to fight

Buried deep in your grave
Now be death's own slave
Searchin' for barbarism
Actin' in shizoism...
She's dying in that lonely street

9. Triumph of Death

When you have been (once) down in your grave
Your mind decays and you're the coffin's slave
And when at midnight the uncanny bell tolls
Terrible noises the dark graveyard calls...

Limbs break through the dirt
Decay stinks like Hell
Dark creatures in the fog
Crusted blood on the dead

Eurynomos sends his souls
Buried by horrible mistakes
They feel they are eaten by the worms
And the night's alive again

Triumph of death
Triumph of death

10. Metallic Storm

11. Ready for Slaughter

I am the mean an' evil kind
I got the devil in my mind
I got an axe right in my hand
An' I'm looking where my victim stands

I'm prowlin' thru the nite
An' I'm searching for my fight
I'm ready for slaughter
Ready for slaughter

I see a girl, I wanna kill
I follow her, it is my thrill
An' when I see her broken skull
I know, I'm livin' in Satan's rule

An' when I see she feels the pain
Satisfaction's fillin' my brain
I know she feels the bloody heat

12. Dark Warriors

Horrible warriors
Prowlin' thru the nite
Legions of darkness
Heroes of fight
Axes in their hands
Comin' over the swamp
Stalkin' their prey
The victims got no chance

Dark Warriors
Livin' in the nite
Hungry for flesh
Thirsty for blood

The gate of hell breaks up
And Satan's sons come out
Who will now survive
When the warriors are in town
Axes in their hands
And daggers in their wastes
Some sluts are lying dead
Killed by this evil force

The nightmare was over,
When morning came aroun'
The town has never been
The same since that nite
Smell of death is in the air
The blood runs thru the streets
Maimed and slaughtered overall
No one survived that nite

13. Hammerhead

Thunder above fills the sky
Evil gleamed his mean red eye
Possessed by hell's rules, a terrible fight
And no one will ever forget that nite

There was no weapon against Hammerhead
There was no weapon against Hammerhead
Savage Damage, the sky was red
There was no weapon against Hammerhead

Got no chance against his armour
Plates of steel, strong like hell
A beast of prey, they called him
An' mayhem ruled his hammer well

Lightnings show the death is near
I cannot hide, but I haven't fear
Die in that Satan's own round
Crushing skulls, a horrible sound


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