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Satanic Rites

"Satanic Rites" (1983 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Messiah
3. The Third of the Storms
4. Buried and Forgotten
5. Maniac
6. Eurynomos
7. Triumph of Death
8. Revelations of Doom
9. Reaper
10. Satanic Rites
11. Crucifixion
12. Outro

1. Intro

2. Messiah

Is this our way, or can we turn
Extermination day, this world will burn

Messiah - Messiah

God has shoved his son, you drawed him
Now it's time: let's pray Satan's mass
Six, six, six, East against the West
Son of Jackal, atomic force kills the rest

Messiah - Messiah

You had your time, so follow him
Your soul is ours, world bursts and breaks
Satan's hordes strive to kill, vultures of steel seed death...
No escape, time stands still, feel his deadly breath...

Messiah - Messiah

See the dead of the sun - christian love in vain
Father killed by son, mother raped in pain.
In a world of steel, made from stone
Only death is real - world war ... III

3. The Third of the Storms

Three days of absolute eclypse
Introduce the evoked tribunal
Hailstorms proof, they told us the truth

Total destruction, mankind to hell
Blind and insane the misguided repent
But it's a bit late...

In the heat of infernal lightnings
And in the shadows of poisoned clouds
The world will die under the sword of destiny

Go out and see, the omens are here
A church is red like blood of an angel
The rich and the poor, both will fall into the
flames of malice...

4. Buried and Forgotten

Veni spiritus Satanas...

Necromantical screams
Only the mounds are deaf
But the glassy eyes behind the wood...

Freezin' breeze, last bell is mute
As I run thru night's fog
My feet lurch over the grave
Have 'em buried long ago
Still awake but without life?

Rustling leaves, I sweat in fear
I see a shape, no two, no three
Hollowed faces, pale and declined
Life is death ... or is death life?

Soul is strong but flesh is weak
Laughin' is frozen and eyes are lumps
See the graveyard's church but the gates are closed
Walls are bleedin', cross gleamin' white

I've entreated death, he answered me
You entreated death, the answer will come...
Debris of faith, even the wisest is bad
Immortal morals, catched up with time
Vault of darkness, filled with hate

Deny life, evoke the dead
Procession of damnation, expulsion of light
Hazardous ways alone in the dark
Only the mounds are deaf...

5. Maniac

Midnight – Satan claims my soul
Feels right – Mayhem is my goal
Twelve times – Tolls the deadly bell
Moonrise – Messenger of hell

I’m a maniac, fight for hell
Devil’s on my back, obey him well

Axeblade – Messenger of death
Dark shade – Cuttin’ of Your breath
Night time – I’m raisin’ my axe
Mean crime – Hell open it’s gates

Possessed – By the demon’s rule
Insist – Cleavin’ victim’s skulls
Torture – I don’t kill in vain
Mortals – they will die in pain

6. Eurynomos

Last time I saw You here
Was just light night
But now, you’re disappeared
And I feel fright
I’m runnin thru black streets
I hear You scream
I see the gates of hell
It’s just a dream?

Eurynomos, the prince of death
Has come to take you home

I see your fearful face
What can I do?
The sky is burnin’ red
An’ I’m losing you
The bell of Hades sounds deadly
As I run to your house
I open up the door
And feel the heat of hell

They took away my bride
I’m a broken man
They take you as a sacrifice
Your guts in a can
The dagger slicks in your chest
Bleeding in pain
I plead for your life
But it’s in vein…

7. Triumph of Death

When you have been (once) down in your grave
Your mind decays and you're the coffin's slave
And when at midnight the uncanny bell tolls
Terrible noises the dark graveyard calls...

Limbs break through the dirt
Decay stinks like Hell
Dark creatures in the fog
Crusted blood on the dead

Eurynomos sends his souls
Buried by horrible mistakes
They feel they are eaten by the worms
And the night's alive again

Triumph of death
Triumph of death

8. Revelations of Doom

In the days of Armageddon, starved souls, greedy bodies
Ready to punish, ready to kill
Sword by sword they stand
Strike on strike, faith is dead, Gog and Magog on
Nergal's left hand...

See, the rust gnaws on Michael's mystic sword
Frozen's the lightning in Jehovas hand
Angels it rains from the sky
Extinct planets, pale meteors
Captive of sins, slayed by the word
Born in fire, a plundering horde

Picked angels fall into emptyness
Inverted crosses, damned saints
A dead priest can't celebrate a mass
Ravaged cities, slayed in the night
Black holes, Belial's hour
The Antichrist, born by church's power

Havoc in heaven, hell reigns on earth
The sperm of Sodom, born again
So hail Balaam, we will serve
Souls are thirsty to receive your command
Vows of damnation poison the air
Life in pain, 'til the end...

The unholy trinity holds the dominion in the
flickering lightning of a black eye...

9. Reaper

When night's over the land,
A mural in darkness stands,
Evoke the Reaper's addiction,
Remember his symbol: a scyte...

That girl...she hears the rover,
She feels the coldness of a grave,
She's lookin' in her mirror,
And sees the face of ... DEATH

He takes her to the shadows,
On gleaming wings they ride,
Mournerer is his victim,
As Reaper inherits his price

10. Satanic Rites

Satanic rites, satanic rites…
Virgin in moon’s shine
Can’t resist my lust
The night controls my mind
Watch out, there’s something behind
Ignore her plead for mercy
And do my perverse deed

Satanic rites, satanic rites…
I love the screams of children
I love to see ‘em hang
They are so little and helpless
So I’ll do what I want

Come on you pretty girl
I know a silent place…

Satanic rites, satanic rites…
Be a good girl
And just do what I say
I whip you ‘till you faint
I cut off your sweet, sweet legs
I fuck your helpless body
And bury it in the dirt

Satanic rites, satanic rites…
I am just a human
I know what’s good or wrong
But when I feel the darkness
Ha! I’ll strangle them again!
Cos I’m an ordinary man…

11. Crucifixion

Crucifixion they called the game
Bestial penalty, a deadly maim
Crucifixion, the way that sinners go
Holy torment, last malice ya got to know

Crucifixion, crucifixion
Bloody Hell, I won't die here
Crucifixion, crucifixion
I'm bloodcovered in pain an' fear

Hundreds of years they raised the cross
Evil dark priest(s), black stones they toss
The bible, it prayses that bloody wood
A priest, he prays with an uncanny hood

Rusty nails sended them straight to hell
Illtreated, they just got their souls to sell
Crucifixion, the way that sinners go
Holy torment, last malice ya got to know

12. Outro


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