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Death Fiend

"Death Fiend" (1983 Demo)

1. Maniac
2. Angel of Destruction
3. Hammerhead
4. Bloody Pussies
5. Death Fiend
6. Dark Warriors
7. Chainsaw
8. Ready for Slaughter
9. Sweet Torment

1. Maniac

Midnight – Satan claims my soul
Feels right – Mayhem is my goal
Twelve times – Tolls the deadly bell
Moonrise – Messenger of hell

I’m a maniac, fight for hell
Devil’s on my back, obey him well

Axeblade – Messenger of death
Dark shade – Cuttin’ of Your breath
Night time – I’m raisin’ my axe
Mean crime – Hell open it’s gates

Possessed – By the demon’s rule
Insist – Cleavin’ victim’s skulls
Torture – I don’t kill in vain
Mortals – they will die in pain

2. Angel of Destruction

Hell calls - I have to go
Mayhem and torment - destruction to know

Silver pentagrams - steel weapons
Satan commands - you got to die

Angel of destruction
Evil satisfaction
Angel of destruction
Satan's own reaction

Rotten fighters - massacre machines
Metallic's the storm - in a black night

Burn a church - struck it down
To Hell, believers - Satan's final word

3. Hammerhead

Thunder above fills the sky
Evil gleamed his mean red eye
Possessed by hell's rules, a terrible fight
And no one will ever forget that nite

There was no weapon against Hammerhead
There was no weapon against Hammerhead
Savage Damage, the sky was red
There was no weapon against Hammerhead

Got no chance against his armour
Plates of steel, strong like hell
A beast of prey, they called him
An' mayhem ruled his hammer well

Lightnings show the death is near
I cannot hide, but I haven't fear
Die in that Satan's own round
Crushing skulls, a horrible sound

4. Bloody Pussies

She's got my joystick right in her mouth
Givin' all she can, but I laugh about
It's not enough, I just want more
Sent out by Satan, you dirty whore

Calls of lust, they fill my ears
That little wife, she's full of tears
She knows it, there's no way out
So close your mouth an' stop to shout
I want Bloody Pussies
I need Bloody Pussies
Give me Bloody Pussies
An' I'll do what ya want

Heavy breathin', she moans in the act
Chained by a demon who's got a death pact
She closes her nice eyes and starts to cry
C'mon baby, my master calls, don't ask me why

Her little hands don't see tomorrow
Need her flesh an' that's my sorrow
After all my lust, I'll use my sword
Cut ya down, ya can't say a last word

5. Death Fiend

Obsession in my mind
Of the deadly kind
Fight the battle of kill
Masturbating ill

I'll send
You to yer grave
Make ya
Pay your sin
Death Fiend

Cut yer fuckin' cock
Givin' ya death's shock
Riding through the nite
Use my hands to fight

Buried deep in your grave
Now be death's own slave
Searchin' for barbarism
Actin' in shizoism...

6. Dark Warriors

Horrible warriors
Prowlin' thru the nite
Legions of darkness
Heroes of fight
Axes in their hands
Comin' over the swamp
Stalkin' their prey
The victims got no chance

Dark Warriors
Livin' in the nite
Hungry for flesh
Thirsty for blood

The gate of hell breaks up
And Satan's sons come out
Who will now survive
When the warriors are in town
Axes in their hands
And daggers in their wastes
Some sluts are lying dead
Killed by this evil force

The nightmare was over,
When morning came aroun'
The town has never been
The same since that nite
Smell of death is in the air
The blood runs thru the streets
Maimed and slaughtered overall
No one survived that nite

7. Chainsaw

You feel the red hot blood right in ya brain
Bestial pain, horrible shocks, ya catched insane
Sharp sawblades cut out deep their way
Dying fast, that's what ya called ya last pray
Incredible speed at endless noise the thing produces
A satanic maniac with a chainsaw devilish introduces


Ya fuckin' bastard haven't thought of hell
The final judgement, it awaits, there's only ya guts to sell
Cut to pieces with that mayhemic thing here
Mutilated and maimed, no, now it's too late for fear
Grave hunters come out at midnight's hour tonite
Take ya bloody bones an' flesh, their eyes gleam bright


Blind because of pain with limbs that bleed
There's a creature from hell, gives ya punishment ya need
Not one will ask what's happenin' here to ya at last
'cause they got to much fear from the satan's blast
You die here with unlimited pain my little wife
Your murderer is right from hell, slave of a devil's strife


8. Ready for Slaughter

I am the mean an' evil kind
I got the devil in my mind
I got an axe right in my hand
An' I'm looking where my victim stands

I'm prowlin' thru the nite
An' I'm searching for my fight
I'm ready for slaughter
Ready for slaughter

I see a girl, I wanna kill
I follow her, it is my thrill
An' when I see her broken skull
I know, I'm livin' in Satan's rule

An' when I see she feels the pain
Satisfaction's fillin' my brain
I know she feels the bloody heat
She's dying in that lonely street

9. Sweet Torment

Years in Hell, sweet but cruel
Waitin' for the final day

Sweet torment

Noise of blood, rippin' flesh
Torture's masters, immortal fear

Unleashed heat, for thousand years
Terminated soul, set black to death

Horrible things I've seen
Never return to cloven hoof...


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