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Yersinia Pestis

"Yersinia Pestis" (2003)

1. Helheim 4
2. Yersinia Pestis
3. Stones To The Burden
4. Sinners Wake
5. Elde
6. Warlot
7. Den Glemte Lov
8. God of Slander
9. Iron Icon 9
10. Hjelmstorm

1. Helheim 4

"Harken, all ye loyal subjects of the king.
For behold, the pestilence is upon us,
And few will elude its deadly embrace.
Fear your kin, as well as your family,
For lo, even they can carry the black death
Into your home."

2. Yersinia Pestis

Times of decay
The years of sickening souls

Can you feel the breath upon your neck
Hear the cruel voice of the old
Revealing the flesh of the dead
The evil grin of the plague

I remember these times of great sorrow
These years of deep pain

A land lied in a veil of solitude
Faces pale as the moon

Stalking the landscape in the shape of an oak
Misery loves company

One could hear the violin play
A single dead tune
Marking the age of the dead

One nation lost in the claws of an oak
So foul that her gaze alone would make one freeze in torment
Lying on the deathbed with an empty stare
Only preparing for the journey to the other side
Nine long nights and days on the path of no return
Towards the realm they all know and fear: Helheim

3. Stones To The Burden

I lay the final weight to your shoulders
I make your life tip over
Life is a slow sadistic torment
I only increase the speed

Am I really that cruel
Am I really the reason
Just slit your throat
Increase the speed

Painfully aware of the lot
The sinister slumber in me
I unveil the darkest of all
Into the abyss you fall

Pitch the faith
To dead silence
Turn the key
To open the gate
Increase the speed

I am the mentor of pain
I am the caster of stones
I've laid the final weight
The burden is you
All alone : dead

4. Sinners Wake

Touch the fire and get burned
Plead for mercy and never return
Stare deep into the darkest abyss
Until the abyss stares back at you

It is all but irony
When they claim sovereignity
Stranger ways is hardly found
On this poisened earthly ground


Save the sorry and fool yourself
That is the of the blind
Infinite dreams of an infinite realm
Where no heathen tread

The cross points black
The words are silent
All is in the end
Part of the sinners wake

Death is more than death
Life is no more than an illusion of this
I cannot forsee myself crawling
And kiss the cross of self deceit

5. Elde

Hvor sterk er den som
Livet styrer
Den som spinner sin
Egen skjebne
Hvor svak er den som for
Livet taper den som taper for livets vrede

Hvem er han
Som selv bestemmer
Hvilke vei han selv skal gå
Hvem er han som ikke makter
Å jakte selv
Enn å bli jaktet

Det går en evig strøm
Av liv
Som styres av vår elde
Hvor enn en går og
Snur seg om
Så er hun blant
Oss alle

Gi tapt må selv
En krigersk gud
Når tvekamp
Måler krefter
For selv den sterke må
Gi tapt for
Alderdommen ; elde

6. Warlot

Born in fire and ice
Pure of heart, mind and soul
I crush the walls of ignorance
Never to betray my heritage

You can kill my body
But my ravishing moral I'll keep for myself


I seek none but my own bliss
Grasped through the paragons I choose
Self-righteousness one can say
But in the end you have to choose your own way

None stand before me
None can mock my ways
I quench my thirst through my own artistry

Memories - Fields of gold
Life - Shades of grey
Walls - Built to punish
Pride - Never imprisoned
All is all - In the middle earth
That is where - I've laid my peace

7. Den Glemte Lov

Den stoltes tale
Smykket i jern hugget
Dypt i sinnet
Bygget på en eldgammel
Lære om hedningemakt
Og eder

Borgen slo sprekker dengang
Et fremmed
Hogg dogmer
Sverd kan tvinge en
Mann til kne
Men den høyes lov

Vasket vekk med
Tidevannet lenket til en
Forgangen tidd
Med kniven på strupen
Stod loven
Fortsatt ved

Vi er de første
Blant de siste
Som slår gnister
I et gammelt bål
Sønner av en eldet arv
Bryter lenkene til den
Glemte lov

8. God of Slander

I am the god of slander
The one that leads you astray
I am born among the highest gods
But I never forsee myself
By their side
I take the forms of many
A beast my words for the hypocrisy

I am the reason of betrayal
I alure the purest to fall
These are not deeds of evil
But ways to own amusement

I am the god of slander
Mockery is my state of being
I give birth to the beasts
Who dwell in their chains

God of slander

I choose myself above all
Even though pain is my fortune
The poison that hits my body
Won't make me change my ways

In the end of day I'll lead my children by fire and ice
The world falls apart chaos among the gods
Death to us all

9. Iron Icon 9

The symbol of sovereighnity
Everlasting malice
Taste our supremacy
Feel the final front

Brand this mark
Remember its power
Once seduced there's no escape
The olden Law has taken new forms

It's the icon of everything
The symbol of pagan unity
None can change our view
Withdrawn from the common ways

The beast of a new age
Crushing everything in their way
Branded by the icon
The nine stages that makes us whole

Spew out your hate
Mock thy new enemy
Rise up from your comfort and lust
for something more

Who dares wins I way
And so it shall be done
Harvest their withering words
And throw it back ten times folded

10. Hjelmstorm

Alle frender byr deg velkommen
Ta imot mjød hos æser på vollen
Våre våpen skal vi selv verge
Voktes skal hjelm og brynje vel

For kampen står hardt
Blant ubundne menn
Skjold og harde skaller splittes
Farger skjoldborger blanke
I hærmenns blod

Eden sitter dypere enn banesår
Odins hugfulle tale rår
Fiender dør, frender dør, men
Akk og vel vi skal seire likevel

Splintret sverd og skarret skjold
På vollen i en hjelmstorm

Ubundet imot all verden vil ulven
Fenris fare før igjen vi
Samles på vollem
For så mange for til hedenske møtte
Trelldom og tvang


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