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A Carnivore

"A Carnivore's Platter" (1999)

1. A.M. Hell (An Indictment Of Morning)
2. Stay Dead
3. The Road to Revenge
4. The Mortician's Tale
5. A Carnivore's Platter
6. Three Times Cursed
7. Off With Their Heads
8. Never Return
9. Everything Dies
10. The Only Cause

1. A.M. Hell (An Indictment Of Morning)

2. Stay Dead

I used to know my mother
I watched her turn to smoke
I burned her alive 'cos she wouldn't die
from the rope around her throat
her ashes I keep in a jar, hid beneath my bed
I check it every fortnight to make sure
that she stays dead.

stay dead

We had to kill my sister, really it's so sad
you may have heard we butchered her
me and dear ol' dad.
We knew we had to do it,
the removing of her head.
It's buried now in a yard away,
lets pray that she stays dead.

Stay dead!

I cannot hear my father
screaming any more.
It seems he found it tranquil
in that hole beneath the floor.
I cannot hear him breathing.
I cannot hear him cry,
but I know his heart's still beating
he just won't fucking die!

3. The Road to Revenge

I am here to tell a story
a rebels tale, a quest for glory.
Join me now, who has the mettle
to vindicate our heavy metal?
The test was time and still we stood
soon to rise and reign for good.
Drumming thunders through the haze
bear witness the hell I raise.

The Road to Revenge, it starts right here.
The Road to Revenge, it starts right here.
Forsake it I will... not
Forsake it I will, I will not!

Circle circle frenzied frantic.
Twisted fired up lusty panic.
Screaming hordes of social classes
escaped is found with back stage passes.
A wall of sound a sonic freight train
burnin' track 'tween pleasure an' pain.
If giving rise to metal is sin,
then let us be guilty, let us begin.


This world is ripe for overtaking
the screams you hear are nations waking.
Turn it up, embrace the power,
shout it out, "this is my hour!"
Do not doubt this gift we're bringing
It's in my ears, an endless ringing.
Volume will turn your brain to powder
if its any good, it's better louder!

4. The Mortician's Tale

In the wind a whispering
The candle flutters, the flame is dancing.
I brought you back, I wanted you with me,
not alive. Just enough to be charming.

I gave you back your tomorrows
I gave my self a reason to sing.
Oh to play with my dancing cadaver,
in life or death, any way I can have her.

Oh such a brilliant mortician.
She looks alive, as was my intention.
I'll find a way, I'll fight the decay.
I will preserve her condition.

The wind screams it's absurdities
and no one listens more than I.
A love lost, I have saved for eternity...
For an eternity.

5. A Carnivore's Platter

Meat, I'm a carnivore
Eat it, and feel empowered
Flesh, it's delicate texture
Bloody, rush to be devoured
Warning, embrace the savage
Learning, what it means to die
Killing, as a means for living
Hunger, there's a reason why.

Kill something and eat it!

Slaughter, only means to take it
Guilty, for the cause: to dine.
Aroma, now that is pleasing
Some pink, is just how I like mine
Feed me, I really mean it
Meaty, nothing eats like steak
Roasted, on an open fire
Satisfied, for now, for my sake.

Kill something and eat it!

6. Three Times Cursed

You bought your invitation, and it looks like a body bag
A detailed invocation in blood, unholy rag.
Midnight's unforgiving silver light, illumes your quest.
It's clear to me, as one, I see a loser.
You failed your test!

Three Times Cursed.

As silent themes can miss the point,
your target does not suffer.
The agony you wished for me, oh really it doesn't bother.
From the circle screams in whispered ire.
Finally now you get it.
Thrice you hail,and thrice you fail,
Seems as though you let it.

Three Times Cursed.

Yours is to serve, yours is to suffer...

7. Off With Their Heads

Appeal it does to darker sides that lie with in us all:
The spectical of sudden death as a blade on high now falls.
The value of a human life means little to the master.
"An example set with severed heads, quells unruly masses!"

Off with their heads! Off!

I've seen the signs, the mad designs
Yea the time is coming. Yea the time, the final time,
When finally I'll have justice!
Words are war as words are weapons.
Mightier still by far, are the thoughts that
will condemn you all.

A choice is made.
And you are the one if the final say,
Is to be mine.
Wail all you wish it's final this time.

Off with their heads! Off!

8. Never Return

I once walked in darkness
and my skin burned in the sun.
To contemplate divine genius
is to count forever by one.
No need to call me a liar
the truth is a relative thing.
Formed by hammer and fire I sing.

I will never return to what I was before.
I will never return, it's not my home any more.

I climbed the highest mountain,
to carve, by thunder, a throne.
It changed my disposition and I never
made it home.
Now I'm known as a teacher,
Listen well and you'll learn.
The trial you face is fire now it's time to burn.

I will never return to what I was before.
I will never return, it's not my home anymore

Knowledge is known to be power,
I gain more power each day.
Still groping blindly in darkness?
If you ask me I'll show you the way.
Open your mind to the wander and know
that you cannot return.
Heed those who have faced the fire
now's a good time to burn.

9. Everything Dies

Brash and redundant, repeating popular statements.
Tell me again what someone else meant and why
should it matter to me.

Hollow and pretentious, I'm expecting the relentless,
nothing new is coming through it all sound so familiar.

Feeling a hostile reaction. C'mon don't you get it?

Oh it astounds me, I can be so misleading
I'll tell you the truth as soon as I'm through
discussing insignificance.

Appalling and delightful, a teaspoon's a mindfull.
The feeling is bliss not to know what you miss
I'll tell you just to spite you.

Feeling a hostile reaction. C'mon don't you get it?
That's why, Everything dies.
Feeling a hostile reaction. C'mon don't you get it?

10. The Only Cause


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