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The Temple of Theil

"The Temple of Theil" (2000)

1. Prelude : The Messenger
2. Follow the Signs
3. Secrets of Time
4. The Oath
5. Fall in Tears
6. The Temple of Theil
7. Symphony of Twilight
8. Spirits of Skyward
9. Scream of Revenge
10. Then Night Will Fall
11. The Song of Sidgar and Iselin
12. Finale

1. Prelude : The Messenger

2. Follow the Signs

Visions and spectres of a dark night
Moving like shadows before her eyes

She foresaw everything
Horrors, groans and tears
Are shaking the ground and the seas

From the battle-fields, war hymns arise
And the thirst for blood is beginning
Look to the plain, bright troops are fighting for DOMINION, DOMINION...

It's time to follow the symbols
Remember these words
Stand by my side
It's time to follow the symbols
The prophecy is right... FOLLOW THE SIGNS

She saw the ravens of the War God
Fly in the heavens - Prophets of war

She fortold everything
Fire, death and steel
The sparkling of swords and shields

[repeat chorus and pre-chorus]

O EVIL MORTALS... Honour doesn't make you fight
It's the shadow of thy hate
. The dark ghost of madness is filling they hearts
The thirst for conquest makes you blind

O cruel brothers, so you are attracted - By death and blood

[solo / repeat chorus]

3. Secrets of Time

From his infernal and divine gaze a dark malediction rained
So the anger of the god was appeased

I promised you eternal love,
Infinite light
And access to the world of the gods

Now i give you a new kingdom - And the crown of black sorrow

[chorus I]
Your eyes will see some truths no mortals could ever see before
The gates of destiny will open to welcome your arrival
In the land of eternity you'll know the SECRETS OF TIME
to COME... COME... the SECRETS OF TIME... to COME...

Look to the sky tonight
The stars will show you
The secret path of men's fate

You will paint - Black scenarios of sorrow and death

[chorus II]
Your voice will sing dark poems, sad and tragic songs
But no men will listen to the dismal laments of your words
You can reveal to no one the SECRETS OF TIME
To COME... COME... the SECRETS OF TIME... to COME...

to COME... COME... the SCRETS OF TIME... to COME...

4. The Oath

In a nameless time when frost enveloped all the lands
And the glory of the first reigns had not yet shone
Storytellers sing that three gods made a noble promise
They swore eternal loyalty

[pre-chorus I]
Three emblems of stone
Sculpted in blinding light
Are three parts of the sacred icon
The Shield of Might

The gods decided to keep it in the land of Eternhill
Where there arose a majestic shrine

[pre-chorus II]
But one of the almighty
Betrayed the noble path
Uniting the three parts of the icon
Breeding chaos and war

He was broken THE OATH
Defying its force - And the power of the gods
He was broken THE OATH
Uniting its force - Of the three emblems of stone


Beware, noble Sidgar, according to the holy oath -
A god can not rise up in arms against another god

[solo / repeat chorus]

5. Fall in Tears

Will I ever arise from this endless dark abyss?
Where the god took me to roam
In the kingdom of loneliness and dusk
Will the sun ever return after this long eclipse?

How many times I heard her voice
In the twilight i heard her song
She fell in tears

I'm prisiner, a leaf caught in a whirwind
Leave me alone! O dark voice
Of a fatal hate and endless pain
How many times I asked my blade to save me from these chains

[repeat chorus]

Why did you foolish men leave her secrets buried in the heart?
Why did you call her witch and liar?

[repeat chorus]

6. The Temple of Theil

Brave, noble Sidgar
The Sky pronounced thy name
The gods have told me to reveal to you all I know
I shall show you the way
A star will be thy guide
Keep now the secrets of the land of Eternhill

Defy the winds
Pass through the frozen
Waters no mortal has passed through before

Ride in the Holy Mountain
In the divine realms
Where now the shadows reign
Travel through forests
Unknown to men
With the gods you'll ride 'cross the plains of Eternhill

Glory's echoes invoke thy name - For thy beloved and thy lands ride

To THE TEMPLE OF THEIL - To the land of Eternhill To THE TEMPLE OF THEIL -
To the dwelling of might

Up there through the shades of twilight
Where you will see a bright red star
Thy journey will begin
To the land of Eternhill

Its name is Skyward, the eye of the gods
Follow its blaze beyond the edge of the world

[repeat pre-chorus / repeat chorus]

7. Symphony of Twilight

8. Spirits of Skyward

Here you are, O divine Star, rising beyond the horizon
Thy red light shining is the sign that the time has come
Spirits of skyward, ride the wind, come with me and guide
This my lonely way through lands where time stands still

My axe by my side, holy Skyward watch over me
Dispel any fear creeping in my soul
Through enchanted paths, a stone kingdom
Dismal and fatal lakes
May I ride beyond the forest where the heroes lie

You fly, noble Spirits, in the sky
Toward defeat or victory
Toward legend and pride
Or death guide me to my end

I feel a power around this place
I feel the temple is near
Dark clouds spread a dreadful veil
Thy blaze alone shines on

Now immobile and still in the dark
Through the mist and the fog
Here! The mighty shape appears before my gaze

[repeat pre-chorus / repeat chorus]
Everywhere sorrow
Of the divine rage
I see the rerrible signs - Around... around... around... around...
Desolation and dim night
Where is that spenour and pomp
Thy eternal fame rests on?
The ancient glory
That rose and bloomed
Is but a dim-remembered story
Of a past time now entombed
Where is the grandeur sung by poets?
You were the reign of dreams and hopes
Now you are only a vast dark ruin


Should I fail and die, i give you my soul -
Gods, take and keep it in the kingdom beyond
[repeat chorus]

9. Scream of Revenge

Rise enemy, do not hide behind the holy walls
I am coming from the land of men to defy thy sword
Rise through the winds, show me thy face full of hate
I shall stand in glorious victory and free my lands

God - perhaps you are afraid of a mortal
Who dares to come here?
Iselin - I'll break the chains that bind you to Theil

Almighty warrior burn in the fire
Of my sacred blade
Almighty warrior burn in the fire

Foolish man, do you think to defy my anger?
Do you think to rise up in arms against the almight god?
The fury of my winds could sweep thy body away
But, mortal, another destiny is awaiting you

[pre-chorus II]
Fight - Look to the bravest of my
Warriors defying you Kill - only in this way victory'll be yours

[repeat chorus / solo / repeat chorus]

10. Then Night Will Fall

Tears take away the torment of my soul
And winds take away my desperate song
Spirits, sacred messngers of the shame
Of an evil lord, take away her proud soul

I hear the clash of blades
Howling screaming for my revenge
What are you waiting for, still, 'fore my sword longing for victory

I bring the fire to the frozen heart
I sink my metal sword and THEN NIGHT WILL FALL
I hear thy voice while you are falling down
Thy helmet slides away and THEN NIGHT WILL FALL

In the smoke of the fires and the dust of the duel
On you who are my enemy I turn my stare of rage
Fearlessness and pride lent force to my strong arm
Which the song of the dark made ever more sure

[repeat pre-chorus / repeat chorus / solo / repeat chorus]

11. The Song of Sidgar and Iselin

I give you this song - To celebrate the love,
The sorrow, the courage - Of Sidgar and Iselin

Silent alone amoung the ruins he stood -
Looking toward the sky
Waiting for a new sign to announce a different end -
For the mercy of the good gods
While the night was fading away -
Sigar was bent on his bloodstained sword
Scaring the white dawn arising beyond the hills
And a night without stars filled his soul

Together with the shades of night
Sidgar rode away from the Temple of Theil
He knew he was condemened to roam
Like a burning star - Until he passed the gates
That sepearate - Our ways and paths
Of the other side nobody ever discovered where he had gone
Where his anger had burned

When the dark falls you will see
Shining the flash of his blade among the stars
When winds blow among the ruins
You can hear the lament of the warrior
For the sacrifice - Of Iselin
Her body still lies burried in the Holy Land
Awaiting the return of the lonely

Warriors, thy name will be
Carved in the stone - Of eternity
Warriors - poets and bards
Will sing - for centuries, for centuries
For times to come thy pride

May i give you this song (I sing glory, honour till the end...) -
To immortalise the pride,
The honour, the glory - of Sidgar and Iselin

[solo / repeat chorus]

12. Finale


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