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The Almighty

"The Almighty" (2002)

1. The Calling
2. The Search
3. Eternal Race
4. Godhall
5. Wanderer
6. Return to the Fatherland
7. Last Journey
8. Beyond
9. Symit

1. The Calling

In these dark walls I celebrate the start of our journey
May our souls - humbled but brave - drink within the grandeur of this temple
The gloom and the glory of these altars

O poets, whirlwinds and storms announced the clashes
Be thy scripts testimonies of our noble deeds
In the holy name of freedom through the centuries

In your hearts courage shines like the stars
In this holy nights - follow its light

In this battle with you I shall rise
To the sky my sword-arm - I'll pray for the souls
In this battle with you I shall fight
With honour and vigour - I'll call the gods

Look on the fallen kingdoms
Look on the dying brothers
Look on the raining blood
Now hear my calling



2. The Search

You died for those words
You lived for those words

Magic blood runs in thy veins
Show thy great value to the eyes of the gods
Warrior - it is thy fate:
Search for the Grail

Forgotten words gave back life to its ancient force and blinding light
The holy script told that a pure-souled knight could pronounce the arcane formula
And reveal the mystery

Thirst for truth gave life to thy search
Through the blackest forests and deepest seas
Thy holy pride took you for years
To challenge the great mystery



3. Eternal Race

My wish for freedom
My sake forart
I have been travelling for centuries
My love for you
My thirst for knowledge
Gave life to my race

Floating in space
There is no way
Why have you, o gods, left me alone?
Up there you sit
On your thrones and watch
Spectators of the eternal race

I always miss you
And I need you
I feel alone in my quest
I run to you
I wait for your arrival
I create to see you again


I wrote these verses for you
To get near
I sing this song about you
Just to feel you

I wrote these verses for you
To have you nearer
I tell this story about you
Just to feel you


4. Godhall

"They said there was a distant land
The only one where you could be free
They told there was a noble world -
Its name was Godhall..."

I have spent my life to travel and roam
From land to land in search of Godhall
My eyes have seen rich and poor kingdoms,
Enchanted places and desert plains

Kings and nomads
Fallen from grace
Knights of any race
Hosts of warriors
On my way
I have seen until my power failed

In nameless, dark lands
Like a burning star
I roam and run
In nameless, dark lands
Like a burning star
In search of Godhall

Now - old and still - I lay on my bed
My eyes, that saw all, are now tired
The sacred words, the ancient tales
Have been revealed to be false truths

My past madness is now dead
Turning into stillness
The value and ardour of my youth
Left me and with them all my dreams


I have sacrificed my life to find you
Why now do I feel you near?


5. Wanderer

I'm wandering in a world of chaos
Through a dark route in search of you
I have said farewell to my beloved land
Moved by courage and by cowardliness

I see you every night
I see your wild eyes in my dreams
There - beyond a gate
Your still face is more and more far

I'm walking in an unknown world -
Lonely and secret - where gods have died
There is no religion, words have lost their value
All is confusion and without sense


Your grey eyes look at me
Shining with a strange and wild flame
I feel you are a mystery
That lives inside and belongs to me

Where are you?
Why don't you appear before my eyes?
The empty space inside calls my name


6. Return to the Fatherland

Many years have passed
Many wars I have fought
Before I came back to you
For you I killed - for you I cried
O Cradle of my life

I ran away towards some place far beyond
I told you farewell in order to defend
The honour of thy noble flags

After many clashes - After long journeys
I see you again, my lovely home
Dark, sad and still - No word, no move
To welcome my arrival

Are these grey stones all of the grandeur left by war?
No - not all thy strength, not all thy fame is gone
Not all the memories in you live

Among these ruined walls, my Lords
I feel a great power still lives
So in this lonely place it shines on
Witness of the ancient glory

Among these ruined walls, my Lords
I feel the immortal spirits live
So in this lonely place they shine on
Guardians of the ancient glory

7. Last Journey

No mortal can see what I have seen
No god can feel what I have felt
No one can dream what I have dreamt
Please Father save me

I saw you in my dreams, queen of Hel
I felt your black flame in my heart
'Mid dark thoughts of a grey tomb-stone
My soul found itself alone

The noble hosts, the immortal knights lift up their eyes to the almighty
They invoke my name watching the holy black ship sailing away

Somewhere - Out of time - Out of space
My soul roamed alone
Somewhere - Out of time - Out of space
My last journey began

Awe, stillness, melancholy and pain
Confusion, destruction and fear
O - Never all these moods have dwelt
In my sacred spirit



8. Beyond

So condemned in the land of no one
I'm mortal and divine
The flame of power burns in my hands
Creators of life

Like a god - I can give light and energy
To inanimate things
Like a mortal - I can't be the future
I dream and die

O unjust Lords, reveal to my eyes
What lies beyond
Show the way of eternal light
Make me free from my chains


Rise beyond the light
My song and my cry
Touch the sky
My poetry survives
Through all times
My art creates life
And never dies


9. Symit

During last night, I dreamt about you
I touched your pale, marmoreal skin
For awhile - then it faded
A sense of terror and delight came from my heart
I felt what it means to love you
But they took you away from me

I've written these words
to immortalize that time
To live and feel it one more time
While the dark of the night falls
Illusive words
you can't give her back to me
You can not tell me what lies
beyond her eyes
Make me feel her warmth

O Symit, I hear your song
I feel you when the night falls
O Symit, tell me the truth
Only in the shadows
I look for you


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