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Psycho Cafe

"Psycho Cafe" (1998)

1. Love Is The Law
2. Our Lady of The Whores
3. Credo/3 Is The Key
4. Away
5. U Gonna Bleed 4 Me?
6. Everyone Is A Star
7. Rats
8. Adoration Of The Earth
9. Thursday Evening
10. The Kingdom Is Mine
11. Psycho Cafe

1. Love Is The Law

'For your hair was full of roses,
and my flesh was full of thorns,
And the midnight came upon us
worth a million crazy morns.'
(Aleister Crowley)

I opened the abyss
I, child of Saturn
Brother of my resolutness
In amatory gratification
I touch the bitch's of passion

I opened the Third eye
The blazing one, put on the
Scarlet woman's bosom
In crimson submerged
'The first blood in the cup of our lady,
Sages whisper...and my tear

I open the heart
Of Psychonaut - traveller in eternity
Looking for home, I don;t own
Paralysing bliss of the light I found

2. Our Lady of The Whores

I have married prostitution
When I'd killerd of Seraph
She came to me
Naked and delightful
And grateful for my choice
Soughin' the body
Like an ocean the skin

She squatted down
Ripped up her tights
And fell in my lips
Not profaned by the god's body
And when she stood up
I went down
In front of the temple of her lust

She gave me an eternity - a moment in my lips
I gave her a while - an eternity in her bowles

"Yes, my love
And when I have to

Stand up
and go out
to live
or from your womb
I'd rather
And rot
or alternetely between your lips'

3. Credo/3 Is The Key

Of three means of six
I cut your throughts
Fearful dirty swinedd
Nine is the half
Small, curled up
You're rotting in the reek of logic
The third is the key
He, who will understand
The rest will rot

4. Away

You lie
You drift shaded
Deper and deeper
Further and further away
Into my hands
I pour your body
I dance, I tread, i run
You flare up

Leaves of eyelids
Rustle of lips
And a song
In the wind
Everything glitters
And e x p l o d e s

Less silent
Blind world
Still further
Like a sunrise
Gets pale

The tint of summer melted in wax

5. U Gonna Bleed 4 Me?

I am the fear that lives inside you
I am the fear that walks behind you
I am the lust that kills you
I am the pain that fills you up

I am your blood that flows
I am your god who dies
I am your fading life
I am your wounded love

Drowning in the wine
I am falling to hell
No more forgiveness
No more creation
The road of per-version
Is the way to salvation
So you gonna bleed for me
Right now!

Come closer honey
You'll enjoy it
You gonna love it
I know you want it

6. Everyone Is A Star

I am the harloth that shaketh death.
This shaking giveth the peace of satiate lust
Immorality jetteth from my skull
and music from my vulva
Immorality jetteth from my vulva also,
For my whoredom is a sweet scent
like a seven - stringed instrument,
Played into god the invisible,
The all ruller,

That goeth along giving the shrill scream
of orgasm.

Aleister Crowley from the cry of the 2nd Aethyr,
which is called Arn, "The vision and the voice".

7. Rats

Come to me
The rats of mine
Kids of boards
Of drunk suburbs
From the city of the world
A maggoty flower

Further do swim
In unconscious gutter
Of your crimes

But when
'Do crawl'
I shall order
From shit to shit
From Dirt to dirt
And on your kness
Get fuckin' out
Out of moral dens

It's my who doeas
Break, trample and cross over
So come
Come with me
To meet your fine slaughter

It's hight time
The end's feast celebration

8. Adoration Of The Earth

In sacrament of life
I drink off your lips
My communion
Fire of your womb
I thrust with ice

Higher up
Apple - tree
Creeps and blooms

Unexpired spring of life
And crimson
Which inflames
And turns the cross round

Take this fruit
Be the suffering for him
Be his cross
Be the wormwood, the spear, the stone
And stand up!

Bearing a burde of sin
Blazing with sin
Immortal in sin
Naked, beautiful, nameless
And innocent
Like a bird
Which longs for flying
Soar into bliss pleasure

Be my way, my truth, my life!
Be the gratification of my desire!

9. Thursday Evening

I've crawled out at dusk
Entered the street
Rollig my steps
And raping
And impassivly
They're looking at me
Falling a prey of
And nates
And only sometimes
Hunching the smile of theirs
Cried out
Among the street of lambs
The song of a dumb whore

In the background
The mugs did loom
Maybe tommorrow I'll get a knife

10. The Kingdom Is Mine

Vassal of truth
Liegman of life
On seven thrones
Earthly King
I'm coming back
To take my revenge

Thousand army stands behind me
Ravage and hunger
Fire behind me
Stench of sulphur
Armaggeddon !

Vexilla Regis Predeunt Inferni !

Seven swords
Inton heaven's eye
Seven wild birds
Of storm's heart
Seven sins
And seven virtues of life
For the seven years of Egypt
For the seven daughters of Babalon
For the seven fires
For the seven hills of Rome

Hundred times
Bury the dagger!

Let the crosses bloom again
From Normandy to Nile
Blessed are who hear
'Cause blood is theirs
And the kingdom is mine

11. Psycho Cafe


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