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"Strava" (2001)

1. Last Breath
2. Castle Of War
3. Raising
4. Fighters
5. behind the smiles
6. Strava
7. Freedom
8. Peace Keeper
9. Hope
10. Enough

1. Last Breath

I don't know how long i'll live
My past blames me for being the first
To contemplate the avenger of Strava.
Who will be the first?
Who will define my eternal journey?
My life ends, the ritual begins!!
The memories will be always alive
Fortifying the avenger inside the weak body

...poor soul...poor soul.

You will feel how heavy the revenge is
just like i feel now

...evil soul...evil soul.

I can feel your cold and thick breath.
Closer and closer and closer and

2. Castle Of War

What's the beast?
What's the peace?
Surrendering doesn't mean survive
You can't escape until the flame's light is gone
It has never been whatched so many blades
And this blood in my face
Shows insanity in imortal minds
While people die in the middle o' mankind

The same blood
In a castle of war

Who is your guide?
Where have you been?
Your past will be shown in the heaven in a short time
While you are alone in front of your enemies

How can it happen?
I can´t see it
Partners, brothers or friends
Just enemies asking the divine existence

Show me who is your guide
Tell me when it has begun
Heaven can wait

Everything is lost
Maybe is everyone
Mankind's enemies appearing from the beyond
Words and moments from the past reminding
The same blood
The same body
The same word from the past
Are my last moments for eternal life


3. Raising

Fighting to live forever
Is like a walking unexpectedly
On the line to an unknown place.
But living to fight forever
Is like a walking unweariably
On the line of the aims to a valuable end.

The history begs
Be a hero for the spilled blood
Like the light of the sun
Leave only medals and anthems

Being a giant forever
Is a challenge, but it's a reward
Live and let live, don't only exist to be soon forgotten
Fight to keep what you've gotten forever.
It's like dying and being
Congratulated for all you've done.


Bridge 02:
The great are great
For their power and their might
And giants never existed
'Cause they didn't make us believe them.

4. Fighters

Will be able to return?
Million of miler have travelled allover
And many things have been lost.
Will be able to win?
Betrayers to retard this arrival
But for all of us, is a necessity

Roads choose for us
Dreams dreamed for us

We are fighters
We are living to fight
We are fighters
There's no fear there's no pain.

Fight until the end
Betrayers will die with blood
spilt for nothing
Never give up
In a coward, betrayer's world
The victory is the resistance
And dreams, the trophy.

Bridge II:
Coward revere the rules
Fighters make yours.

5. behind the smiles

Happiness and feelings
The blind truth sees in the darkness
Shows the light when the soul shows happiness
In this value, no one believes.
Shows the real proud feeling of the choice
There are many ways, but just one aim.
Where's the aim?

The innocence digs deep graves.
The flowers faded
A Known voice says:
Show me the way...
...with no answers...
The doubt shows many faces
But what faces?
Cowards are braves...
Masters are slaves...

Messengers bring plans,
The rest of sand succumb in the old sandglass,
And the word hasn't been said.
Lucky those who got there
But pain always renews
Who to trust in?
Death behind smiles.

Great plans are on the top of the tower
Does reason control heart?
is fear more pwoerful?
A voice says: Let's start!!!
Threatened, both sides
Fortified threats, broken friendships
Who to trust in?
Alone? You cannot sleep!!!

6. Strava

A genealogical trip
All that's left are ashes
Revenge burns in his veins
But the conscience still remains

For thousands of years
So many tears
Melted the innocence
Turning into a tendency
Avenger's tendency
Damn tendency

Burn in the fire.
Avenger of stravas
Burn in the fire!
Leave me alone.

If the spite dominates
Remember what's regret
Beware for not happening
Regret can be too late.



7. Freedom

All things you keep with yourself. Wouldn't buy your joy
Just would make you, one more wealth's puppet.
Where's your essence? Cannot you buy it?
Find your real values and don't be a king nothing

Bridge: Your choice will be the one
Follow your heart
Free your mind

Chorus: Don´t think about it
You know what you are looking for
Don't think about it
Or you will always be alone

Why don't you open your eyes? What you need is by your side!
Just one motion will change everything. Be happy !!! No more slaves.
If someday you heard any voice and don't know where it comes from
Maybe is yourself crying out for the freedom.


Every little things that you've ever found
Haven't been enough to show your will
Perhaps someday you wonder how to celebrate
Your power of lord that will be taken ill
If there is a reason to recomence
Why don't you get over your fears
Once upon a time a false freedom in flames
That would make you wish swallow your tears
Feel your dreams
Use your heart
Fight against
Your dark mind

8. Peace Keeper

Some battles can be fought without tears
If giants grow flowers
But if you can fight for your dreams
No blood will be spilled

This melody can be the strength
When walls are like Vines
And the bridges overlay on them
Making them even higher

You'll be a perfect creature
When tomorrow you remember the old days
Being proud of who you were
And then you'll be able to scream
When peace overcomes all the victories:

Peace keeper.

Many lives had gone
While petals fell to the ground
Giant mushrooms will no longer decide
The end will be drawn by you

A simple shot will do to victory
And it'll be praised
If life prevails and shines
You and I won't change history

9. Hope

Don't lose the way my son
Just follow the light
Looking for new horizons
And you'll always find the angel's pride.
"Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom comes
Thy will be done."

Don't lose my son
Don't lose my friend
'Cause you can win in this land
Don't lose my son
Never die...'Cause you can win...

Losing valorizes the common
Then the limit isn't death
And now the tears of someone who walks alone
Despair and shine
"Never lose the way"
Welcome to the Heaven's Guardian's Land
Remember the old man?!
Now It's me !!!

All that's left is the name of a hero
And here is your present home.
You'll always have an immortal guide
And an eternal home
Now you've reached the limit
Be careful not to fall
Never try to turn back.
Otherwise to fall down

Horsemen of eternity
In the judgment of serenity
In the home of victory
In the home of victory
The same warriors
And the reality

10. Enough

Enough! Enough!
Live on your own!
A beat of the feeling
A rhythm of the will

In a metaphorical world
And eager for living
We should look for making the man sublime
In his individuality
Being sometimes a paradox
'Cause we are nullified every moment
By a lie, which tries to be our truth

Enough! Enough!
Live on your own

Hope the system doesn't become your world
Don't allow it, run away.
Hope the others desire doesn't become yours
And your conscience will be your guide
Which sets your rules
You might be each other, but you'll never be never be them. Just to say...

Enough! Enough!
Live on your own

Truth is your certainty
In acting and choosing
Your will shall be unique
Magnanimous, walk with it
The true and absolute moral
Comes from your reason


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