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"D.O.L.L." (2004)

1. Killing Night
2. World´s Destiny
3. D.O.L.L.
4. Slaves of Reality
5. The Answer
6. Souls of the Gates
7. Screams of 1964
8. Holy Sky
9. Illusions
10. Hypocrisy
11. Just Rules
12. Master of Streets

1. Killing Night

It´s a pity there are cowards
Who can buy the law.
I will remember who are
the pigs and I´ll destroy them all.

Men in black with white collars
Like clowns
Saying all the rules benefiting you, killer!
inside a law hall.

Remember the killing night,
And your escape from my gunsight.
It was my last mistake, I'll catch you!
It´s my turn to fight,
hearing you scream and cry.
Hear the tip of my tongue saying...

It's time to die!!!
for you to greet the beast.
And if you hide,
You'll be the first on my list.

You lost the fight, although you had a gun
I remember this...
I saw the way you run,
witness in silence!

Feel the power of the fear,
of persecution!
You'll pay for it right here,
It´s my contribution!

Hear the call of the angels
They're Calling out your name...
Hear the call of death,
It's calling you to burn in flames...

2. World´s Destiny

The end of a dream
And slayers
around the same time
Created By the crazy! Poor minds!

Great Nation
Of slaves and Riches
ordering new fights.
Power Nation
Of money and Hate
Creating the hymn of shame

Invitations to come home,
You'll always be alone

Flying up World´s destiny
I can see tears!
And the end of dreams!
Red Roses, red sleets
The white eagle wants to be free...

Around the same names...
The new Gods,
The new sons of the Flames.

A terror shows the unknown
inside the smoke marks in the sky.
New Dead souls
Being part of the obituary
of obssession crimes.


3. D.O.L.L.

One day... I lived a deja-vu
And now the dreams come true.
In the past, I saw you.
And I prayed for you to
forget all these tombs.
Now I can see you as part of a doll
inside this huge hall.
While I just hear the voice of fear.
And I see the needle coming near!

Inside this creepy creatures
There's no light in their minds.
It hasn't been a part of the Divine Obtuary
of the Line of Life...
All the days you dreamed with your fears
All the times you stoped to breath
Forever you will remember it
And take part of this Damned breed
obstructing you... dear!

A blood smell felt
Exhaled from yourself
Maybe it's a dream, maybe it's the Hell.
Find the key words
In the past, they're told
Forget your fortune, ´cause life is gone.
Tonight again, you'll live, the pain of guilt
What you´ll never forgive.
Never to think fit.
My friend - eternity!
Search for your freedom, you´ll feel the hot breath
of these souls arround you...
Now you´re a slave of the doll, in mankind's hall,
with the fear of the voodoo doll

Inside these creepy creatures
There´s a cold heart to find
It´s been a great part of the Divine Obtuary
of the Line of Life...
All the days you dreamed with your hope
But it never had a meaning
Your name is on the list,
And taking part of this Damned breed
obstructing you... dear!
A blood smell felt
Exhaled from yourself
It's the Mankind burning you with the spell
The slag of dolls
Screaming the call
See in the D.O.L.L. the devil's horn

4. Slaves of Reality

Hear these words and think about it,
Tell me why you cannot doubt lies
They´re in front of you,
Remember this all the time.

Take the time for you to break these rules
There're just two ways to choose.
Watch out, my friend,
if you don't wanna lose.

Now You can walk down the street
And see the distant memories,
You can see the hypocrisy,
That you can take apart...
Falling down the misery
Feel the magic of money,
Now you can try again!

See the destruction
That your satisfaction
has with corruption,
They´re slaves of reality!
Fight to find this out...
See and believe in it
If you've got a mask to fit...
Slaves of your reality!...

Can you see what´s around you
This is the kingdom of your great gloom
This is your end and it´s coming soon

What a hell it´s going on around here
You are building the nation of fear
Remember, it'll make run your tears...

5. The Answer

Now, I´ll control my fate with my own hands
You´d better listen to me, my friend
There´s Something in the book,
You should read... The answer!

Walking alone, just with my destiny
"I'm calling out my eternity."
Falling down the signs, and lies.
Knowing the man with a mask asking me!

There're the drawings of destinies, my friend
all the fears writeds by my hands,
Now I am the last to suffer,
And now I can write my life's end.

I know where find the angels
Hear the answers,
And go to home.
I know where find avengers,
For kill the strangers,
Burnning all tonight!
I can't suffer anywhere, anymore!
So I can create a great storm,
I'll destroy my enemies,
And finally free, make my final score!

But I can forget my new revenge,
And make my choice to reach my strength!
Desire my freedom and hope,
And see the end by the other hands.

I know where find the angels
Hear the answer,
And go to home.
I know where find avengers,
For kill the strangers,
Burnning all tonight!

Now, I´ll control my fate with my own hands
You´d better listen to me, my friend
I´m sure There´s Something in the book,
The new age of Empire begings.

6. Souls of the Gates

Make a simple journey
Inside yourself and you will find
The secrets of the other side
Where you can´t be blind...

the flames of desire
will show your world without wealth
It's time to pay, 'cause you'll die,
Just see the great gun sight!

Hear the call of the Doom
For your Soul...
Come on! feel the fear of the gloom
of the poor man...

Lights of the heaven
And souls of the gates,
come with me,
To make their fate.
fight... with the evil slaves
Disposed of faith
Burning them in flames!
Be careful mercenary
With the faith and the slaves of pain.
They all melt down your brain
saying all your aims

Inside a scaring fire
You´ll hear screams calling your name.
They´re remembering you that you need
To feel the dreamed pain of a rich man.

Feel the terrible nightmare
Out of the Gates
Come on! Where the wealth's living
Inside brains.

7. Screams of 1964

If one night you woke up
Hearing scream's fear, inside the dark
Many soldiers in the battle with a guide
Fighting for a moment willing glory´s return

In the past they turned off the light
For all eternity
It was the reason to fight
For the dead to be reminded,
reminded forever...

1 9 6 4
Was the end and never more
You'll hear these heros telling you
what you can do to kill their all
Kill all the traitors of our home!
Be a part of this clan!
Don´t let these heroes die alone...
Thy kingdoms come, thy will be done!

Many dead being part of this year´s
Making History with so many tears
After a long time in 1986,
We make the end of this empire 666!

Final Bridge:
Now I can turn off the light
And I can sleep again,
Now the obtuary is right,
With the traitor´s blood!

(I remember the screams in 1964).

8. Holy Sky

Like a solitary bird
crossing the eternal light
and sound of the world
I dreamed of great wings
I flew up the world’s destiny

Knowing all the insanity
of madmen called the pioneers.
Future heros
of mankind's history.

I´ll be the best King of the Kings
But I´ll need to dominate my destiny wings
Now I am the last of a distant past
I´d be a hero for my home,
but I´ve always been alone.

Flying with no fear on the big blue sky
That's the only way to freedom
Out of spite inside my heart
Forget all the power and compromises
And finally discover such a dream
Holy Sky!!!
In this dream I never fought
with soldiers, souls or politician´s lies
'cause the moonlight
Conceals the thieves and stop the crimes.

But I always fought with all hypocrisy
of poor hearts from this land
It makes me understand
that Lies make up all in sand.

And in this place that I'd fly high
I’d Reach the desire of never getting blind
I'd see mankind
and realize it's so down
Flying over this place
I´d never lose my crown.

9. Illusions

Look at me if you can speak to me...
Tell me all you want to feel and hear
And I´ll tell you what you dreamed
In the night of the darkness fear

Sensations of a pleasure
Like an orgasm that you always find
Just a great dependence of your mind

Running wildly against the evil fire
Illusions that burn brains...
Coming inside your eyes along these ways
Running wildly against the new desire!
Illusions come again!
Brightning minds and blinding blame.

Don't believe
In destiny
If you can't live.
Or can't resist.
Your blood is dry
In it, running lies.
Rest your cry
It's time to die.

Follow me 'cause I can set you free.
Dear, I'll show you what you really need
A real satisfaction, without lies and all the tricks.

Hear this sound and think about it
Let it dominate your soul and life,
And you´ll feel it forever, all the time.

10. Hypocrisy

There are beings around you
Trying to show you what to do
while you don't see the reality.

fearing decisions and fearing the fight.
while the courage is by your side
While giant dolls steal all your light.

Fight with desire
for your dreams and your destiny,
And free your mind
from all the world's hypocrisy

Would you die for your dreams,
Everything you believe?
At the cost of your life
Would you sell our mankind?
Would you regret to try?
Or would you die for a dime?
would you reach the light,
If all souls could fly high?

You learn to feel mankind's fear
Now try to break the laws from here
Maybe you're prepared to come near...

Revolutionize the new device.
Now it's time to make your final price,
For You to write the doom devise.

11. Just Rules

Never - it's a short time
to scream all these words,
to the whole world...
for the leaders to hear...

forever - it`s a long time
To live it, injured and alone.
so there're no rules for the strong one.

If needed... I'll run in these flames
I'll cry for your blame...
I'll scream these words for who wants to fight again!!!

don't lose again
the power of resistence
'cause you'll never get branded
Rules in your brain...
Don't let the rules
Show you the false game
'cause you'll see me again,
show you your shame
there're no rules...

let me fit my destiny
that you conceded! majesty...
and i'll show you the reality!

I'll never believe in this shit
the rules of legacy, or destiny
Cos one of us can still be free...

12. Master of Streets

Hey you, tell me the truth...
Do you have the same memories?
behind these streets,
Feel the embers burning your heart,
A huge spark!
It burns your engine.
Show me you can win!

Running down on these roads,
It's too early to come home,
Knowing the losses of the world,
Go on, fight for your throne!

You are the hero of this night
Listen to me: Now is the time!!!
There is not a good day to die!
You reached the power and the light,
Make it real the reason to fight!
If you can feel that it's your guilt!
Master of Streets.

When you hear the drops of your tears
If you can feel it anytime,
You´re next to the prime.
Roaming with your friend, the drink.
Waiting for your next dream!
With your law, and with your majesty,
You're the Master of the Streets.

Running down on these roads,
It'll be your last light,
Make a toast to the world
And hear this fighting hymn.



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