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The Perks of Being In Office

"The Perks of Being In Office" (2006 Single)

1. The Perks of Being In Office

1. The Perks of Being In Office

Life-Force of the Thousands Enflamed,
The destruction of the human race enchained,
Caused by the eventual decay
Of the foreign policies that our governments interchanged.
The life of luxury enjoyed by the high,
Opposed by the shit of poverty in the sty
Losing the trust of the people they relied.
(They’re) pulling blinds across our faces to make their people blind.

Enslaved and Deranged
The People Suffer Rage
At the Ones that Caused them Pain
Unleash the Fury
Abused and Chained
The Pitiful shall reign
The Bloodlust and the Fever
Unleash the fury

The Glory and the high life reign
The rich are a plague to the game we play
We go to war at the drop of a hat
Then we end up losing and (we) call the government crap
Lives are lost at the Parliaments will
“Lives don't cost as much as swill,”
In their eyes we are but pigs,
But (we’re) not as bad as the people from the streets.

(They) Sit in their office and decide who to slay
They target the people that are unlikely to sway
Why do we even elect to put them there?
In the place where they can do most damage and wear?
Abusing their power everyday
Mocking the people that let them have their way
Trust is a concept - to them unknown
And we'll only find out long after they've flown.

Why do we not try and oust them from their seats?
Kick them out of power and trample them on the streets
We could do much more than wait
Like awake the new governmental earthquake.
Get up from your seats and put an end to war,
(It’s) more exciting than the sofa where you (go to) snore.
Join us now in this new Eruption
the siege of power marks this revolution!


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