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A Brief Repose Amidst The Screams Of Torture

"A Brief Repose Amidst The Screams Of Torture" (2007)

1. Prelude to a Mass Murder
2. The Fall
3. The Beast
4. Black Hordes of Fallen Angels
5. My Vice Is Sacrifice
6. Apocalypse
7. The Forgotten Winter
8. The Plague of Our Making
9. Pain Beyond Measure Is Man's Greatest Pleasure
10. Adriatic Splendour
11. Brudt Stilhed
12. The Agonising Screams Of Torture
13. In The Hall Of The Mountain King

1. Prelude to a Mass Murder

2. The Fall

The past rides away with its blood red kiss
a scar lines the path that led astray
scores of red scorches envisioned in mist
knocking on the doors of the grave...

The lava erupts and emblazons the stars
with its heated glare of blood
a face remembered (fondly) and a face from the past
now reminds you that you've been betrayed

Her choking gasp and pleas
do fall on deaf ears
she collapses to the ground
as her breath fades away

Duel Erupts
Weapons Spark
Burning Stench
from Azure Bars
Clash and Crack
as Parries deign
to block the lunges
from whence they came

The former banneret of the vaunted order
fallen from grace, heart blood drenched (and) decayed
benighted with the scent of innocents slain
the Chosen One to writhe in torment...
It is Fate

Now nefarious ways are all that can be glimpsed
through his shield of malicious intent
The glissando effect of his forced alignment
his worldview now twisted and bent

Hatred flows through the veins of life
So overpowering in its strength
surges of anger - arrogance grew
until Balance Point was tipped with a mistake

Burning amputation wends and rends its way through flesh
pain of the highest kind - punishment for transgress
Grasping out for safety and gasping out for air
Burning lines of secrets drawn and now they are laid bare

Black Insectoid - Powerful Deity
now lay in the place of the man
pain, agony, anguish and torment
more than anyone could stand


The galaxy shuddered now forever enchained
by the tightening grasp of his mind
Iron Fist closing with little resistance
no difference 'twixt the man and the mask

3. The Beast

The fire burns through the night
the sword fights beside
with the promised caress
of twin blades on Flesh

And so its does gush forth...

As the shadows slither
across the floor
they catch a fleeting glimpse
of a female slant-
across the doorframe wide
in her resplendent glory
bronzed bathykolpian woman
arise to meet...

The Beast, risen once again
has cast eye on his future
In one swift strike,
he catches


She flails and weeps
but all that shows
are the bruises on
her naked skin
so she succumbs
to his wish of
infinity in

4. Black Hordes of Fallen Angels

Apocalyptic cries of lust
amidst the thrusts of revelry
disguise the trust of midnight’s eve
with jewels that glitter blissfully
A crescendo of knifes ignite to aid
the people’s faith in tyranny
whence heathens came to breed and pain
lives and loves are lost to our disease

One red rose
in its death throes
explodes like supernovae.
Loves delight
shines its last light
plummets down like a boulder.

Sensations bring temptation
into the lives of many others
through dusk our silence golden
demonic hordes of devilry

Spill forth to sweep the night sky...

Fires burn in the looted towns
that suffered their deathly villainy
o'er the mountain peaks
and through the deepest valley
was no reflection of dawn
to be found on this day
evil dreams and a kiss of death
to take all life away...

5. My Vice Is Sacrifice

Lying on the altar awaiting death
stab down the knife through the virgin’s chest
Goat of Mendes witness the act
Satan watching - signing the pact
virgin blood falls fresh on the ground
and with this comes the promise of being damned
Life in servitude to Beelzebub
like millions of others joining the club

Baphomet, I hear the scream of death
won't you come and get...
My Vice is Sacrifice
Tortured flesh, on route to the abyss
The night impressed
My vice is Sacrifice.

Lamb of God that has no sway
Burn the Priest and do what we say
Leading a life of blasphemy
putting believers where they should be
Death should be welcomed, never knocked
no one ever let them out of their box
Damnation Approaching, hear its bell
its coming along to take you to hell.


Come along now, not far to go
Satan is coming to take you to hell
Madness is rising - Satanic Rebellion
Coming soon to storm the nation
People fleeing the deadly craze
young girl at the altar making praise
Sacrifice of millions a day
No one left alive to take away.


6. Apocalypse

7. The Forgotten Winter

The harsh chill of winter
coupled with despair
the cease of sunlight hours
daylight crippled there
the bleakness of the grey sky
casts away the warmth
the bare limbs of the mighty trees
sway with the desolate wind

The stricken cries of the afterglow
flow free with the coming of winter
whereas the sun once beamed upon the land
the chill sends a nocturnal shiver
down the spine of the centuries dead
debauchery and decadence reign
where we the damned call out to find
the omnipresence of oppressors slain

The acrid stench
of seasons spent
attempting to retrieve
lost gold.
But through the gales
that they past traits
will leave nothing but
their broken skulls.

The tingling sense of the cold touch
sends ethereal tendrils (surging) into my heart
As the centuries forgotten creep towards their path
Light disappears for the dawn of an eternal night
The chill of the void enters
from below as befits the weak
the snow lies dead in its expanse across the land
hoping that soon the sun will dawn again...

8. The Plague of Our Making

The dawn of evil approaches
the darkness of coming night
The dusk of mankind’s reign over the Earth
The time for destruction to rule again

Stormy seas throw ravenous torrents
of water into the air
with no ship alive to prosper
under this domination

...Whilst lusting nymphs parade the skies
hunting humans to fuck then fry
their nubile grace and skin so pure
drove hordes of men and women wild (through) overture

Bathykolpian sculptures of finesse
were soon to tempt the upper echelons
everyone swept - King through Countess
of everywhere - R'lyeh, Thessaly and Somme

Baphomet, Belial, Leviathan, Lucifer
I command thee to defend
this Earth on fire
Through our self inflicted wrath
We plead for your help.
Princes of Darkness
help us now
against this plague of our Making.

Oh how the desperate shrieks cry out
Grinding bonesaw through the chest
spatters gobbets of blood over
the luscious nymph’s breasts

Lustmord hath fallen like a shroud
over the Earth

Fuelled by desire of their caress
the sweet taste of lips on their breasts
creeps slowly down towards the event horizon

The tongue flies across her labia
the muscles do tighten her thighs
she gasps out for air as passions ensnared
the new found love in her eyes

The agent of Khaos
newly envowed
did labour intense for her goal
That one sweet moment
of unbridled lust
had taken from her eyes the blindfold

She plotted the demise
daring reprise
for all she did not destroy

Now free of her chains
she paraded her freedom
now not knowing how
others would se her.
The new saviour
a defector no less
walked free - stripped bare
o'er the Earth.

9. Pain Beyond Measure Is Man's Greatest Pleasure

10. Adriatic Splendour

Adriatic Temptress
Keeper of a thousand swords
Mistress of the night sky
(Thy shimmerings of greatness)
Ever to plague thee more

Caster of Black Magick
Incarcerated in a shell
Longing to break free of death
Surpassing even Hell

The Hallowed Halls of mankind’s glory
Stunned to stupor by her presence
Intoxicating in her splendour
Grace and duty evanescent

Diabolic serpentine ways
Tempt the Cardinals vow
Leading in the hymn of Dies Irae
Luring the blessed down
(Into the depths of the abyss)

Chastity overridden
Copulation – No reprieve
Once bound to Christ (with) anguish and torment
Then chains are broken – Temptress freed.

11. Brudt Stilhed

Evoke the nightspirits,
Burn the flesh on sacrificial ground,
For we, the fallen, hath arrived
At the gates of a new domination.

Through fire to walk
And leave a burning path
For the ghosts of the past
To witness.

The black veil veil of wintry night
Blows asunder in the violent storm,
In which many a foul creature
Has left for the majestic mountains.

Oh, why art thou so strong?
My dearest keeper of
Jaded hearts and deathly stillness
Where I breathe, silently.

The concerto of dawn hath arrived,
Hence the music begins.
The cold hard slash of the violin
Wrenches apart flesh within murderous hymns.

As now we lie still
The tortued edge of the deep
And we wonder.

Needed rest eludes capture
As the night draws in,
And the fires burn on
As if winds threatened not.

Dance 'neath the stars,
And breathe deep the sense
Of everlasting stillness
Within the bounds of eternity.

For we laugh and cry,
But never forget
The shallow pools
In which the night
Was forever shattered
By the tidal force
That lashed out
And destroyed many.

Stå nu op,
Og stå front mod skyggerne
Som for altid styrer livet
For de uforberedte fjender.
I livet og i døden,
Mens vi prøver a leve i fred;
Stilheden bliver brudt
Og slagterierne bliver begynder.

Now rise up,
And take arms against the shadows
That forever dictate the lives
Of unsuspecting foes.
In life and death,
As we try to live in peace;
The serenity is broken
And the slaughter begins...

12. The Agonising Screams Of Torture

In rampant bursts of aural agony
Wretched screams cry out
As the tormentors return from their brief repose
The tortured can do no more than shout

Harsh shrieks are heard
Shrieks that leave behind
A great foreboding
An overshadow of impending death
An Unmistakable sense of relief
Is emitted from the prisoners
The screams disappear
The cries are no longer heard
The shrieks cut off midstride
And the tension is gone

But this is not a merciful release
This is a persecution
The prisoners are lead off
Apparently freed
But instead are walking to their deaths

And as the screams once again break out...

God smiles.

13. In The Hall Of The Mountain King


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