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On the Way

"On the Way" (2005)

1. Intro
2. On The Way
3. Good Wind
4. Answer
5. Relax
6. Merge With Me
7. Fly By Agony
8. Nostalgy
9. I´m Starting Again
10. Useless Presence
11. Outro

1. Intro

2. On The Way

I went into the streets
To find a way where I want belong
And stay the way I am
I went into the streets
Everywhere is full , what´s up with that?
It starts to drive me crazy
I´m in the middle of the way
I hope I won´t give up
Ihave to do it for myself
I won´t give up only because
I can´t sit somewhere
I want to go, not to stay

R: Yeah, Yeah, No, No ...
1 I´m a soul full of love
2 I say that when I´m alone
3 I want zo cut my heart in a half
I´ll never be a victim of anybody

Behind the window I see
The world in the way I want to
I´m a little bit slow
Ash-tray is getting full
The birds are laughing at me
But I really don´t care
The sky is above me
And I´m down on my way
I´ll have a rest in some pub
I would not be here anymore
If I trusted everybody
And went on a different way not mine

R 2x :

3. Good Wind

Small fire good wind

It always blows somewhere
Where it gonna go , it goes there
Oh good wind likes to stare

R: I´m sure, that you are the king of winds
You won´t doing anything according to my hints
You know how to suprise me
You´ll always find to place in me

Fire in my inside revive
Try to keep my life alive
Stroke the deepest old time cuts
Oh you damn wind I´m getting nuts


In your streams, in your streams
In your streams I wanna step up
In your streams, in your streams
In your streams I wanna step up ...


4. Answer

You always had to and still you something have to
Your heart with soul are breaking out
Your loosing yourself
You´re runnin´ headless somewhere, but I don´t know why
You should sit down and new view you should try
I´m free from all the problems in your minds
Fashion, trends, future and so on
Hope we won´t be sich from ourselves
No submision, no selflie
I´m fajn with what I have or what I won´t find

R: I have a live dream
Like a Earth
You don´t know
Blue ash
Secret smile
Rine disappears

You´re colecting recepts for perfect life
You´re selfish and often you´re anxions
In mass and tempo of today we´re getting crazy
We´re runnin´ headless somewhere I don´t know why
You should sit down and new view you should try
I´m free from all the problems in our mind
Who are we where is the truth
We should meet only on the otherside
No submission, no selflie
I´m fajn with what I have or with what I won´t find


5. Relax

Something small is comming into our dreams
It puts a warm into the veins without the words it seams
That well known melody is coming from somewhere
The heart is turned to us

Body is not prepared for a movement
Pure mind will give you a havel
Cosmo is turned to us

R: Flows a (love) 6x

Spread mozaik of all the imaginations
Every piece has its own station
Cosmo is turned to us


Flame, which is every moment lightning
Don´t keep it stay inside
The world is turned to us

R: 2x

6. Merge With Me

It was raining hard
I´ve got soakin´ wet
It was lightning on black sky
When he whispered so quietly to my ear

R: Merge with me my little depraved sheep
Become keeper of my beast
Don´t dread and cover below my garment of night

It was such as cold
I stroll by dark streets
I felt ´lone and I felt fear
When he captured so passionly my wet flesh

R2:Merge with me my sweet cherry on the tart
Become keeper of my world
Don´t be afraid, devote me and let me suck your blood

7. Fly By Agony

Give me the last bath in the black wine
I´m ending with you in the red moon shine
The birds are screaming in the black sky
I lost myself ´cause of you I have to die

Sometimes I was pretty, sometimes dirty
And now is devil raping my blood body
Wind is taking away my sick soal
Devil smokin´ cigarettes and sayin´ „goooooal!“

R: It was wonderful fall
It was wonderful irony
It was wonderful love like thorn in the heel 2x

And now I fly by agony
You´re was my friend and now you´re my enemy
Bloody angels turning me into da hell
My life is ending when rings the bell


8. Nostalgy

You´re back and you remember
Your first love
The passion in your heart
The replayed cassette
Love is as a boat
Sealing on the dark sky
Please lock the door
Dead people can´t love

You´re back and you remember
The old times, the great times
Free Europe
Or the voice from America
I heard utopia
In the sweet words of Euridica
Love is a freedom
Just pure human look

R: Lie and truth
You´re afraid of it
Today´s era hills your brain
Lie is truth, world is afraid of it
Alcohol heals the pain

You´re back and you remember
Don´t care about idealsYou remember your own times
Era of brave kings is awayLove is as a boat
Sailing on the black skyPlease lock the door
Death people can´t love
Times has changed, butIt seems that people are the same
They´re still jumping into the river
At the place like before
There´s still more roadsWhere they will go
Love is a freedomJust pure human look


9. I´m Starting Again

I´m changing the brand of cigarretes
Secondhands and biscuits
What I have lost is not here anymore
I´m starting with new pieces
I forgot myself in a machine of time
I succumb to outside voice and sign
Be prospered and etic
Save money and be plastic
Shuffle with legs on the ground
You won´t change this world´s sound
No world I want to change
Just world to change me
I still can trust myself
Big heart I´m opening

R: So I´m startin´ I´ll start again
From the beggining again again
There´s still chance to get
On the new way
Life likes to play new play

I change what is changeable
What I can´t I won´t change
I´ll take another drink from the table
My last money
I have to change Every instrument needs to be tuned
Every pain has to be burned
I tune, I tune, I´m tuningI feel and I´m not sorry that
Until the planet can carry myself
I won´t run in front of it
No world I want ....

R: 2x

10. Useless Presence

I´m on the way ´round 100 years

Just today the sky shed the tears
I´m waiting for appearance of the rainbow
I hope you´re alone you might be bored
I wanna be with you my heart is sored
Wet air is begining of celebration

R: Useless presence just that divorce us
Useless presence I won´t inhale a gas

I´ll have a rest and then I´ll go
Without you my energy is low and low
With you I have 100 000 wolts
Thoughts are like serpentins
Views are like water streamsI´ll deliver you with tons of my hugs


11. Outro


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