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"Uncivil" (1997)

1. Ilusion's Lost World
2. We Gonna Make The Fuckin' Rules
3. Uncivilized
4. I'm Not Blind
5. Song For A Friend In The Edge Of Insanity
6. Slave of Myself
7. Words In Vain
8. Everybody Knows
9. God's Mother Face
10. Blasters
11. Warning!
12. Carcacas E Carcaras
13. Maldito

1. Ilusion's Lost World

Images of world came to our rooms
Selling lies behind of truth
Cold eyes how a fake
Can Became a hero to the world

To deceive!

Thay had power to make a president
They had to depose him
Colaborated with a killer goverment
Torturing and killing dreamers young men

2. We Gonna Make The Fuckin' Rules

You aways treat like dogs
Saying all the way we're pigs
And never must keep near your family
Throw into garbage can and humble our selves

Now we look after of all
We're gonna show the fear is incited
We'll show what we're able to do
Now we're gonna make the fuckin' rules

We gonna make the fuckin' rules
We gonna make it

For you our lives don't mean nothing
You wish we stay in the shit
Why don't you understand us
We really don't want your money and you rotten lives

Now we're gonna look after of all
We're gonna show for you the hell
Now we're gonna make the fuckin' rules

3. Uncivilized

Three boys aim their gubs at my head
They ordered me to put my face on the ground
"Don't move motherfucker, don't breathe all we want
is your fuckin' money"

We gonna make our games tonight
We gonna buy our nightmare no fear
Let's run to the darkside of city
And well show you, the truth underworld hate.
It's law

4. I'm Not Blind

With a false smile
I'm looking across oy my abyss
And all seems so sad for me
A gap in the roof

Left the sun to pass and cut the dark
Nobody needs of light when don't whenever
So why you don't blind me
And was rotness my eyes?

I'm not blind
I'm see a black future
Sex, drugs and tv
I can see my dreams desapear

The end of time
Tje last sunshine
Time to died
The future already was begin

5. Song For A Friend In The Edge Of Insanity

Drink with me my friend
Let's toast our flops
Let's make our plans
Have no fear

Follow me my friend
We'll wash our souls
In the blood who drain
Of our faults

Call my name again
Tell me your secret
Maybe I understand
Maybe I can

Let me fall your pain
When wind became so cold
We'll dry our tears
Wish our shroud

And with our drunk words
We'll dry our tears
Wish our shroud

And with our drunk words
We'll talk about our miserys
With a kindness of a gap stell blade
Make of my shoulder your accomplice
And try to scape before that be to fate

6. Slave of Myself

I'm see the world so black
I'm so fat like a pig
I'm not the future
I need a litle peace in my mind

Satan sleep by my side
Join us too in the black night
Come take you understand
The devil's blood slips in my hands

And I can see in your face
And I can see in your face

I'm slave, slave of myself
Please, please god
Get me but out of this hell

7. Words In Vain

I hear myself inside
Feared screams that the time
Made me understand
Try to hear the things
As it was before, but in my mind
There's just (sad words)

In the world where there are
So much worlds, beautiful women dead
Don't turn us on, I see the last lost
Faith in your dreams
In the night it remains for us the quitness
Left by the lying shadows of their false
smile, surplus of words in vai
Eyes wide open that's closed
(By the daily well)

Deep and dark I see the empty behind
Your eyes, in a world that's so wonderful
When we're well you remember how was
Good and feel (agony)

I close my eyes and pray
"God, give us more some your beautiful dreams",
open up my eyes and I...

Chaos in your face
Days of disgrace
The last lost faith
The lies is our destiny

8. Everybody Knows

Everybody knows how I need you
All time with me
When I feel myself sad and lonely
I know only you, only you...

Only you never lie for me
While night is falling
You gave me love all those years
Only you show me all my fears

Everybody knows that when my eyes
No more shine
Shadows of ypur smile will falling onme
Never leave me alone please!

I was shed all my tears for you
As the rain was falling
Hold me when i'm fell so blue
Never leave my fears come true

Yes, everybody knows
Yes, everybody knows

9. God's Mother Face

They killed more childrens in Rio today
Their just kids in a mortal game
Gunfire crosses the sky like a storm
I don't know, but it's smell like civil war

One hundred and eleven prisioners in a hell
Policemen trade crack and kill boys and girls
The traffickers have more weapons than the arms
I don't know but it's smell like civil war

Killers wipe out childrens in the church's door
Politicians goes to the tv talk about human rights
The sacred war almost began
When a freak kicked the god's mother face
In the name of salvation

Blood, sex, drugs in a city os pleasures
Fear, pain, death in a country of carnival

10. Blasters

Screaming again
Screaming for die
Blow up my brain
And pieces fly to the sky

I don't recall

Governement advisory
Don't come talk about insanity
I decide my glory day's
And don't wanna fuckin' tv

11. Warning!

Warning! your late (hear me now)
Where is your faith
Have you ever seen my hate?

Look out! are you afraid me?
I'm not a fuckin' freak
I'm not a fuckin' fake

Move on! sttuborn
So many things to learn
So many times to live

Hear me!
I can't save you
I can't to cure you

I live in a peace of shit
I live in a peace full of shit

I see! despair and disgrace in your face
I saw! a shine of madness in your eyes
No way, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow
Wake up, pay the price and live your life!

I want to thank you
For show me my pain
You made me see what I am

I beleave there's a place
Where I live no fear
Where I'm not a fuckin' slave

12. Carcacas E Carcaras

A morte floresce a cada manhã
Trazendo harmonia aos filhos do sol
A vida o sonho vindo a padecer
Queimadas de almas entregues ao pó

Crianças nascem sob o sol de satã
Com espinhos de palma na palma da mão
Mórbidas paisagens aos olhos mostrar
Carcarás devorando carcaças no chão

Vendo o sol escurecer
Filhos do Deus do perdão
Vem vivendo nessa escuridão

No lugar que parece esquecido por Deus
As beatas se arrumam para a procissão
No lugar que padecem prováveis ateus
As crianças desfilam com terços nas mãos

Clãs de nômades vivem à beira do caos
Mercenários controlam fantoches com as mãos
Como num filme de "Glauber" querendo afinal
Que o sertão vire mar e o mar vire sertão

Vendo o sol escurecer
Filhos do Deus do perdão
Vem vivendo nessa escuridão

13. Maldito


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